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Beyond our Reality - Chapter 6Chapter 6 Something tickled my ear. I could feel small little pins poke into it. It wasn’t painful, just surprising. I lifted my head a slight bit only for something to weigh it down. Eliza let out a small chirp. She was already up, and she was wanting to jump around. “Come on, lets get you something to eat.” I said lowing my head to the ground. I shook my head a bit to get her to hop off. She let out a few more happy chirps and followed me to the little makeshift kitchen Liz and I have been working on. Liz managed to convince me that having a proper stove would be nice, but she also forgot that we would need to power such an appliance, so I improvised. Sitting before me is the first ever runic stove, works just like an electric stove but uses runes instead of electricity. Sadly, the knobs stuck on the front are just for show, instead you have to put in some mana for the runes to slowly release it as heat. The entire thing is just made from stone too, very smooth stone. Sometimes I think we have too much time on our hands. I charged one of the stove top runes with mana, placed down a pan we salvaged from the broken city and threw some meat onto it. Eliza chirped at my feet as the meat cooked. Cabbage… after we found the organics drone, which was much harder than I thought it was going to be, it started to snow. And snow it has been doing for the past few days. I think there’s about four inches of the white powder blanketing the ground. Carter said the Cabbage could grow in the winter, that it wouldn’t hurt to try to grow some, so that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. I grabbed a cup and dipped it into the bucket of water next to the stove. I placed the full glass in front of Eliza. She pawed at the glass for a little, she’s been trying to copy what Liz and I have been doing so I bet she was trying to pick it up. She let out a small huff and began lapping up the water from the cup instead. I think she’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. I looked back at the meat, it was starting to burn. I skewered the cooked meat with a fork and put it onto a plate. I sighed, we don’t have much of a counter, but there’s enough room to hold the bare essentials like some silverware and plates, all of which we took from the ruins of that city… it makes me feel bad, these objects used to be somebody’s and they’re likely dead by now. I picked up Eliza and put her onto the counter, she sat happily while I cut up the meat into small pieces. I stabbed one of the small chunks with the fork and held it towards Eliza’s face. She sniffed the meat before gently taking it off the fork. She let out a happy chirp and I could see her tail swishing behind her. Despite the situation we’re living in she’s one of the happiest creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. I gave her a small pat on the head and continued to feed her. “She’s up early.” Liz said. I didn’t notice that she even got up yet. “She’s enjoying herself.” I said. Eliza chomped down on another piece of meat. “Have you checked on the Cabbages yet?” Liz asked. “No, I had to feed her first.” I said. Eliza continued to eat what I fed her. “I’ll go check on them then.” She said. She walked out of our little home as I continued to tend to our child. I finished feeding Eliza her breakfast and the faintest whistle caught my attention. It was a normal noise, but something didn’t feel right about it. I set Eliza down in her bed and went outside to check on Liz. She was over by our little plot we laid out for cabbages, but she was laying down. Something doesn’t feel right. “LIZ!” I called out. I didn’t get an answer. “LIZ!” I shouted louder and again she didn’t move or answer. Something is really wrong. I ran to Liz and tried to figure out what was wrong only find a dart in her neck. I looked around but I couldn’t find who shot the dart at her. I started to use my magic to melt all the snow around. They have to be wearing camo, they have to be hiding. I heard a soft click and froze. I looked at where it had come from only to lock eyes with a human. There was a quiet whistle and I felt something hit my neck. The dart didn’t pierce my skin, instead it bounced out because of my ample amount of fur. I ran at the human and used magic to keep them from moving. All I did was use a little bit of magic to make a barrier. The human couldn’t do anything. Even looking at them right now is hurting my eyes, I can barely tell their shape, the right camo really does make a difference. I picked up the human and brought them to our home. They yelled and kicked me, but I’m not going to let them go without an explanation. I put them in the corner and made sure that they couldn’t get out of the little area I made them. A rune would be better but I’m just going to settle with using raw magic right now. I ran back outside and pulled Liz inside. She’s still breathing, just knocked out by whatever the fuck was in the dart. It took me a few minutes to set Liz down in a comfortable place. The human has yet to say another word since I put them in here. Eliza is laying up against Liz, she doesn’t know that Liz shouldn’t be asleep right now. I sat in front of the human and sighed. “I’m not too happy with you right now.” I said. I tapped my claw against the soft dirt floor. The human looks terrified, I would be too if I pissed me off. “First question, is my wife going to be alright?” “S-she’ll be just fine. I-i-it’s-s-s just a a tr-” I cut him off, I wasn’t about to listen to him stutter for another moment. “Oh thank the gods, ok, so then tell me why.” I said. “We want t-to track-k all the stage three dragons in the a-area.” He said. I sighed and looked at some of the scrapped electronics we brought back from the broken city. There is so much information and most of it conflicts with one another. I laid around Liz, our child sitting in between us. “I never got the full story behind your world’s demise nor am I really interested; all I can really say is that we’re not your stage three dragons, we’re from a different world and we’ve got about… a year till we’re able to make it back home.” I said. “W-what?” He asked. “I’m pretty sure you must have seen it already, the floating cracks in the air, that’s all that remains of the rift between our original world and this one.” I began, the man opened their mouth, but I continued before they said anything. “No, I’m not going to explain every bit of everything, just think of us as unwilling visitors, I’d also like for you to think that we’d really much rather be left alone. And no, we’re not going to go crazy like the rest of your dragons here, what a horrible shame if you ask me, using people as test subjects like that.” “THAT’S NOT HOW IT WAS AT ALL!” The man shouted. “I never asked if it was or not, any way you put it, it’s a horrible thing.” I said. “No, that’s not at all what we were trying to do.” They said. They? “All we wanted to do was to find a way to prevent all the deaths that could have been avoided. We didn’t start the experimentation, we didn’t botch the serum, we didn’t cause this, it was all sabotage, it was all sabotage.” They said. “What do you mean sabotage?” I asked. The human looked like they were about to start crying. “I was part of the research division, headed by the most prominent dragon advocate in the world. We were the people who discovered how to make the serum, we were the people who originally tested the serum, it worked PERFECTLY, there were no mutations, there were no dragons going feral.” He said. “Then what happened?” I asked. “Well, our head died and was replaced. Soon everyone who originally worked there was replaced. I found work elsewhere and everything just didn’t sit right. And then the first mutations started and soon after the first dragon went feral.” He said. “The news covered it like they already knew it was going to happen, people got scared but the new head of the research behind the research of the serum was sure that it was just a very horrible accident; oh, how stupid the world was for believing him.” He said. They started crying at this point. “They began testing it more and more, making it more and more volatile. They were trying to create a weapon; one they could unleash upon a town. Turn a few people into dragons who shortly go insane afterwards. Their testing on bugs lead to the mutant bug problem and now look at us, living in a broken world.” “So, what does this have to do with darting my wife?” I asked. “People are scared, knowing where all dragons are really puts them at ease… and…” he trailed off. “And what? You can’t just leave me off like that ya know.” I said. “I’m trying to find a cure for the insanity, fix the problem that I could have prevented.” He said. “Admirable, but I’m just going to say this now, you’re not putting trackers on me, my wife or my child.” I said. “Yeah, I figured that after you started talking.” He said. “But going back to what you said; is that really what the floating thing is?” “I’m