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On my last submission, I said I cheated on the art. I did NOT cheat on this one and I'm so thrilled with it. 
I bought a Cintiq tablet, and this was my first project on it! It was such a joy to work on!
It could be better - I mean, I'm kinda terrible at everything - but for ME I'm super pleased with it. 

If you're curious about what it's depicting, check my journal. Looking for New Reads? by dragonsong12 on DeviantArt
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Ohhh art tablet fun time lol - you'll be lost for hours playing with it ;) I really like the mirroring on this and the way you've laid it out. I want to just reach in and pick those gem stones up- so cool.

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Those gems were weirdly fun to make.

...who am I kidding, it was all weirdly fun to make. :XD:

I already had an Intuos tablet that I still use with my desktop, but dear lord is the Cintiq with a screen such a game changer. I just want to draw all the time. Haha!

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Heh, tell me about it, I got an XP Pen 22 Pro in March and although I'm finding doing everything to screen totally different, it just makes me want to draw all the time. It feels so much smoother, plus not wasting quite so many trees lol. Can't wait to see what else you do!! Had a look at the comic pages too and they're looking good. Creativity for the win!
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If I may make a suggestion about the light, if it comes from the candlelight, it should maybe be warmer, maybe even orange on the hand, as to reflect the colour of the original. :)

We were taught at painting that white is "nothing" and we should rather use yellows to depict light.

I absolutely love the texture of the table.

Congrats for your new weapon in art! I hope you will get lots and lots of joy from it! :hug:

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Makes sense.