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A Thief's Reward
Hardly a sound was heard as Alex crept though the halls of the lavish hillside home.  This place had been exceptionally easy to get into after studying the routines of the owners and their staff.  She had even noticed that the home’s security system was minimal at best.  This would definitely be her easiest job in years, and one of the most rewarding.
Alex started out small, shoplifting as a teenager, moving on to stealing small decorations from parties she was able get into with her silk tongue and gorgeous looks.  But even that bored her after a while, and since she didn’t want to risk any sort of federal punishment that could come from a bank job gone wrong, she had decided instead to move on to cat burglary.  A logical progression, and one which had come to prove that crime did indeed pay…and well at that.
She had spotted a few items before when she was scouting the home out, and as she grabbed them, careful to avoid any unseen alarm trigg
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 43 9
Stood Up
"I'm sorry miss, but if you're going to sit here any longer, you will have to order something," the waiter said in a somewhat indistinguishable accent.
The beautiful young woman sitting at the table sighed and looked once again at the menu, "You know what, if he's going to make me wait, I'm going to make him pay.  I'll take the lobster, please."
"Very good miss," the waiter said as he eyed the empty half of the table, "Would you like to order for your missing guest as well?"
"No thanks," she said with a searing anger deep in her voice, "He can order when he gets here, and wait for it just like I did."
"Very well," the waiter replied before walking off to the kitchen, clearly not interested in the patron's problems.
"I suppose while I'm waiting I might as well freshen up," the young woman said as she grabbed her purse and moved toward the bathroom.
"I really hope he gets here soon," she said to herself as she put her purse on the counter and washed her hands looking at her reflecti
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 45 27
Spirit of the Animals- Spirit of the Deer
Spirit of the Animals-
Spirit of the Deer
"I don't see how it could get more perfect," Dana said to herself as she made her way into the cabin she had rented for the weekend, putting her rifle down by the door as it closed.  Walking over to the sink, she washed the dirt and blood from her hands, watching the brown mixture as it ran down the drain.
Not many young women she knew would have considered a weekend hunting trip to be a perfect time, most of her friends and acquaintances back in the city would rather be shopping or watching their favorite reality shows.  But to her, this was the best way to spend her time.  This weekend had even gone better than planned.  Not only had she bagged a beautiful doe, but she also came across quite the handsome gentleman, who helped her load the deer on her car.  She'd have to call him later and thank him for his generosity with a bit of her own.
She grabbed a few moist paper towels to clean the remnants of dried blood off h
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 56 23
The Sweet Smell of Revenge
The Sweet Scent of Revenge
"Hey watch where you're going, freak," Miranda yelled rudely as she bumped into Kate, or more accurately walked directly into her.
"Hey, you walked into me," Kate replied with a bite.  Kate was one of the few people who was willing to and able to stand up to Miranda and her girls.  With pitch black hair, nails, and clothing, one of the schools few goths obviously didn't care much about Miranda's requirements for popularity or the hierarchy she had set up at school, and had, on more than one occasion, actually spit out Miranda and her 'flunkies', much to their surprise and disgust.  But this time was different.  They had gone out of their way to provoke her, walking directly into her in an almost empty hallway.
"It's not my fault you were in my way," Miranda replied with cattiness in her voice as she walked away, a smile on her face.
"Actually, it is," Kate smirked as she too continued walking, "But don't worry, you'll pay for it soon enoug
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 76 32
Hollow Beauty
Hollow Beauty
"Hey Lauren, after you finish restocking the shelves, can you put the new clothes on the mannequins in the women's department before closing up," Ashley asked, or more commanded as she finished emptying the last group of registers in Carter's, the largest department store in the Main St. Mall, "I've got to get home in time for a date with Chad."
"Oh, okay," Lauren said hesitatingly as she put a stack of folded jeans onto their proper shelf.
"That is, unless you have something you have to be at...a date, going out with friends, anything..." Ashley was clearly once again passive aggressively taunting Lauren for her usual lack of social activity and relationships.  She wasn't exactly the 'social butterfly' that most of the people who worked in her department.  Mostly because she didn't have the same confidence as the others...while most of them were high school or even college cheerleaders and the like, she was a bit more booky.  In fact, some of her co-worker
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 151 31
An A-Z TF Alphabet: Letter D
"Hmm, I've never noticed this store before," Deanna said to herself as she trudged through the snow, the ground crunching beneath her feet with every step she took, "It looks rather quaint. Like something you might see in some old-fashioned town."
