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Raithlin sketch

By dragonsong12
So...yeah...everyone else in my ethics class was doodling swirly lines in the margins of their notebooks, and I'm drawing winged jungle cats :D Sorry it's on lined paper, but I was really happy with it! (scanned in b+w, the blue lines went black, bleh)

This is a bit of a spoiler for those who read my comic, but Chaerius and Sadryn aren't the only dragoncats running around the world, it's just that the other dragons stay away from humans and out of this struggle when they can. This pic is Raithlin, who in cat-form is a black panther with a green stripe down his back. He and another dragon-cat (unnamed thus far) will be bopping in MUCH later on, but I like to draw him :D
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cool another neat storyline!
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I'm so glad to finally get to him in the story. he's fun to draw though. :D
your work really impresses me how do u get your ideas cuz im really terrible i bringing up ideas and thoughts or suggestions
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PLEASE LET ME USE THIS WINGED CAT FOR THE BACK GROUND OF MY BAND... let me know if i can use it this is my space and my e mail: [link] and my mail:
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i love those cats! they so cute! :) the pictures i draw in lessons are normally way less detailed :( nice work tho! :D
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Hehehe...wouldn't like to see him on a dark night :D Nice work, sketches always interst me, except my own which are really bad :D
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Hmmm...*wonders if she herself is a dwaggie*
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