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My Engagement Ring

My engagement ring, designed by myself and a reality thanks to my amazing jeweller father.
Yes that is a D10 (10 sided dice for those not used to the lingo XP), me and my partner are quite frequent roleplayers and I'm a huuuge geek and odd-ball. I wanted my ring to be one-of-a-kind and personal to me any my amazing finace so I eventually came up with this idea.
If I want the dice can also be removed and replaced with a stone of my choice ^_^
Happy to be engaged to my amazing partner and to have my awesome engagement ring. <3

Edit- Wow! I never thought my engagement ring would be THIS popular! Thank you so much for all the congratulations and compliments-- you're all so wonderful!
Keep on geeking!
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That is an awesome ring!!
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Awesome! Love it ...geeks rule the world!
I want this! Is there any way I could get one of these made? 
ZombieDragonPrincess's avatar
How do I get something like this? Cause I want it except with a D20. Does your dad make them for other people and how much would it be?
Random-Tuesdays's avatar
I'm featuring your ring on my website. It's really cool.
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I feature your ring on my blog. It's really cool.
So If say someone wanted one like that is there a way to have it commisioned? Because that is AMAZING!! And I would love to have one like it, not exactly so as not to take away from the unquieness of it.
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That's so special!
Love it ^.^ quarky rings are the best!
Congrats! In His Eyes It Must Mean... Your A Perfect 10!
Why else choose the 10 sided Die. Amazing Gift Indeed.
sonadoalaikor's avatar
this idea is surely the best of all!
CJodei's avatar
Of course it's popular! haha this is every gamer girl's dream ;)
PoldalleLovesnare's avatar
That is AWESOME! Very cool idea! Congrats! :D
Labyrinthgirl17's avatar
Now that's original ;)

sweetsugariness's avatar
lol, too cute ^^
Congrats on the engagement
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That's just so cool~ can you patent the design? I get he feeling gamergurlz everywhere will want one otherwise.
dragonslorefury's avatar
Haha, I don't know. I didn't ever think it would be this popular if I'm being honest X3
gothikbutterfly's avatar
Ah! I love it! What a great ring idea!
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may i suggest that you check out this: [link]

dice in 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sizes made from various materials such as gold, silver, amethyst, obsidian, lapis, tiger eye, jade, and other gems, metal, and semi-precious materials. you could collect a full set of d10s and she could swap it out periodically as fancy takes here.

That is awesome....very very cool..
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You are a genius! And I love it!
That is beautifully geeky.
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