*Commission Info* 2018 OPEN SLOTS

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*I update with avaliable slots every Sunday/ Monday*
If there are no slots left then I will not take on other work - commissions may take up to 8 weeks to complete depending on my free time

- 1 Commission Per slot - No work will be taken on if all slots are filled -

:bulletgreen: Note me for any commission with the following details:
Name of OC
Link to ref. sheet
Type of icon: e.g static, double, animated headshot.


:bulletgreen: Payment through points can be done through the 'donation pool' on my profile or through the 'give button unless I specify the commissions widget.
:bulletgreen: Payment through money is Paypal only
:bulletgreen: I won't start commissions until I have full payment.
:bulletgreen:You must credit me either in your signature, tagline or somewhere noticable on your profile while using any of my icons. Not in a journal!

What I can do
I am willing to try anything and everything! Just ask if you're unsure!

What I won't do
Excessive Gore
Sexual Scenes


Please note: £1 = 140:points:.


:bulletgreen:Headshot Icons
PayPal: £5
Points: 650:points:

Marozu Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Juryoku Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Jackson Icon Commission by DragonsPixels YCH - Shadow Icon by DragonsPixels Silver Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Calvin Icon Commission by DragonsPixels

:bulletgreen:Fullbody Icons
PayPal: £7
Points: 900:points:

Hisdeer Icon Commission by DragonsPixels .:Let It Snow:. by DragonsPixels Avani Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Heathen Icon Commission by DragonsPixels PW - Keone Icon by DragonsPixels

:bulletgreen:Group Icons and Stamps
PayPal: £8
Points: 1050:points:

CrimsonReaperInt Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Rising Illusions Group Icon Commission by DragonsPixels

:bulletgreen: Simple Journal Dolls
:star:Up to 5 frames
PayPal: £8
Points: 1050:points:

YCH Bundle Amaroq Journal Doll by DragonsPixels Noodle Journal Doll Commission by DragonsPixels

:bulletgreen: Complex Journal Dolls
:star:6 or more frames
PayPal £10
Points: 1300:points:

Pavati Journal Doll Commission by DragonsPixels Gael Journal Doll Commission by DragonsPixels

:bulletgreen: Large Shaded Pixel Doll

Depending on canvas size
PayPal: £12 - £20
             $15- $26
Points: 1550:points: - 2600:points:

YCH Xmas Amaroq Doll by DragonsPixels


:bulletgreen:Fullbody Icons
PayPal: £7
Points: 900:points:

Rouran Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Logan Icon Commission by DragonsPixels Seff Icon Commission by DragonsPixels

:bulletgreen:Journal Dolls

PayPal: £8
Points: 1050:points:

Story Time Journal Doll Commission by DragonsPixels

Avaliable Slots


Slot 1: iiExposed - 900x900 Anim. Large Doll - NOT PAID
Slot 2: Affyre - Fullbody Anim. Icon - PAID
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

Bullet; RedDo not claim anything in my gallery as your own or someone's other than mine.
Bullet; RedAny icon in my claim stays on dA, strictly no using them offsite unless commissioned for that purpose.
Bullet; RedYou must credit either me or *DansuDragon either in your signature, tagline or somewhere noticable on your profile. Not in a journal!
Bullet; RedNot crediting me while using my icons will result in me asking you once to put credits in. Failure to do this after 5 days will get you reported.

Bullet; RedUsing my icons means that you automatically agree to the TERMS OF USE

:star: Have a nice day :star:


© 2013 - 2022 DragonsPixels
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Aztec-Galaxy's avatar
Hello, are you perhaps open still for commissions?
DragonsPixels's avatar
They are indeedy! Send me a Note if you'd like something :aww:
Nachtlichtje's avatar
Psst, psst. 
It's been AGES since I've commissioned you but I totally need to! 
DragonsPixels's avatar
Haha then commission away! Send me a Note whenever you're ready ;P
Nachtlichtje's avatar
If it's possible I'd like to cancel the commission I ordered from you. 
You can keep the points if you like (they were already sent so no need to give them back, consider them a gift). 
The person that the pixel included is no longer someone I am comfortable having artwork of due to consistent drama that was stressing me out. 
DragonsPixels's avatar
I'm sorry to hear that, was it the one with the canine and the little dragon fairy? Dragon fairy was yours, I believe?
Nachtlichtje's avatar
Yeah it was, and yes she is.
KatsuMoon23's avatar
Are these still open?
DragonsPixels's avatar
They are indeed open but my January sales will be starting today if you would prefer a discount ;P
KatsuMoon23's avatar
I didn’t see your new journal! I’ll note you the information! Thank you!
Affyre's avatar
Are you still open? I'd love to get a Christmas icon done!

I'd love for this cutie (Aitu 2156) in a sweater with christmas lights tangled around her. Something along these lines (the pupper on the right): 
Walkin In A Winter Wonderland by Affyre

Aka fullbody icon with twinkling lights. XD
DragonsPixels's avatar
Sure thing! I'll set up a payment widget for you on my profile ;P
Affyre's avatar
DragonsPixels's avatar
Accepted, cheers!
A-Yeen-In-Space's avatar
Can I get an Animated Headshot Commission, please?.
I would like one of my Trico Oc - Gail The Trico 2018 Reference Sheet
Majestickittyn's avatar
Large Shaded Pixel Doll
Depending on canvas size
Points: 1550Points - 2600Points

Can I request a commission of  Kye reference sheet by Majestickittyn   I give you full artistic charge over posing and stuff like that
DragonsPixels's avatar
Full artistic charge, eh? :iconthinkingplz:

What size canvas would you like?
Majestickittyn's avatar
oh yes yes I'm giving you all of the pressure XD
and about 400X400 
DragonsPixels's avatar
I eat pressure for breakfast!

So for a 400x400 pixel it would be 1800:points:/ £14
Majestickittyn's avatar
how much difference would it be to do a 300x300 instead
DragonsPixels's avatar
300x300 is the smallest size for them so it would be the lowest price listed.
Sunrise-LoneWolf's avatar
Ohh just noticed you removed the option for those chibi plushie icons (and a few other things as well lol). Is that because you lost your bases alongside that laptop I guess? :c
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