surprised you so readily accepted that.” I said. “We’re living in a world populated by mutant bugs and feral dragons, not like saying that is really big news.” He said. I laughed. “I guess.” I said. “Alright, you can go.” I said. I got rid of the magic holding him in the corner. “Thank you.” They said. They walked to the exit and looked back at me. “I never did get your name.” He said. “Names aren’t important, I’ll be gone in a few months anyway.” I said. “Alright, I wish you luck.” They said. Just like that they left. I laid next to Liz until she began to wake up, I’m just glad that she wasn’t shot with something that would kill her… tracking stage three dragons… should I believe that? I put a tracking spell on the man so I can know where he goes and if he gets hurt. Liz tried to say something and get up but she’s still far too out of it to do either properly. “No, just lay down until you feel better.” I said. She relaxed herself and laid her head back down on the ground. Eliza quickly jumped on top of her head and made a few happy chirps. She’s so precious. A sharp pain spread through my chest. Sharp pain. “OH NO!” I shouted. I hopped over Liz and ran out of our little home. I ran after the footprints in the snow, the tracking spell I put on the man is growing very weak. No. I can’t be the one who sent this man off to their death. The spell finally faded but I kept chasing after the footprints in the snow. No I can’t let someone die on me like that. I can’t. I could see pink stained snow but no body. No. WHERE IS HE! I started to cough, I ran too much, I ran way too fast. I looked to from side to side, all the snow is stained pink and red. It’s all blood. Where is the body? Where is the body? I saw a shoe just behind a large tree and ran towards it. I rounded the corner and nearly threw up. The man is torn in half, his legs are getting eaten by a mutant bug. I’m going to throw up. I killed the bug. How did it do this? How could it do this to a person? I tried to take a few deep breaths to calm myself, but I kept choking on my throat. I looked at the man’s face, his eyes are still open, looking at me, then he blinked. They’re still alive. I nearly hurled right there. They’re alive, that means they felt all that pain. They’re alive, that means I can try to save them. I can save them. Healing magic. Use. Healing magic. I held my arms towards the man, they’re shaking horribly. A bright green glow started to come off of my hands. I felt a jolt go through my body and everything went black.~~~ Vincent… that name keeps drifting through my head when I least expect it… maybe that’s who I was… but what use is a name if there is nobody around? What use is a name if it doesn’t hold any memories… but babies don’t have any memories when they’re born and then they’re given a name… they start with nothing and keep going… does this mean that… I’m starting new… that I was born anew after… after something. What even happened to me? No. no more thinking about that. I poked my head outside of my tent of stone only for snow to fall directly into three of my four eyes. I pulled my head back into my tent and wiped them all out. Two hands and three hurting eyes doesn’t really work well. I sighed and rested back against the wall of the stone tent. I made this purely with magic, I wish I could have made it better, but I have no idea how to do that. I heard a scream not too long ago. I’m too scared to go check it out, what if it’s a group of humans, they’ll hunt me down. I have no choice but to stay put. I can’t let them hunt me, I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I can’t put myself in danger like this… but what if they’re going to die? I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I’m too scared to try. A small shockwave passed through me. It wasn’t air, it wasn’t sound, it was just… was that magic? If it was magic then it had to have been a dragon, right? What would cause a magic shockwave? I… I should go check it out. I picked myself up and started towards the source of that shockwave. They better not be dead. I opened my four wings and took off into the air, I’m going to find this dragon before it’s too late. I flew just above the trees scanning the ground for anything other than the white snow. After a minute or so of flying at high speed I saw a giant area of pink and red. It’s blood. A lot of blood. Am I too late? I landed hard on the ground sending snow in every direction. I looked around, there is way too much blood here. What the fuck happened? I saw a red dragon lying on the ground. Are they… dead? I slowly walked towards them and examined their body; I can’t see any injuries. They’re interesting looking, they have fur instead of scales, maybe they have that to keep them warm in the winter. They look like they’re eating rather well if anything… I wonder where they hunt. They have a soft blue aura around them… mana. It’s fading, they have almost no mana. Did they have a massive discharge? I looked up a little bit to see a stronger blue aura, a human… a very… weird human. They have a human upper half but they’re legs are that of a dragon. Bright silver scales, they almost match their coat completely. My eyes drifted further off to the side and I saw a pair of disembodied human legs… this human… did… did the dragon give them a new lower half? I… how did they do that? Both of them aren’t in any condition to stay out here, they’ll both die if I do nothing. It took me a moment to sling the red dragon onto my back, the human dragon hybrid creature was easy to grab, all I had to do was pick them up by their coat with my teeth. I followed the footprints; they have to lead to some sort of shelter. I opted not to fly there even if it would be much quicker, the dragon on my back would fall if I did. Why do they have to be so heavy? I finally made it to the end of the footprints, they lead straight to a little hatch-like contraption. I grabbed the handle and lifted it up to reveal a fluffy purple dragon and a fluffy baby pink dragon. “Who are you! Why are you here!” The purple dragon nearly shouted. Her voice sounded tired, like not all of her was there. I set the human down into the little home. “These two were knocked out in the snow, I… the trail led to here.” I said. I lowered the red dragon down into the hole. “JACK!” The purple dragon yelled. She ran up to the red dragon and began examining them as best she could. She kept fumbling while she tried to move her arms… “He used up all of his mana, I felt the shockwave. I… he… he just needs to rest for a bit while mana comes back to him.” I said. “What happened? Do you know what happened?” The purple dragon asked frantically. “No… I don’t… there was a lot of… blood… a lot of blood. The humans was… the only one that was injured… I think… I think the… the red dragon tried healing… he tried healing the human… and he used… he used too much mana.” I said. I’m having trouble forming words. I can’t think properly. What am I supposed to do, these two fluffy dragons are obviously mates and they have a child… where does the human fit in? What can I do to calm the purple dragon? I can’t do anything. I should leave. I closed the hatch and left them all to their own. Was leaving the right thing to do? What could I have done though? I couldn’t fit down into that hole. Is there anything I could have done for the dragon anyway? I don’t think I could charge them with mana, that just seems very unsafe, I could have made things much worse. I started walking away, I’ll leave them for now… I can visit them later… maybe… would they hate me? The purple dragon didn’t seem to like me. I walked towards an area that held a lot of melted snow, it was right next to a smaller little clearing. What could have happened here? I looked into the smaller little clearing, there are small little buds from a plant. How can a plant grow in winter like this? This is a garden… in winter? Is this why the red dragon was well fed? No, it can’t be, the garden doesn’t look more than a month old... Maybe I… I stabbed one of my claws into the ground towards the center of the garden and charged some mana through it. Small cracks for green light started to spread from my claw, the shine came up through the dirt and even went through the snow. I pulled my claw out of the dirt, my work was done, all the plants in this area should grow faster. I lifted my head up and let out a long sigh, I should go. I shouldn’t overstay my welcome. I looked far off to the side, there’s a giant crack in the air, it kept morphing… It looks so mesmerizing… what is it? I slowly walked towards the floating crack, what is this thing? I got just inches away from it, I can hear it cracking as it morphs… like a crack in reality. I want to touch it… I… I slowly reached my hand towards the crack, but then I pulled my hand away. No, later. I can’t stay here right now. I… this isn’t mine… those two dragons… they… they could be near this for a reason… i… I opened up my wings and took off into the air. I can’t stay here, but I’ll be back… one day… I’ll be back.
