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Dragon Mirhe - cat form

By dragonsong12
I know this is a gallery that should be for finished works, but I was so proud of this design.

This is the other of the two dragons that will evtually appear in my comic. If you are unfamiliar, the dragons in FFC transform themselves into cats in order to hide in the human world. This one is a female named Mirhe (the 'h' is silent for pronunciation) She's based on a cheetah, which is why she's so long-limbed. I may have accentuated that a bit much, but I think it looks good. She a bit colder and more cunning than the other dragons, and even though we haven't gotten to her yet, I just love her, and keep inventing ways to bring her into the story more.

To see a quick sketch of Mirhe as a dragon, go here: [link]
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Awesome sketch! I love it! @_@ I need to catch up on ur comic again >_> *beats self*
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heh, you're no more guilty than I ^_^; The feeling's mutual *pokes self* we shall both of us have to remedy this ;)