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I've always had an interest in cartoons and comics. I work for a living, but spend almost all of my free time drawing, either for one of my two webcomics, or for work you see here in the gallery. Though I don't have any illusions of being "professional" I do enjoy it and I keep working to improve.

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Mike Weiringo
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Barenaked Ladies
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Zelda - all of 'em
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Comics, illustration, entertainment arts
My website for my comics is currently down. There seems to be some kind of back-end error with the PHP that I thought I fixed, but it doesn't seem to be changing anything. I'm not sure, I don't know much about websites or programming beyond very basic HTML, so it'll probably take me a little while to fix (if I even can). IN THE MEANTIME, I don't intend to slow down updating. All three comics will post on Monday as normal over at The Duck. So if you're looking for updates, they can currently be found at the links below: Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll try to figure it out, but yeah, the comics will continue to update as normal. Thanks for reading!
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So I've decided to stop going to conventions, but this decision leaves me with a lot of leftover merchandise that is just taking up a lot of space. I spent money to have them made so I don't want to just throw them away. I thought about selling them through my sites, but I didn't think I would get rid of many that way. Then I thought about giving them away while asking for people to pay shipping, but that's still asking people to buy them in a way, and I still probably wouldn't be able to get rid of too many. So that leads to the obvious answer: I'm just going to give them away. Make a request of the available items and they're yours (1 copy of each item per person. Not to limit supply, but to lower the shipping costs on my end somewhat...I can't imagine anyone would want more than one anyway, haha! ^^; ) What do I have to give away? Well, there's Volumes 1 through 4 of the original Twisted Mirrors. It's a much older series with a lot of flaws. The main benefit of this one is
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So, I like telling stories. I guess at the end of the day, that's all there is to it. I know I'm not very good at it, but it's what brings me joy, so I do it anyway. I suppose we've all had a bit of extra time over the past year, so I used mine to create some additional stories. And now I'm posting them online so if you're bored and looking for something to read I've got some options for you. Bear in mind that all of these stories were written by me, they're amateur stuff and this is all just for fun. :D The links to and descriptions of the stories are below. After each description, I'll babble a bit about each project, so if you just want to see a quick couple of lines on what each story is about, just read the first paragraph and skip the rest. (Also, my deepest apologies that I'm not very good at writing a synopsis.) CONSCRIPTED Conscripted on The Duck : 01 - "A Good Soldier" (theduckwebcomics.com) An army led by mysterious giants is traveling across the land and
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Hi  I like your Samurai Jack/ Doctor Who crossover Artworks  They are fabulous and wonderful :)  great artworks  keep it up 
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed them!
I still have a few Doctors to go, but it's really been a fun series to work on! :D
Dang man... oh my god I can't believe Twisted Mirrors has reached its final page...
Epilogue not included yeah, but OH MY GOD. It's the end.... whoa.
And what an ending, oh man. I'm very eager to see what the epilogue will say about this. I'm still kinda absorbing the whole story and the ending, it's been so long and now it's done, and this ending leaves things in the world to be so hugely changed.. MAN.. it's a lot to mull!
Thank you! No matter how good or bad it was, getting to the end is something that not a lot of webcomics accomplish. So I have that if nothing else. :D

I'm not sure how much the epilogue will answer, but I hope you enjoy it at least.

...and there'll be more to come! :dance:
IT'S GOOD! Definitely! It's just, yeah it's been such a long run and it's rare to read a webcomic cover to cover so to speak, it's so cool to get to. Especially for one I've been following for such a long time, and from someone I'm so glad to know haha ;u; It's a lot for me as a reader to soak in.
And it's a good end.. I find it satisfying. I'm also not interested in reading politics and that's just where this story would continue on to if it wasn't ended right here and now. But like you said, this is Nareth's story and that story has come to an end, and it ended with the stage set for a bright new future. I like that a lot..

OH MAN. XD are you gonna take a vacation at all?
Well I actually like to work with an 8 page buffer, so I've already taken a month off and have already started work on the sequel.

...kinda want to build the buffer back up before I start posting though, so the new comic's not going to start right away. I'm still contemplating exactly how long I want the hiatus to be - on one hand it might be nice to be able to post a bunch of pages right at the beginning to give it some substance - on the other hand, that'd be a significant wait, and I'm not sure I have that much patience.

It's a question I'll be asking everyone when I post the epilogue, which miraculously, is almost done. :D