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FFC Cover 36: Terminus



I feel like I'm finally on the right track for the way I want my coloring to look. I'm not there yet, obviously, but this is actually heading in the direction I want it to...finally...after all these years, haha! Now to keep pushing it forward so I can actually get it where I want it to be rather than just heading there. :nod:

The funny thing about this cover, is that it's referencing things that were added to the chapter at the last minute. I thought the chapter was a little dull as it was originally planned, so I decided to add some things that were intended to be kept just as supplemental materials. They don't have much bearing on the story (though it does help explain something coming up) but it was a bit more interesting than the chapter as it started.
...the only real downside to it is that to fit it into the chapter, I had to drastically cut it down...which makes me a bit sad, but at least the chapter should be more fun for it.

...and had I not added to the chapter, I have no idea what this cover would've been, haha!

This is a cover image from my webcomic, Firefly Cross, you can read it here.
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Oo, very nice! I love the translucent blue! ^^ And the complimentary highlights on the man go very well. Great job!