Tales of Dyannor - A Girl and Her Dragon Ch. 3Tales of DyannorA Girl and her DragonCh. 3 Peace... for Now By J.C. Solis Serena began to stir from her bed, wondering whether or not she was still in her dream or back in her home, the village of Daltsford. Her room was a lot colder than usual, and her blankets were a lot thicker and warmer. She almost didn't want to get out of bed. For sure Mother would annoy her to waken and so send her off to do her chores. All the little girl did was lift up her head and look right at the familiar surroundings of her room before starting the day anew. She had one of the strangest and darkest dreams of her life. She wondered what it all meant. Only that, when she opened her eyes, she found herself back into stark reality. The air was frosty due to the cave walls, and her bed was not her own. The only warmth she felt in the cave came from the thick velvet blankets she was under. This was the only comfort she had, and she had nothing else. At this, Serena began to shed quite a few tears, though she didn't quite sob. She was honestly quite morose as she took another look at her surroundings. She wanted to be back home, back in the cold embrace of her overbearing mother and all the chores she had to do at the house. She missed her parents, she missed her siblings, she missed everything about the humble village of Daltsford. But as she began to lament the things that she'd lost, the air offered her another comfort. The smell of cooking came wafting into the room, and it smelled wonderful. Serena then realized that she was hungry, starving even. She had not had a full belly of food since before she was kidnapped. She thought that she could smell the grease from the meats on a skillet, and it was absolutely tantalizing. She hoped that Lezerath was good at cooking, though with her hunger she could eat almost anything. Lezerath, she thought. The dragon was very generous to allow her to stay with him, though she had no idea for how long. Would she be imposing on him for a while longer until she can find someone who could take care of her? She couldn't offer anything in return for his services. She felt bad that there wasn't much she could do other than clean the abode and make things tidy. She could work as a housemaid in the meantime, though the cave already looked spotless as is. She tried to come up with all sorts of ideas on how to repay the dragon, even though there wasn't any need. Not bearing to withstand her hunger, Serena got out of the bed, put on her moccasins, and went for the main chamber of the cave. As she walked along the smell continued to grow stronger and stronger. It was quite mouth watering, and she hope to tuck in on some delicious food. Serena turned around the corner and entered the main chamber. The sound of sizzling meats and a roiling pot could already be heard. She saw a tall man in regular clothes tending to a medium sized kitchenette. As heard, a skillet had on grilling sausages while a pan had on potato wedges being fried. There was a pot that was also boiling, and when Lezerath lifted up a ladle from the pot to taste his cooking she could clearly see that it was saucy beans in a sort of tomato paste. But it seemed that Lezerath sensed that Serena was in the room, and he turned around to greet the little girl. "Morning, Reshnoz," said Lezerath with a slight smile on his face as he called her by that peculiar pet name again. "How faired your rest? I hope you slept well this rather short sleep." Reshnoz. There was that word again, Serena thought. What did that word mean? "I... I sleep okay, I guess," replied Serena, her voice sounding as morose as her gait. "I hope I didn't wake you up last night. I heard you scream from a nightmare and I thought you were in trouble. But anyways, I hope that things will be better. Come," he beckoned her to the kitchen table. "The food'll be ready soon. I bet you must be quite starved from your capture." Capture, thought Serena. She wanted to forget about her capture. She wanted to forget that the whole ordeal had ever happened. It was just that after suffering such a plight it was almost impossible to think about something else. She just walked over to the wooden table and chairs and sat in front, her face still showing a glumness and sorrow that would be quite hard to get rid of. Perhaps some food would take her mind off of things. Lezerath put a plate of food in front of her, and the display made her eyes beam. There was sausages, a steak of ham, fried potato slices and a piece of toast with fried, saucy beans on it. The whole display was absolutely mouth watering and enticing. Serena never had such rich food in her life. She looked on towards Lezerath, as though she needed permission to eat such a fine meal. "Come, Serena. Eat. You need to fill back your strength if you mean to recover. I know that you're hungry. I can see it in your eyes." Serena just looked back at her plate of food, eyeing it before at last tucking in. She got a sausage link and took a bite out of it. The taste absolutely exploded in her mouth as did a lot of juice from how rich the sausage was. The taste of the sausage was unbelievable, and she had to force herself to eat slowly and enjoy her meal one step at a time. One thing her mother taught her was to eat slowly lest one were to choke on their own food. She took bite after bite from her plate, savoring every bit that she put into her mouth and eating slowly. It was not every day in a peasant's life that one got to eat this succulent food. Lezerath smiled as his care was feeding herself. He half expected her to start gorging herself rabidly with the food, almost unable to stop herself from devouring everything whole. He didn't expect for her to eat with restraint, though this showed that she was more of class than he thought. The "more of class" thought hit Lezerath rather hard as he wondered about Serena's home life. She looked like any other ordinary girl of modest means. She didn't give the air of someone from rich blood. She certainly didn't carry herself around as someone important. Yet Lezerath saw her fair maiden looks and couldn't help but think that there was more to this little girl than met the eyes. After all, why would a a large squad of soldiers try their damned best to try and retrieve her if she was of no importance? Was she perhaps an illegitimate child to some lord of Sollermun? And if so, why was she found all the way in the middle of Haerondir, some two thousand miles from where they were now? He wanted to ask the little girl some questions about her capture, though he figured that he'd have to be careful and sensitive with that topic. He'd have to try his best to not hit on things that seemed rather sensitive. For sure the little girl was hungry, for though she ate slowly she kept eating constantly. He even noted that she was eating a portion of food that would've been difficult for a girl her size to eat. But starvation changes a person's body, and Serena was quite starved. "How does the food taste, Reshnoz?" said Lezerath, hoping to start things off with small talk. "It all tastes so yummy!" cheered the little girl with a grin. "I haven't had such tasty food before." Lezerath smiled in return after hearing exactly what he wanted to hear. "I'm glad you liked the food. I had hoped that you would have an appetite." And with that, he allowed her to continue taking small but constant bites from her plate until he came up with his next question. "I don't mean to bring up all of these painful memories, Serena, but I have some questions to ask you. I just need to know how it was that you found yourself captured and for what reasons." Serena stopped eating and gloomily looked down at her plate. She had all but forgotten her past while she was eating. But with Lezerath having brought up her past, she felt the pain of all those moments return. The Fires once more burned. Many lives were slain. Blood splattered onto the ground and seeped into the soil. There was just so much to look back at and so much travesty that occured. Her mother fought bravely to