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By dragonsong12
So, I've had some things come up kinda suddenly that have put me in a bit of a bind financially, so I decided to open up commissions. For the record, I'm not counting on this to save me from my problems, I've actually got a few angles I'm going at here, but every little bit helps, right? Also, full disclosure, before this whole mess started, I was about to get a new Wacom I had the money ready and everything, but stuff came up and it had to be put on hold, so I will freely admit that part of this is me wanting to get back to getting that wacom tablet. The one I have is so old, it's just a wacom tablet, no names or numbers added. :XD:
So, in other words, support me if you want to, but don't break your bank to help mine. I know we all have our troubles and I'm not expecting much from this as I don't have that many watchers. :nod:

If you're interested in commissioning me, please read the rest of this post carefully, as I'm putting in a lot of information you might need to know.

First thing's first - before you even consider this, there are some limitations on what I'll draw. "But Dragonsong," some hypothetical person somewhere might say, "if you want to get money, shouldn't you be willing to draw anything?" Probably yes, but there are some things I'm just not comfortable with and I'm also concerned with making sure you get your money's worth.
So I won't be drawing anything that's graphically violent (some violence is fine, just not gore) or graphically sexual. On the subject of the latter, I'm willing to give it a go drawing some PG romance scenes, but in complete honesty, it's not something I draw a lot and frankly I'm not that good at it. So while I'm willing to do it if that's what you want, I'm worried the results won't be worth it, so it might be best to steer clear of that too.
I think those are my only hangups, though if something more comes up, I'll add it to the post. Beyond that, fanart, fan characters and OC's are all on the table in pretty much any situation. :)

As for the pricing, that follows:
Sketch - $5 (each additional character +$5)
Inks - $15 (each additional character +$5)
Colors - $25 (each additional character +$5)
Shaded - $35 (each additional character +$10)
Full Illustration - $50 (each additional character +$10)

To see examples for what each of those amounts to, I used an old friend to make up an example sheet for it here.

I will require payment in advance, I'm afraid. (I was considering a few different options for payment, but they all ended up being too confusing, so we're just going simple.) I will be running more complicated pieces by you, though, to make sure it's what you want before it's finished.

Payment can be made via paypal. My email for that is If paypal doesn't work for you, message me, and we'll try to work it out.

Time may be a big factor in these. I have a fairly limited schedule between my job and two comics, so I may be fairly slow with them, particularly the more complicated they get. If I am running behind a reasonable time, though, I will keep you informed as to what's going on. I just wanted you aware that I probably won't be getting back to you with a picture the next day. ^^;

If there's anything else I forgot to add, let me know and I'll add it to the post. Please let me know if you're interested.
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I pimped you on my Facebook wall XD No guarantees, unfortunately.
dragonsong12's avatar
That's fine, I appreciate the signal boost regardless. :hug:

I'm honestly not expecting too much from this anyway, people have their own money problems after all so I'll be surprised if I get even one taker...but if I get one taker, even just for a sketch, that'll be that much more that I didn't have before, so it's worth trying! :nod:
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man your prices are really good, I wish I could get one, but we don't have any income coming in yet, dang it, lol
I will however share this in a journal or poll or something to help you get a little more attention! Good Luck!
dragonsong12's avatar
I know the situation you guys are in, so I'm not concerned. I really appreciate you helping me get the word out, though! :hug: That really awesome of you!
bhudicae's avatar
anything to help a friend! :hug:
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Hi hon,
I have a Wacom tablet I don't use any more, it's only A5 size but if you want it, let me know and I'll post it to you. It has a mouse and pen thingy. Hugs x
dragonsong12's avatar
That an awesome offer and I may take you up on that, but I want to wait and see how things shake out, because I had my heart set on a new Intuos and it's killing me that it's just out of reach! :XD:

But you are awesome for the offer whether or not I take it! :hug:
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I wish I could help. It would be cool to have Weasel or a shlawa drawn by some one that can actually draw for a change.  but sadly I'm super-doodle broke! do you take food stamps? LOL!
dragonsong12's avatar
Nah, like I said, I don't want anyone bending over backwards for me. :nod:

That said, I'll keep your characters in mind for once I'm back on my feet and have some time. I like seeing the characters that my friends design and taking a crack at drawing them! ...but I unfortunately have no idea how soon that may be. ^^;
thedukeofweasels's avatar
wow I was just joking but that would be really cool!  it would defiantly be worth the wait!  I wish you tons of luck!Hug 
dragonsong12's avatar
Thanks! I guess we'll have to see how it goes! ^^;
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