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Well, I'm about to start posting from my pirate story "Shoulder the Sky." (A somewhat pretentious title, I know, but it comes from a quote that seemed fitting. Currently it's a working title, because I'm not entirely convinced it fits.)

I'm drawing my inspiration for this from the adventurousness of Ducktales and Indiana Jones and the light-hearted piracy of the Monkey Island games. (What? No One Piece? As much as I love OP, it doesn't have the feel I'm going for, so no, I'm not looking to that for inspiration.) As you may be able to tell from these inspirations, this isn't going to be a grim and gritty, real life, hardcore sort of story. I'd probably classify it as "young adult" meaning it'll have violence, but won't be gratuitous, and that's about the limit. So if you're looking for something with that sort of thing, look elsewhere, I've always felt that it just gets in the way of a good story and bogs it down. I don't pretend this will be anywhere near as good as those things, they're just the inspiration.

Also, this isn't historical fiction by any stretch. I did a lot of reseach into 18th century piracy, but I did that to make the world seem whole, I'm not really striving for accuracy, the world they're in isn't ours and doesn't have the same land masses. You know how in Indiana Jones, the movies start off with things which may be improbable, but aren't impossible (like the boulder and other traps) and then by the end there's a magic box melting the faces off nazis? That's how this will likely progress too, it'll start off pretty straightforward and reasonable, but by the end it'll be full-blown fantasy, so again, if that's not your thing, you may not be interested.

Well, now that you know the basic set-up, let's get into some specifics, shall we? Let's look at our cast of characters:

Astor:… The Captain
Lamont, Kemp and Maris:… The Quartermaster, Second Mate, and Helmsman
Wyatt, Brand and Lyall:… The Master Gunner and Riggers
Seward, Maynard and Drystan:… The Cook, Boatswain and Boatswain's Mate
Garth, Digby and Gerwulf:… The Gunners and the Cooper
Hoyt, Balrdic and Kyler:… The Cabin Boy and the Musicians
Rayner, Haytham and Chance:… The Doctor, the Striker and the Ship's Cat
Raum:… The Main Character (but not the hero)
Eternity:… The Ship

Updates with links to the chapters will be posted in my Deviantart Journal, or you can go directly to the source at my Journal Fen Journal(…) where all the chapters will be posted. (I'm leaving the anonymous commenting on, so you won't need an account.) And in specific, Here's where the chapter list will live:… .

I currently have the first two chapters written, but I don't want to post them yet, as I'm still have a couple of things I want to look over on chapter 2 (and chapter 1 has no pirates, so what's the point?). There's certain points I'm not sure I like, and I'm still trying to decide if it should end where I have it ending. It's not where my outline has it ending, but it was starting to run a bit long, so I cut it short. I'll probably post them sometime next week.
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I like the cat! XD Every ship needs a cat!

Are you panning to start this soon, or are you going to wait till your finished with one of your current story lines? (Three comics sounds a bit hard, I only did one, and THAT was taxing xD)