protect her daughter. Serena was quite precious to her. Yes she was rather strict with her, and she was quite the disciplinarian with her and the rest of her siblings. But she was the pride and joy of the family, the youngest child and the most beautiful and talented out of all of her kin. She seemed destined for greatness, to learn a trade as a weaver or seamstress, or perhaps if the family had found money maybe send her off to become a scholar or wizard's apprentice and learn magic. There was so much that was happening at the time, an then everything was lost. So many lives were lost. So much blood was spilt. And little Serena would never get the chance to thank her mother, to thank her for all of the time they had together. Her mother, strewn across the floor as she clutched her abdomen after a sword ran through it, would not get to see her daughter, still alive and well, now be under the care of a benevolent dragon. Serena's eyes began to water, and so she let out a sob. She felt just how unfair life was. Life was cruel and unfair. There was no need for any of this. There was no need for her family to be slain, for her village to be destroyed, all for the sake of kidnapping one little girl. Lezerath saw that the wound was still far too fresh. Maybe now was not the time to probe into what Serena knew. But then again, who knew when the Byammar soldiers would return with reinforcements in another attempt to retrieve her. He needed to know in order to help her. He must know the truth of why a nation of slave owners would risk going to war by kidnapping a little girl and committing some sort of heinous act against that nation's people. "Do you think that you can talk about it? If not maybe some other time. For now, just eat and build back up your-" "I can talk," said the little girl as a tear fell onto a piece of sausage. "I... I'll try and tell you everything that happened." And so the little girl revealed everything that had happened all those weeks ago. She'd recount the bloody tall of her capture, her village's massacre, and the death of all of her family. Serena came from the humble village of Daltsford, as Lezerath already knew. She didn't come from a rich family, but neither were they destitute. Her mother, Lilia, was a seamstress and weaver who made clothes and accessories for the shops in the city of Haerondir. She was a rather strict disciplinarian, instilling values and integrity into her children to make them humble, honest and graceful. Serena had three more older siblings, all of them older than her: Sven the eldest at twenty winters old, Yulia the oldest daughter at seventeen winters, and Oliver the youngest son at thirteen winters. The family made due from Lilia's work and whatever money Sven and Yulia would earn from taking odd jobs from around the area. Oliver, meanwhile, was about ready to start an apprenticeship with the local blacksmith. On that day, approximately seven weeks ago, the night seemed almost too quiet. Serena awoke to the sound of shuffling from the outside. Then, a loud boom filled the air as all turmoil broke loose. The sounds of screaming soon followed. Serena could hear her mother rushing through the halls of their house, telling her other children to hide. She then entered Serena's room and told her to come with her. Lilia's only weapon was an engraved magic wand--she knew some magic spells as defense, and the wand would help her channel much more Magicka and use the strings more readily. The door to their home was being bashed against, with Lilia clutching her daughter as they looked at their front door being rammed. All the while, Serena had her eyes closed. She couldn't bare to see the fight that occured next. She was still hoping that all of this was just a bad dream, that soon she will awaken and once more be in the true reality of things. Maybe she'll tell her mother all about it, and Lilia will then scold her for having such a wild imagination. The door swung open, and the sound of crackling electricity and then bursts of flame could be heard along with the sounds of screaming men. But soon the fire stopped as the sound of flesh being pierced filled Serena ears. When she opened her eyes, she saw her mother's face turn cold white, her face draining of color as she stumbled to the floor. Behind her were the littered bodies of Sven, Yulia and Oliver, with the savages having brought them out of hiding and taking their lives in cold blood. Serena wanted to scream. She wanted to let out a terrified and horrified wail that would pierce through the ears of these savage men and let them know of the truly heinous thing that they just committed. But the little girl was silent. She was silent when one of the men grabbed her and picked her up. She was too shocked to put a struggle. She just allowed herself to be taken away as Lilia outstretched her arms towards her, giving one final plead to not take away her child from her. She, at the very least, wanted to give her child one final blessing; to bless her, and so allow the gods to always watch and look after her as she went along her destiny. Her mother, in one look, gave her last goodbye as Serena was taken away to the hellfire that used to be Daltsford. The village was a horrendous scene from the most fiery pits of Hell. The houses all over were burning with the intensity such hot blazes that Serena could feel the heat coming off of them. This would be the last thing that she'd see before being blindfolded and bound. Then, a wet cloth with a foul fuming liquid soaked into it covered her nostrils, and everything else faded into unconscious silence. Lezerath was gripped by the terrible tale of the little girl. She had truly been through so much, and she quite literally lost everything she owned. It was truly horrendous, and Lezerath was equal parts shocked and disgusted. He was glad to have torn apart and set fire to the miserable sacks as they tried to force their way into his home to try and retrieve the girl. But Lezerath was still left with the question as to why they did what they did and why they were after Serena in particular. The atrocities that the soldiers had committed were enough for the Kingdom of Darkness to declare war on the empire, and Haerondir and Kyreem were already uneasy neighbors who were looking for the slightest provocation. Though Kyreem had an empire, Haerondir still had a mighty military that would be difficult to trounce, and the Black Knights of Gallavan were a force to be reckoned with in battle. All of this didn't make sense to the dragon. There just had to be more. "Do you have any idea why you family was targeted?" he continued asking. Serena nodded a No. "Well..." Lezerath was running out of ideas, and Serena's plate was growing cold. He needed to ask something quick before allowing her to return to her now luke-warm meal. "What about you family? Does you family have anything special about it? Maybe a family history or something of the like?" This seemed to be what caused Serena to think. Maybe there was one thing. "I... I remember my mother tell me of my family history," she at last recounted. "My family is descended from some famous hero, and that hero helped save the world from Evil and stop some king from taking over Dyannor. But, I don't remember much about that." "Surely there's more," Lezerath kept prodding. "There are many people out there who are descendants of the Heroes of Yore. I for one may be a descendant of the Dragon Knight Uxyloth, the Hero and King of Dracongarde, for all I know." "I'm sorry Lezerath, I know nothing else," and with that, Serena returned to her meal. Lezerath had used up all of his chances to find out the truth. But Serena had given out all of the useful information she had. The only major clue she gave as to why she was kidnapped was that she was a descendant of a hero. But many people out in the world are descended from the great Heroes of Yore, as Lezerath had said. What made Serena so special about her hero descendancy that made her a target for the Empire? There had to be more, but for now at least he knew the full