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More sketching for the Twisted Mirrors sequel. A lot more boetheri this time. Yes, the guy at the top is me starting to plan the main character. I started designing him first as a human because human faces have fewer details than boetheri ones do, so it was easier to get some ideas of just what I wanted him to look like.
Still not a final design for him, though. Especially since he doesn't have any markings yet (not sure what I want them to be).

Other than that, just some exploring on some other characters, and coming up with some ideas for shoes.

As before, none of these are final designs. This is all just experimenting at this stage. It's kinda fun, though. :D
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Ah this is really interesting, I love seeing concept and world-building stuff haha
And I'm so in awe that you're gonna do another comic after Twisted Mirrors is done XD I'm impressed with your tenacity.

I quite like the design of the first boetheri on the page, and I super love that this is getting a Victorian sort of setting. Wow it's gonna be so different from TM, it's gonna be cool!