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TM Vol 3 Cover

By dragonsong12
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Potential cover for vol 3 of Twisted Mirrors.

"Potential" because I forgot to leave room at the top for the title... :( I like the image overall, though, so I might work with it. Some of the highlighting needs to be reworked and I forgot some background things, but overall I'm pleased because this isn't the type of image I normally draw, so glaring flaws aside, it's a step. :)

If you think THIS one looks bad, though, you should totally check out my other drawings for this cover! They make this one look like a masterpiece!
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What's this for? May I see it?
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It is a webcomic, the entirety of which is available here: twistedmirrorscomic.com/
Fair warning, it's been running for ten years now and the early stuff is pretty unpolished....but on the plus side, we're nearing the end of the story so there's that. ^^;
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Well I like it! And holy shit I am envious of those hands holy crap! :O
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The hands were the biggest pain ever :XD: I still have some issues with them (for one, I think I drew them a bit big, whoops!) but I'm happy that it came out well to people! Especially since it's a type of pose I'm not used to. Thanks so much! :D
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I find it interesting you say "flaws galore."
Yet I still had to pick my jaw off the floor.
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Oh, thank you! I think I was just a bit disappointed because the inks turned out so well. I do need to fix some of the hilighting - particularly on his left leg - but it's not going to be impossible, and it's actually really good to know that it works as is.
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Maybe squeezing in a lttle flesh at the top might not be that hard, since at the top of the picture there' s mainly some colour, uhhh, blurred?

Anyhow, this pose looks really difficult to do. Just what I use my siblings to pose for! "Siblings - the best posable drawing dolls."
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I normally use myself to pose, but since I don't have a full body mirror, it's not always useful. I live with my older sister, but there's no way I'm asking her to pose for anything, haha!
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Aww, how come? She' s not poseable?
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It's a combination of wanting to avoid the frustration of trying to get another person into the exact pose you're looking for (it's a lot easier to correct myself when the pose isn't working than another person) and also of not wanting to annoy my sister (I can be very annoying).
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Ah, I usually don' t correct my sister too much because that way the pose is more natural I guess. Only minor things; usually turns out that the limbs pictured in the head don' t quite get there in reality because there they have more comfortable places for them.
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awesome!!!!! :wow:
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