story of her kidnapping. At last, the dragon grabbed a plate and piled it with meats and potatoes, grabbing also a piece of toasted bread and slathering the top with the the fried sauce beans. He went to the table to sit down in front of Serena as she finished off what remained in her plate. Lezerath took bite after bite from the succulent food, though his mind still failed to be at ease. As he chomped on his food, Serena took a look at their surrounds and see what it was like to be in the humble abode of a dragon. She had not expected a dragon to live with so many human luxuries, but then again Lezerath seemed to look more human than simply being in human form. For one he still enjoyed sleeping on the floor, albeit on a fine cushion rug. But Serena had heard so many stories about dragons from all sort of people, both in her home village and from passing travelers. The tales of man-eating wyrms who'd sack towns of treasure and burn them to the ground seemed like the standard for these tales. They pictured dragons as cruel and heartless beasts that cared not for the sake of men or any other hominid, and their lives were as savage as the plunders they carried out. Their caves were told to be full of the spoils of their ill gotten gains as the dragons fended off any intruders and devour whole any who'd dare try to get even so much as a coin from their hoard. But Lezerath was none of that. He looked quite civil and humble, and his demeanor was agreeable. He wasn't savage in the slightest, and he even looked educated. His manners were quaint and gentlemanly, as though he were brought up on values. And most telling of all was all the decor of the cave. There was just so much human and hominid amenities, and none of the stories told of a dragon having furniture or fine tapestries on their cave walls or a study area with a large bookshelf full of tomes. And what caught Serena's eyes the most was the floating grey orb in the middle of the room. It gave off a dim glow as it hovered and spun slowly in the air. It looked the part of some magical contraption, as though it were some sort of guide or scrying device. Serena could feel power come from it, perhaps some sort of magic. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she wanted to ask some questions of her own. She wanted to know more about dragons and their peculiar behaviors, about the orb and perhaps more about Lezerath. Since it looked like she'd be staying, she wanted to know more about her host. "Lezerath... I... I..." "Yes. What is it, Little one?" Serena was rather nervous to ask, but she knew now was the time." I wanted to ask you some questions. I wanted to know some things about you and your cave and all this stuff around here." "Fair enough," agreed the dragon. "I suppose it's only right, considering that I asked you loads of question and some of them were rather touchy. Go ahead. Ask away." And with that, the little girl asked her first question. "Is it true that dragons have treasure hoards?" she asked, hoping to sate her wonderment. "Heh heh, I bet you want to know so you can try and pilfer a coin or two, eh?" joked Lezerath with a wink as he took a bite out of a piece of sausage. "I do have a hoard, indeed. What kind of dragon would I be to not have a hoard? But, I don't have it locked in some secret room, and it's not some massive pile of gold Daltmer coins and other treasures." "So...where is it?" she asked innocently. Lezerath chuckled again. Against better his judgement, he grabbed his coin purse from his front trouser pocket and dropped it on the table. It looked like it only had a pitiful amount of coins, not worth for a pickpocket to try and nab. "I know it doesn't look like much, but every coin I own is in there," he confirmed. "Granted, it's much bigger in there than meets the eye, but I suppose this is all I have." Serena wondered if the three of four coins in the coin purse were really all that the dragon owned. Perhaps it was much bigger in there than it looked like from outside. Or perhaps there was something that the dragon was letting on with the use of his rather cryptic choice of words. With that settled, Serena pressed on to the next question. "Why do you have so much nice human things, like books and furniture and a kitchen and all that?" Lezerath, smiling, answered her question. "I suppose it's because, deep down, I enjoy the creature comforts of the hominids. I like reading fine tales of adventure and romance from books and studying tomes while reclining in the lounge, admiring paintings and trophies that I've collected over the years. Perhaps I'd want to cook a fine meal, a human dish for a change from simply chomping straight onto a deer carcass. I like these things, simply put. I know there are many of my dragon kin would view me rather curious for this, and some who'd think I was committing heresy against dragon-kind, but bollocks to those tradition sticklers, I say." With that, he took another bite of food and prepared for the next question to come. "How old are you, Lezerath? I heard dragon can live for a long, long time," asked the curious girl. "I'm two hundred and fifty two years old, little one. And dragons have been known to live to almost a millennia. I am still considered a young adult, though I have lived through so much. I've witnessed wars, pestilence, famines, and many tragedies cause by both nature and hominids. It's been a long and painful life, but also one full of joy and happiness. And I thank the gods every day for the life that I have. If I had died while in battle or while fleeing the Mountain of Soot, then I wouldn't have been around to rescue a certain little girl from a pack of wolves." Serena giggled on realizing that he was noting to her. She continued to ask more questions, all while the dragon ate his meal. It was such a barrage that would make any regular person spin or get annoyed from the endless banter of questions from one little girl. But Lezerath kept calm, answering her every question with accuracy and truthfulness. The last question was on whether Lezerath truly could breathe fire on demand. "Yes I can, Little One. I can breathe a spout of fire even now as a hominid, or any other breath weapon. From frost to poison gas to shards of crystals, I can breathe all of that out onto my enemies." "Really?" said the astounded little girl. "So, where does all of that come from? I doubt that you have poison gas or crystals in your belly." Lezerath finished the last bite of food from his plate before revealing the truth. "Magic, Little one. What, do you think I have some sort of inner fire or a flame pouch or organ in my body? And how else can I shoot out gases and crystals were it not for magic? If my poison gas came from my stomach then that would be a belch, not a weapon." He then got out of his seat, grabbed his and Serena's plate and took it to the kitchenette for washing. "Dragons are inherently magical creatures. Magic is always and constantly coursing through our veins. If it weren't for magic then we couldn't do half of the things we normally do, and that includes transforming into and back from being a hominid. Now enough talk. I want to get you out of those rags you call clothes. You look rather ragged, dear." And so, Lezerath walked on over to the bedroom with Serena in tow. Serena had tuckered out from asking questions, but she still followed Lezerath to see what he would do about her clothes. She wondered if he really had anything that would fit her. It was rather odd that a dragon would have a change of human clothes lying around, let alone those that would fit a girl of ten years old. They entered the room and walked towards a wardrobe that was next to the bed. Serena thought that perhaps here was where she was going to get her new clothes. Lezerath beckoned her to open the door, noting that he had something rather interesting to show her. She went up to the wardrobe and opened it, but saw that it was completely empty. She figured that this was a joke played by Lezerath and she closed the door in a huff. But soon she heard a shuffling coming from