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Honestly, I don't have much to report in this journal, I just wanted to talk about fun stuff rather than not-so-fun stuff, so here we go! :D I'll make it work.

So I think I've finally decided on a subtitle for the Twisted Mirrors sequel. It's probably going to be "Twisted Mirrors: Rift".
I didn't want to use more than one word because I worried the title might get too long and unwieldy otherwise. "Rift" probably isn't the precisely accurate title for what I was thinking of, but it's a lot punchier/catchier than the other words I considered. (And it probably goes without saying, but the rift in question is not a fissure or portal, it refers to character relationships, because I am not terribly interesting. :XD: )
I'm trying some things for a logo currently, as I was never really satisfied with either of Twisted Mirrors' logos. I really like the one I made for Conscripted, but that method wouldn't really work for this project. Either way, I'm trying some things and looking at examples/suggestions online so hopefully I'll put something good together and maybe learn something new in the process.
I've also finally gotten around to naming the majority of the characters. I'm entirely too lazy to go back and put all their names on the design images, but the least I can do is tell you that this guy's name is Rasque:
TM2 Main Character Final Design/Color by dragonsong12
Gonna start the scripts for that soon and I have to admit, I'm kinda excited. :)

I'm trying to decide what I want to do with FFC. It's also starting to draw to a close, and I'm still trying to decide what's going to happen with it. On one hand, I do have an idea in mind for a sequel story - much like with Twisted Mirrors. On the other hand, this sequel idea is not as well formed's Firefly Cross.
FFC was always something I did just kinda for fun and don't get me wrong I do enjoy creating it, but I never put a lot of thought into it and that's become tiring in more recent years. I keep running up against road blocks that I don't know how to get past because I haven't thought them through, and then I have to just push my way through the block and more often than not end up with something I'm not that pleased with. TM and Conscripted in contrast I plan out a lot more carefully a lot farther in advance, so I don't tend to have those roadblocks as often, thus working on them is a lot more enjoyable and I'm a lot prouder of the results.
While I think the sequel I have in mind would be somewhat fun, I'm not sure it's a good enough idea to put all the work into. Because of all this, I'm considering just flat-out ending FFC once it reaches its conclusion. That would free up a lot of time and potentially allow me to produce Conscripted on a much more consistent basis. I also thought about continuing FFC as a prose story, but I don't think it'd work as well. This universe really needs to be visual, but I'm not sure it's good enough to warrant all the effort such things require.
...oh well, I'm still thinking it over. I've got time and FFC is very important to me...but I admit I'm leaning closer to "end it" as time goes on... :/

Speaking of prose stories, I'm almost done with my random dude-with-metal-arm story I've been working on!
Then I'll get to re-write the whole thing to make it actually legible! :D
...that doesn't mean anything really, I don't think I'll ever post that story, it's just something I'm kinda happy about. :nod:
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Ra-ooo Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh man, cool! I'm really eager to see what kind of world that of Twisted Mirrors will become in this sequel story, especially given what's been happening recently in the comic. Oh man.
And will I love reading your comics maybe ending FFC is a better idea. A sequel doesn't have to come immediately, if you figure out the idea for it in five years you could do it then. But it would be more of a bummer if you started it then couldn't finish it versus concluding FFC and leaving it at that.

And I dont think I've ever said this before but I really admire that you've been able to do two weekly comics consistently for years straight. That's so impressive and such a testament to your determination and drive, and how hard you work. It's incredible man.
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You make some good points. Maybe an indefinite hiatus is the right path to go. End it, but leave the door open in case the idea blossoms. Makes the most sense, really.

