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So I finished the second draft of a story I've been working on today. There's still a lot that needs to be done, I need to go through it for a third draft and cleans up bits of it. Hell, the damn thing still need a title. But I don't foresee the third draft taking nearly as long as the second draft. I don't necessarily know the "proper" way to go about it, I'm not a writer, but to put it in drawing terms the first draft was a sketch, the second draft is the base drawing and the third draft will clean up the details, so I don't think it will take nearly as much as the first two rounds. So I'm starting to think about where I can possibly post it. I'm not very good, so I'm not interested in looking into anything professional. I just want to be able to share this silly fantasy adventure that I wrote.

So my question (finally!) is where should I post it? I've been told Wattpad is good for posting prose stories, but I've also heard that in more recent years it's gone kinda to crap. Does anyone have experience with that site? Is it convenient/easy to use? Is it worth making an account to post stories there?

Or should I make a second DA account to post it? How easy/convenient is DA for prose?

Is there another site people would suggest? (I used to post to elfwood back in the day, but while it's still there, I don't think that site is really a thing anymore.

Well, writers of DA? Any suggestions?

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