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Prathis: unicorn design

By dragonsong12
My attempt to show what a unicorn would look like. This is Prathis, he's something like the leader of all unicorns. He has a bit bigger build than most unicorns you'll see. If you think his ears look kinda long, they are. They're supposed to be more mule-ish than horse-ish. If you can't read my writing there, he's a black unicorn with a dark grey mane, his horn and hooves are silver and his eyes are blue.
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So there are still Unicorns in the world of FFC?
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...seriously to answer...I guess the best thing to say is "sort of."
I will say that what I have in mind was already planned out when Chaerius gave his little speech to Katyn. He knows a lot, but he doesn't know everything ^_^
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He handsome wittle boy!
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Isn't he? I can't wait to see him in long away as that might be ^_^; But Rena is very happy with him. *grins*