And thank you! Man, if only I could actually draw, I'd be set! ^^;
Haha, but seriously, I appreciate it. Honestly, it was really difficult for a long time, but I've done it so long now it's become habit. My friends have gotten used to me bringing my notebooks over on the weekend and just drawing while we talked or gamed or whatever.
I can't really imagine what I would fill my time with if I didn't draw all the time at this point! Creating stuff is just something I love to do, you know? Even if what I make is kinda crappy, I just love to make things. It the main source of joy in my life. :blush:
Ra-ooo Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Aww you shouldn't be so hard on your art! It's your style, it's your voice! It shows us what it needs to and it carries the worlds you're telling, that's really all you need out of art. It communicates, that's the most valuable thing.
Though I do understand how you feel, one's own art is just.. never good enough :,D! But really man, if you can take it from an outside perspective. Your art is awesome.
And this is why! Ah gosh it's so heartening to see how much you love what you're doing. Haha I'm so glad. For such a long time I've wanted to do a webcomic too, and for a long time I just didn't have enough of an idea to even start drawing, but now I do. And now that I do.. I'm just scared to start XD;; You're definitely somebody that I look up to as a comic creator. Someone who's footsteps I could follow in, someone who does what they do as a hobby, a passion project, because they love it and can see it all the way through from beginning to the very end.
That's all I want to be able to do with my life too haha
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww, this was a really, really nice comment :hug: for a bunch of different reasons. Thank you!

I'm very excited by the idea that you want to start your own comic! I really enjoyed those short pokemon comics you did, so I'd be really interested to see what you have in mind for a full story!

I suppose if I had any advice to give, it'd be to have a good plan in place before you start. Stuff doesn't need to be concrete or anything, but dear lord is it easier if you know where things are going and who your characters are before you get there. It also allows you to lay in foreshadowing a lot easier, which is lots of fun.

I also made it work partially by treating the comic like it was a job. I set myself a schedule and refused to allow myself to deviate from it. After a while that stuff just became habit and then it was harder to not do it than it was to do it. 
Ra-ooo Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh ahah ;u; oh gosh. Flattering and embarrassing XDDDD Everything old of mine just makes me cringe ahah orz
But goodness, I'm so excited you say this hehe ;u; I'm embarrassed about my old work but so stoked to hear someone say they'd want to see my new work.

And that is good, good advice yes. Both things I definitely mean to do. I do have a really definite idea of what this story will do, I know exactly how it will end haha. I have enough stuff mapped out scene to scene that it would be enough to have a full story, but I still have lots of ideas that aren't completely formed yet that I want in it too.
And yes.. foreshadowing, motifs, I'm all down for that kind of thing hahaha~

I definitely need to do that too, make it like a scheduled mandatory project. My big problem has just been with my work, the jobs I've had for the past year have all been random hours each week, and a lot of hours ha :,D My big webcomic work right now is finding a job that will allow me to live comfortably enough that I can do a big long-term project like this in the first place :,D
dragonsong12 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I can understand that, definitely. Knowing what your work schedule will be is a bit important for having a free time schedule. Well, when you get to that point, I'll also point out: make sure you include off days in your schedule, that'll help a lot too. Mine are Wednesday and Thursday, since my primary drawing days are the weekend, mid-week ends up being my "weekend" for that. ^^; Also, build in a buffer! Because something will always go wrong! XD

But I think the mere fact that you care about it shows that you'll probably end up doing fine.

A couple of disclaimers though:
You probably won't like what you start with, just because adjusting to the schedule and getting into the groove of doing work consistently is hard to get used to. Like, sometimes I just don't feel like drawing and nothing I put on paper seems to work - Well, too bad! Deadline's approaching and it still has to get finished! So yeah, full disclosure - sticking to a schedule does sometimes mean putting up work you aren't the proudest of, but it also means it's getting done which is something a lot of webcomics can't really say. Also, sometimes the "I don't wanna/can't do this" days turn out the best just because I'm more focused on the page, so while I'm frustrated in the moment at the end of the day I actually end up really liking the results. It's not always a "glass half empty" scenario, just wanted you to be aware that that'll probably happen sometimes and it's not the end of the world if it does. A few lesser pages actually don't affect things much if the overall work is strong enough. (And powering through those frustrating moments and managing to get everything done on time actually is a pretty awesome feeling! XD )
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