the inside of the door, all with Lezerath giving an amused face. Serena opened the wardrobe door again, and what she saw came as a complete shock. The wardrobe was now completely full of colorful and elegant looking clothes. There were so many outfits of which to choose from, and all of them seemed to be exactly her size. "This here is a magical wardrobe, Serena," explained Lezerath. "I have it chock full of clothes of all different sizes and types, in case I'd ever have guests in need of a change of clothes, including little children. Now pick whichever one you like and head on over to those changing blinds and get dressed. I want you out of those filthy rags as soon as possible so I can burn them and their hideousness." Serena didn't know which one to pick. She was simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount, and all of them looked wonderful to try on. In the end, she chose a pink, frilly dress with skirts that'd go down a little bit below the knee as well as a pair of purple moccasin shoes that seemed to match her eye color. She then went to the changing blinds that Lezerath pointed out for some privacy. In a few moments the sounds of shuffling filled the room. Lezerath wondered how his little guest would turn out. She had picked out a marvelous little outfit. Already he could tell that she would like it. But there was no way to know for certain until she put it on. When Serena came out of the dressing blinds, she was a sight to behold. Lezerath was wowed by how pretty and frilly she looked. She was wearing a red dress with overall straps on her shoulder, with a pink ribbon bow that was behind her back. She wore a yellow shirt underneath the dress, and the shirt was visible from the upper part of her straps. And lastly, her purple moccasins were quaint and comfortable looking. The dragon approved of the look. The change was almost like night and day. She looked like the daughter of a stately family, with her looking like she was about to head off to academy to study. "I love the outfit you picked, Serena," acknowledged Lezerath. "It suits you well." Serena smiled as her cheeks blushed. "So now what, Lezerath?" she asked, wondering what the two of them were going to do next. Lezerath thought for a bit, but he just couldn't help but feel joy. He almost felt like a new parent, and the change of her outfit made him feel touched. He couldn't believe that he had these feelings for the little girl, and he hoped to continue to introduce her to the wide world. She was under his care, and until her next of her kin was found she was his responsibility. No one had assigned him that responsibility. No one told him to watch after her, to be anything more than a guard. He was not obligated in the slightest to help out this little girl. But he felt that he simply had to help. Realizing this, he hoped to show her all sorts of new and interesting things about the world, magic, and so much more. He didn't have to do this, but he was swept by her charm, and even more so now that she was in new clothes. "Come. Perhaps you'd like to read from my library. Do you know how to read, by any chance?" She nodded a yes. "Good. Then, I think I have a book or two that is not too terribly hard to read. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from the tomes I have." And with that, dragon and child left for the dragon's study area. There was much to read and learn about. There was so much to do while there was peace. Lezerath planned on finding any relative of Serena's still alive, maybe even see what remained of Daltsford. But for that, they had to plan ahead. And all of that planning needed to be done while there was peace. And Peace was what the two of them had in plenty while in the cave. It was outside, in the far and vast volcanic wilderness of Kyreem, that the real danger from the forces at play were brewing... Josiah arrived into the throne room, his eyes heavy with sleep and his arms battered. The guards had given him, a renowned hero of the Byammar Army, a severe beating. His face was bloodied and his eye was black. Though in all honesty, he was glad to have gotten away with this simple beating. He knew that things could've been much worse, like the fate that befell his men when they were caged and beaten to within an inch of their lives, with some of them dunked in the raging rivers of fire that flowed in the middle of Sollermun's streets. But he knew that, after failing to bring the girl, this was what awaited him. All Josiah could do was bow his head in shame and embarassment. He was far from being treated like the hero he was known as upon his and his men's arrival into the volcanic city. But even before his arrival to the capitol of Kyreem, he knew what his fate was. Though he knew that he'd receive aid, he also knew that the empire would make an example out of him and teach him a lesson for failing it. And right before him was a powerful member of the Byammar Empire and the head of the Grand Duchy of Kyreem, second only to the emperor himself. "You have failed, Commander Josiah," said the woman dressed in a grey regal outfit, with white robes flowing from her throne. Her hair was long and gray, though she barely looked to be middle aged. "Though from what I gather, there may still be hope to retrieve the girl." "I... I know that the girl can still be retrieved, your grace," said Josiah as he kept looking at the floor. "But the dragon with whom the girl is with will be a major challenge to defeat. Even my men were not strong enough to stop him, and even my riflemen weren't enough." "Then what we need is more rifleman," said a man in gentleman's attire to the side This man indeed looked old, with a balding head of grey hair and a hooked nose. "Or maybe, we can send the Blood Guard to go and kill this wyrm and retrieve the girl." "I suppose that would be best, Ingo" replied the woman in grey and white. She then got off her throne and addressed Josiah further. "Arise, Commander Wellingarde." And the commander at last rose up, and only then did he look at her in the eyes. Her eyes were cold and glaring, with little emotion and humanity in her face. "I shall send you once more to retrieve the girl. I leave you in charge of the Blood Guard, and may their steel lead you to victory." But then, he face turn even more grave. "Of course, I need not remind you of what will happen if you fail." Josiah tensed up. He knew full well what awaited him if he failed his mission a second time. With a bow, he thanked the woman for the chance to prove his mettle and redeem himself. "Thank you so much, My Duchess," said Josiah. "Thank you. I shan't fail again." And with that, Josiah turned around and went to prepare himself. With the infamous Blood Guard, there was no need of fear from even the mightiest of beasts. All the while, the Duchess and her steward began to contemplate their next course of action. "This girl is proving to be quite the hassle to acquire, Your Grace," said Ingo the steward. "She has proven so difficult to locate to begin with, and even more so considering she was dwelled in Haerondir. The raid that Commander Josiah's men caused in getting the girl was not quiet in the slightest, and for sure Haerondir is searching for who was responsible for the sacking of one of her villages." The woman just gave a "Hmph!" to her steward. "Haerondir would love to declare war, but their armies are thinned from sending their troops to the elves in Valenfarven to combat the orcs of Dashki. They wouldn't risk an all out war with so few of their men, though I don't doubt that they're looking for any excuse to start one still. But whether they'll find out the truth of not, it does not matter. Once we retrieve the girl, our plan will come to fruition." She returned to her throne and took a seat. Things, despite the hiccup with the girl, were all going to plan. "Make sure to tell the Emperor that we will soon retrieve the girl. She will not be away from out clutches again." "As you wish," said Ingo with a bow. "I shall notify his eminence as soon as possible... ...Duchess Viktoria..."
