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TM2 Sketchdump2

By dragonsong12
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More sketching for the Twisted Mirrors sequel. A lot more boetheri this time. Yes, the guy at the top is me starting to plan the main character. I started designing him first as a human because human faces have fewer details than boetheri ones do, so it was easier to get some ideas of just what I wanted him to look like.
Still not a final design for him, though. Especially since he doesn't have any markings yet (not sure what I want them to be).

Other than that, just some exploring on some other characters, and coming up with some ideas for shoes.

As before, none of these are final designs. This is all just experimenting at this stage. It's kinda fun, though. :D
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Ah this is really interesting, I love seeing concept and world-building stuff haha
And I'm so in awe that you're gonna do another comic after Twisted Mirrors is done XD I'm impressed with your tenacity.

I quite like the design of the first boetheri on the page, and I super love that this is getting a Victorian sort of setting. Wow it's gonna be so different from TM, it's gonna be cool!
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Well, I'm to the point where I have such a strict schedule with myself that I feel kinda weird when I don't have something to work on. When I take days  off, I feel restless and useless, so I actually am not sure I could stop even if I wanted to. ^^; Really, though, there are several things about the current Twisted Mirrors that I'm not happy with, things I'd like to use the sequel to attempt to fix. Stuff like the character designs and the story structure. So I wanted to start early to make sure I could get that stuff fleshed out better.

I think it's gonna be a lot of fun, though. I'm having a lot of fun with the designs so far, even if I haven't gotten any final versions together yet. I even have a way to keep the "Twisted Mirrors" title relevant in the new story. :D I'm with you, though, I love concept and design stuff, so it's going to be neat to have all these sketches once the actual comic starts to compare to the final product. :XD:
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Oh man XDD I guess I'm just the opposite, I need a lot of time to do a lot of nothing if I want to feel okay hahah

This is all so very interesting though! And I am glad that the world of TM will be getting even more development, I can definitely tell there's a lot to the world from what comes out here and there in the comic. I love world-building a lot haha
And I'm stoked to hear it's going well building up the new story already, that's exciting as someone who'll be a reader! Good luck man, and definitely good luck with Twisted Mirrors right now. I gotta get caught up on it again.
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It's actually just due to me making it a habit. I wasn't always terribly committed - the entire point of FFC was actually me saying to myself "I never finish anything, if I start this project, then I HAVE to finish it!" Because of that, I set a reasonable schedule and refused to let myself miss an update (since after you miss one, missing the next one is that much easier) and after a couple of years of pushing myself, I fell into kind of a rhythm with it and developed a schedule for myself (X thing gets done on Y day and if something comes up absolutely no later than Z day) and now it's just habit. It's actually something I pride myself on now, but I can't really say "oh, you just do this! It's easy!" because it was a few years in the making, and I can't even be sure it would work for everyone (and who wants to waste years trying if it doesn't? ^^;)
...though it has absolutely ruined me for days off. :XD:

Yay! I'm glad that these little sketches are making you intrigued! I'm actually having a lot of fun trying to make it look distinct from the current comic and yet still in the same world. I'm pretty excited for it, though there's still some fun stuff in the first story to get through first!

...speaking of which, while I want to be all like "Yes! Read it all! Read it now! Do it! Yay!" if I'm being honest, I'd suggest holding off on catching up for a bit. Volume 3 of the story ended with chapter 22, so now it's starting vol 4 (the final one!), but starting a new section of the story means a lot of new locations and new character introductions and lots and lots of exposition. So it's admittedly a bit boring in the current chapter and will be through the next. Things should start to pick up in Chapter 25, but for now it's a bit stale.
...unless you want to catch up on half the dull stuff now and half later. Haha!
Either way, the comic isn't going anywhere, so catch up whenever you feel like it! :D

...my replies keep getting longer and longer. Haha! Sorry about that, I like talking about this stuff! :D
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Ahhh well, that definitely makes sense XD that it's just a habit to do a page every week now. Man I gotta sort out my time a lot better so I can make a schedule for my own art. I think that would benefit me.

And your replies are getting longer and longer so I will spare you the equally long reply and just let you know, I read everything XD

Good advice for picking the comic back up though, I'll take your tip for it~ It'll be fun to just read a ton of it all in one go anyway XD I don't mind the exposition, I don't think it's boring haha
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It might be worth trying at any rate. :nod: The mindset I had to put myself into was to treat it like a job. I have hard deadlines that can't be missed.
...which sometimes means forcing myself through pages when I just don't feel like drawing, but it also means they get done (and while they sometimes turn out worse on these days, sometimes they turn out better just because I'm paying closer attention.)
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Mhm.. o: I gotta get real life stuff sorted into more of a routine, namely just getting a job pinned down and not the odd work I've been doing XD Then it'll be easier to build a routine at home too~
Mhmmm..! Yeah I guess that's a part of it too, accepting that not everything is gonna be solid gold haha. Yeahhh!
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Yeah, having a set schedule makes it a LOT easier. ^^;
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I see a top haaaaaat, any chance it will be a steampunk sort of universe? :D
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Not really, though it is set in a similar time period, so the styles will be somewhat similar. Technology will have advanced, though, and since magic plays a big part in the story overall, I'm still trying to decide how present it should be in the day-to-day life of citizens and how that might affect things such as technology.

...so in other words, it's not specifically meant to be steampunk, but the world building I logically come to after the first comic may end up looking pretty similar to steampunk all the same. :nod:
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