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So, I'm not dead! That's good I guess. I'm trying to get back into posting things on Deviantart regularly, like I did a few years ago. School and work keeps me pretty busy, but I do a lot of doodles in school, and I have 2 art classes this semester so... You guys may have to just settle for class assignments for a bit. I'll try reeeeally hard to put out more stuff for my OC's and stories. Kk, that's all, thanks guys!
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It was an early, cloudy afternoon on a lazy weekend day. I opened my laptop, flew through my regular internet/gaming schedule, and found myself wondering what else I could do for the few hours I'd be remaining inside. After a bit of pondering, I ended up back here on Deviantart, and in all honesty I'm flabbergasted about what to say.
  I read through all my old journals. They were filled with immature tales of heartbreak, tragedy, and blatantly unintelligent ramblings accompanied by text-based emoticons. So I deleted them all. Here I am now, a new person with a new identity and view on the world. So this is my fresh start on this site.
  I've decided, after debating it within my head several times, to not delete the artwork I posted before now. They'll all be put into a separate folder within my gallery for me to look back at on in reminiscence, and a reminder of my growth as an artist. My life, at this current time, is better than it ever has been in the past, and I'm thankful for it. I have my soul mate at my side, along with new found success and academic achievements. I don't know who or what to thank for getting me to this point, but I do know everything I had to go through has helped shape my future. A wonderful life is what I see ahead of me, and I'm not looking back.
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