Whisper of the Living [Prologue]Before Death“All things must remain in balance. Such as life and death. However, while death is the response value to life, life cannot and must not exist without death. Just like the light cannot exist without the darkness. It must remain in balance.That’s how it remained for centuries, perfect balance within the universe. Nothing but the silence that echoed throughout billions of galaxies and worlds, not even a soul stirred the nebulae that filled the empty void, even though they looked as if their overall form were tampered with by a gust of wind. All was cold, all was silent. How such peace could cease to exist untampered with, remained unknown to all existing life forms.Centred in this galaxy lies a safe haven known as Era. A world inhabiting millions of life forms of all sizes great and small. It had vast mountain ranges the size of a titan’s gauntlet, that had expanded over centuries of terraforming and climate changes. Home to many of the air ranged creatures who were a marvellous and majestic species that ruled over the skies. Some of which were in a formed tribe that obeyed rules and came together to help other clans and societies. Others however, wanted to be kept away from politics and stick to their roots of living. It was better that way for them. They were known as the Aritipian Tribe. They were quick, agile and were considered the smartest among the inhabitants of Era. They lived off of peace and prosperity and were mostly herbivores. Because of this, they were the ones responsible for keeping the sanctuary and the protection of all within functional. This made them the most trusted tribe known to Era. The leader of this tribe was named Azymeraldia. She was a wise and notorious role model, that of which everyone had come to love and support. She was quick with her wings and as sharp as a bullet. Her skill in flight patterns were adored and jaw-dropping to many.To the North of Era, were a splatter of ranges and grasslands consisting of foreign plant life and many different species of ground like creatures that kept the ecosystem of Era healthy and stable. They were known as the Gamatores. However, while the Aritipian Tribe were quick and agile, the Gamatores were either fierce, strong and bulky, or work ready and productive. Due to their living conditions and constant threat to predators some species lived underground for safety and resource accessibility. The rest that didn’t live underground were built with a lot more bulk and defence. They weren’t considered as the typical brutes with uncommon knowledge however, they built magnificent structures such as the Monoliths that gather wisps and other spiritual entities that is then focused into keeping the environment in a liveable condition, or the Runes that gather tribes for meetings and events. The ruler of this land, Tyrian, was the courageous warrior known to Era. His might was feared but his courage and honour were adored by many from each tribe. Although he may be fierce, he is jolly in heart and comedic when a lil bit tipsy.The final Tribe of Era are the Subterrians. These aquatic-like creatures have a similar role to the Gamatores. but they keep balance in the sea and water ways. They purify the water making it accessible to all creatures. They are one of the most creative tribes known to all of Era as they are able to express their emotions through visuals, poetry or other known forms of art. Most species in the Subterrain tribe however are carnivorous but can live without food for days or in very rare occasions weeks. While they are the Artists of Era, they, sadly, are very easily manipulated and are quite naive, unable to make perfect decisions and are often influenced by faith. The Prophet, known as Fjord, is the leader of their tribe. Although he may not have many leaderlike qualities he guides his people along a “higher path” filled with faith and ambition. These three tribes, all different in traits, united together protect the sustainability of Era and keeps the flow of life in order, they are the Eratopians.It must have been the happiness and peace from Era that spoke to the void because stirring in the middle of it, the universe finally spoke back, and it had much to say. The death of a star had given birth to a new common enemy, Dethinosth, the Harbinger of Death. No one knew it at the time, they couldn’t have. Dethinosth had no particular motivation, only one objective: Bring Chaos and destruction to life itself. He was unlike anything Era had ever seen. His burning rage fuelled by death itself was powerful enough to take down an entire civilization.What seemed to follow in his path was much worse. When the passing of another star had come to action, came along Deaths friend, The Corruption. This particular entity blindly followed Dethinosth’s commands, whether it was to inflict pain to everyone or everything or to just be patient and wait. The purpose it wanted to achieve was to corrupt anything and everything until the balance of Life and Death was shattered. It drove tribes insane, made them sickly and unable to provide for their selves, it even created vapours that effected the environments and destroyed crop fields. It had no emotions, no mind of its own and had no mercy. It was a plague and it was ready to create genocide. With the increase of demand for food and the incapability of providing it for their kin, war for land and territory had seemed like the most merciful option upon their selves and other tribe members. The pandemic the plague had created lasted for 40+ years and Death had almost tipped the balance and ruined life as we know it…”“and then what, what happened?”The sound of the rivers is loud, gushing along its designated path, the trees whistling their inharmonic tune against the wind whilst the crickets incoherently filled the air with their song. The only thing that stirs elsewhere are the distant sounds of movement to the east.“That, my children, will have to wait for another time, until then sleep well”“But we don’t want to sleep yet, oh please Mother please tell us more”One gaze is all it took for them to fall into a deep trans, one gaze into their curiosity blessed eyes… The noise from the East started to become louder…and louder…and louder…until finally…silence.[Do Not Steal or Use Without Permission]...
