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I've always had an interest in cartoons and comics. I work for a living, but spend almost all of my free time drawing, either for one of my two webcomics, or for work you see here in the gallery. Though I don't have any illusions of being "professional" I do enjoy it and I keep working to improve.

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Mike Weiringo
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Comics, illustration, entertainment arts

End of an Era

End of an Era

So at last we've come to an end...after 17 years, my first webcomic Firefly Cross has finally come to an end. If you want to read the complete thing, beginning to end, and see how rough my comic art/writing/coloring ect REALLY started, you now can! Sad to say there will not be any celebration like there was with TM: there were some things that interfered, but overall I was just ready to finish it off. I apologize that this does mean some plot threads got left dangling and overall the ending was a bit rushed, but everything that I always intended to happen in the story did get done before the final page...if not always as well as I wanted it

Look who's back...

Look who's back...

Well...it's been a while, hasn't it?   ...I often tend to make catching up on DA my New Year's resolution, because I don't particularly care about my looks and it feels like something that's attainable. Last year I hadn't actually been gone for too long in January, but this year...   ...I'm sorry everyone, I just needed some time to myself. It was...not a great year for a variety of reasons. I wasn't simply avoiding DA, though, I wasn't really getting much in the way of other projects done either, as evidenced by the lack of art to post heralding my return. I haven't really been able to work on anything except the comics - even work on Conscr



The things you find when you google yourself... :rofl: http://4books.pw/bestsellers/SIXJQLRFUYSIXLRHOJQ-twisted-mirrors.books http://ampnovo.com/V3dFV1pYQ2RaUnRWcmRSVmdoS2xueFZXd0VXUnRWcmRSQmRGZUJaWENkWi10d2lzdGVkLW1pcnJvcnM.books http://ampnovo.com/QWxsYWhCZEZlQlFXZXdFd1FCb29rQlZnaEtsbnhWUnRWcmRSVmdoS2xueFZDZWNlZEMtdHdpc3RlZC1taXJyb3Jz.books http://freepdftoday.com/download-twisted-mirrors-vol-1-by-serena-loder/ For the record, despite how mad plagiarism makes me (and it makes me SO MAD) this doesn't bother me. The entire comic is already available for free online. They didn't remove my name from it, nor (I'm guessing) the website URL f

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Hi  I like your Samurai Jack/ Doctor Who crossover Artworks  They are fabulous and wonderful :)  great artworks  keep it up 
dragonsong12Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed them!
I still have a few Doctors to go, but it's really been a fun series to work on! :D
Ra-oooHobbyist Digital Artist
Dang man... oh my god I can't believe Twisted Mirrors has reached its final page...
Epilogue not included yeah, but OH MY GOD. It's the end.... whoa.
And what an ending, oh man. I'm very eager to see what the epilogue will say about this. I'm still kinda absorbing the whole story and the ending, it's been so long and now it's done, and this ending leaves things in the world to be so hugely changed.. MAN.. it's a lot to mull!
dragonsong12Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! No matter how good or bad it was, getting to the end is something that not a lot of webcomics accomplish. So I have that if nothing else. :D

I'm not sure how much the epilogue will answer, but I hope you enjoy it at least.

...and there'll be more to come! :dance:
Ra-oooHobbyist Digital Artist
IT'S GOOD! Definitely! It's just, yeah it's been such a long run and it's rare to read a webcomic cover to cover so to speak, it's so cool to get to. Especially for one I've been following for such a long time, and from someone I'm so glad to know haha ;u; It's a lot for me as a reader to soak in.
And it's a good end.. I find it satisfying. I'm also not interested in reading politics and that's just where this story would continue on to if it wasn't ended right here and now. But like you said, this is Nareth's story and that story has come to an end, and it ended with the stage set for a bright new future. I like that a lot..

OH MAN. XD are you gonna take a vacation at all?
dragonsong12Hobbyist General Artist
Well I actually like to work with an 8 page buffer, so I've already taken a month off and have already started work on the sequel.

...kinda want to build the buffer back up before I start posting though, so the new comic's not going to start right away. I'm still contemplating exactly how long I want the hiatus to be - on one hand it might be nice to be able to post a bunch of pages right at the beginning to give it some substance - on the other hand, that'd be a significant wait, and I'm not sure I have that much patience.

It's a question I'll be asking everyone when I post the epilogue, which miraculously, is almost done. :D