A Strange Game - Chapter 12Chapter 12 The white light faded, and the bustling noise of the town began to slowly fill my ears. It’s been two days since Mr. Admin talked with me, five more days being stuck as a quadrupedal dragon. I walked off the spawn platform, even now only being here for less than ten seconds almost every single person is staring at me. I’m still not too used to walking around in this body, nor is having a small slime on my back making it any easier. I can hear people whispering. “Is that a player?” “They look like the level eleven.” “How did a monster get into the Plaza?” “Is that a slime?” “That’s a slime on their back.” “Are they a tamed monster?” “Where would their master be then?” “I CAN HEAR ALL OF YOU YA KNOW!” I roared. All conversation stopped. “I’m not in the mood for everyone to whisper about me, if you’ve got something to say, make sure everyone can actually hear it.” I said. I continued walking, I haven’t the time to even want to deal with this. The whispers stopped, but there was still a little bit of gossip between people. They have no idea who I even am… at least that means I’m able to keep my name and stats hidden well. Thank you, Cypress for showing me how to do that properly. This isn’t much motion in the streets today, it’s usually much more crowded at this time. Weird. I made my way to a small little building, there’s a distinct sign hanging above the door. A rune of sorts is carved into the aged wood, enchanting, just what I need for my equipment. A bright yellow dragon man stood behind a counter; their eyes went wide when they looked upon me. “Can you please wait outside while your master and I do business, I’m not sure my small shop has enough room to support such a large creature.” The yellow dragon said. They hopped off of something and they immediately got two feet shorter. “Oh, sorry, uh… I know this is awkward, but… I’m not anybody’s tamed creature.” I said. The small yellow dragon walked up to me, they must be no taller than three feet. “Right, but still, please step outside, this place is too small for you.” He said. He was right, I had a lot of trouble circling around and making my way back out the door. I guess I lacked the forethought to predict that. I sat down outside, and the yellow dragon walked up in front of me. They opened their mouth but ran right back inside before coming back out with a stool just as tall as them… wait, they don’t have wings. “Are you… a kobold?” I asked. “I am, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that someone wants to buy something from me.” He said. He struggled to get himself onto his tall stool, I was tempted to lift him up enough, but I feel like that would be insulting. He finally got onto his stool and he now stood at a normal height, still shorter than me but it was easier than looking down all that way. “Right, so let me get started. I’m Dr. K. Ron, I can do anything you need enchantment related, or I can give you some magic spells at a cost of course.” He said. “Well it’s nice to meet you Kron, I’m just l-” The kobold cut me off. “Did you just call me Kron?” They asked. “Oh, sorry, it’s better than pausing… uh sorry.” I said. I don’t wanna make them angry. “No need to be sorry, I’ve just never had anybody shorten it to that, alright, you can continue.” He said. “Right, I want to get my sword enchanted, but I’ve got no clue about what enchants work and don’t, so what I really need right now is to learn what the hell enchanting is and what I can get put onto this sword.” I said. “May I ask a question?” Kron asked. “Ask away.” I said. “Why would a creature such as yourself need a sword when you can’t carry one?” He asked. “That’s… a longer story, but to keep it short, I’m not supposed to look like this, I’m normally a dragon folk… I’m just stuck like this for a few days.” I said. “Hm… right, so where is this sword. OH, and how much money do you have?” He asked. “Oh, right.” I pulled my sword out of thin air and lowered it towards the Kobold. “I’ve got about a platinum piece.” I said dropping the sword into their waiting hands. The sheer weight of the blade sent them tumbling to the ground. I managed to catch them before their head hit the ground. “Sorry.” I said. I set them down, I forgot that the sword must weigh as much as them. It’s light for a sword, but it’s still pretty damn heavy. “Thank you for catching me, but don’t let that happen again you hear.” He said. His words dripped venom; he was not happy with that. How could he sound so nice when saying it like that? “Now, you say you don’t know a thing about enchanting.” He sighed, “I know it’s my job and everything, but shouldn’t you come to a person at least knowing what you want?” He asked. “I mean… yeah, but… yeah… I’m just impatient.” I said. “Now that’s some honesty right there, now I wish some others were as honest as you.” He said. I felt something slowly slipping down my back. BERRY OH NO! “What was that?” Kron asked. There was just a wet splat, Berry hit the ground. “It’s my slime, they’re trying to rest… even though I took them into town.” I said. “Remarkable, I’ve never seen a tamed slime before.” He said. He set my sword in the bottom bars of the stool and ran over to where Berry was sitting. “He’s still probably asleep if, he can be thrown off a cliff and still be knocked out.” I said. “That still doesn’t change the fact that you managed to tame a…” They paused and began walking circles around me. “Come to think of it, who exactly are you?” They asked. “I’m Ty, that’s all I am, really.” I said. The kobold kept circling around me, it was like he was examining every single scale with upmost care. It’s making me a bit uncomfortable. “No, not your name, but who you are, you blood, you soul, you everything.” He said. “I don’t have an answer for you on that front, I’m just me and that’s all I know.” I said. The kobold sighed and picked my weapon back up. “Right, you said you had a platinum and you wanted to know about enchanting this here sword.” He said. “I’ll tell you all about enchanting if you tell me what magic spells you used to tame your slime there.” He said. “Oh uh… I…” Kron began before I could finish. “Oh no need to worry about any secret magics, you see, I won’t tell anybody, I just want a slime for myself as tamed slimes can produce some of the most potent potions you could ever dream of getting. Oh course, that’s just a legend, but I want to see for myself.” He said. “I fed him an apple.” I said. “What?” The yellow kobold asked. “Yeah, all I did was feed him an apple.” I said. “WHAT!” Kron yelled. He stomped on the ground and began to rant about study after study done about slimes. I just smiled and took it, oh I wasn’t ready for this. I don’t know how long he kept going on for, I was getting tired. “HEY!” He snapped at me. I shot back up, I must have dozed off. I opened my mouth and choked on my own spit. “Lets start talking enchanting now.” He said. Oh boy. “I can apply many enchants to this sword, one of them being…” The sun is setting already and he’s still going. Goodbye to my good sleep. Hey, where is Berry? Oh, he’s sitting up against the kobold… maybe they liked listening. “JACK!” the kobold snapped at me. Jack? “You need to pay attention, I don’t give lessons to just anybody.” He said. “but… my name is Ty.” I said. “How did you even get Jack from that?” I asked. Kron wore a blank expression. “ANYWAY! I can put nearly anything onto this sword, knowing that it has Growth I can…”
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For some of us it's hard times, some will not be able to see their families this year, for some it's a year of broken dreams..... but still, I hope you all have a few happy days lying ahead of you!
Due to the increased number of YCHs and adoptables posted into the gallery in recent months, it's time to give them their own folder! This folder allows for two instead of the usual one deviation per week.

Greetings- Skimbo.
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Oh I must have overlooked it
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Hi i was wondering if you would except my invitation to join the group, if not thats ok i was just wondering. Thank you!
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