Deciding to go inside to get away from the cold, Deanna marched up the pair of steps leading to the spacious porch, which she assumed was probably used to display items on when the weather was a bit more favorable. Before opening the door, she noticed the small sign reading 'Eris' General Store' hanging next to it.
"Wow, I haven't seen a general store since the time my grandparents made me watch those old western movies..." She thought to herself as she opened the door with a small but audible creak and a ringing bell. Inside she saw an amazing collection of goods from decorations for a house to clothes to a small grocery section labelled 'all natural and local.' Though before she even took two more steps,
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 37 18
Unexpected Results
An A-Z TF Alphabet: Letter A
Unexpected Results
"What's this town coming to," Alyssa said to herself as she walked the desolate streets back toward her house, "Half the stores are closed, and the other half don't have what I need. I mean, seriously, it should not be this hard to find ant spray."
As she continued her trek, defeated, she couldn't help but think about what awaited her at home. The early and intense Spring thaw had made it nice enough to not only walk outside without a jacket and cause the flowers to bloom beautifully even though it was only late February, but it had also caused the insects to reemerge from their underground slumbers...and unfortunately for her, it seemed as though a colony of ants had decided to use her home as a supermarket. It seemed as though the problem applied to more than just her, because the exterminators were all booked solid for weeks.
It didn't help the situation that Alyssa was terrified of bugs. It didn't matter what kind they were, if they h
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 39 39
The Experiment
The Experiment
"Please, just let me go, I'll do anything," Alice shouted as she banged her fists on the plexiglass wall surrounding her.  At this point, she'd gotten over the useless attempts to cover up her stark naked body with more of a focus on escape.  Her captor didn't seem to interested in looking at her least, not yet.
"But why would I do that, when I'm so close to success, and you're the perfect subject," the mysterious man in the lab coat and glasses replied finally reacknowledging her after several minutes as a terrifying smile crossed his face, "Slender, athletic physique, just above average height, not to mention that fear of water I noticed watching you earlier...that would be the perfect test of adjusted brain activity and instincts...I mean, what's a mermaid who's afraid of water?"
The man chuckled at his own sad excuse for a joke, while Alice quickly tried to think of a way out of this mess.  She could barely even remember how she got there..
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 265 60
Friends to the End
Friends to the End
“Hmm, how about those three,” A male scientist asked as he pointed to a group consisting of two young men and a young woman, who was holding the hand of one of the young men in the trio.
“They look like good group of subjects,” A female scientist replied as she watched the group out the van’s windshield, “Average builds, mixed genders, and what are the odds that there are three of them and three new serums to test?  I’d say they should do perfectly.”
“Alright then, let’s get to work,” the male scientist replied as he started up the van and pulled out of their parking spot, slowly approaching the trio so as to not attract attention.
“Well, that was a pretty good movie,” Peridot said with a laugh to the couple walking next to him, “Don’t you think?”
“Yeah,” Mark replied, “It was alright.  It just always seems sort of unrealistic
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 32 12
Tips for Animal tf Writers
Tips for Animal tf Writers
After a long time looking around at the growing community of animal transformation writers on DA, I've noticed a few things that are, in my opinion, holding them back. So, in an attempt to help them improve their skills, as well as aid any future tf writers, I have compiled this list of tips, in hopes that they will see it and take them to heart, furthering their writing abilities.
1) Let's start with the title; be imaginative. Don't just call your story 'animal name tf', give it something that has to do with the story, but goes a bit further than just telling the reader what the tf is going to be.
2) Don't just start describing the character(s); a big rule in storytelling is to show, not tell. Try filling the story with bits of their physical and personal traits if you must, but don't just list them off.
3) Don't just have a short introduction then jump right into the tf; your writing a story, so tell one. Same thing goes for after the tf is complete. Talk a
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Doctor Who Cake by dragonseeker26 Doctor Who Cake :icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 4 18 Cicadas by dragonseeker26 Cicadas :icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 1 6
The Formula
The Formula
Evelyn worked for a small soda production company in the R&D Dept. She had been struggling for weeks to come up with a new formula for the company's new cherry flavored soda. For some reason, no matter what the chemical makeup says the soda should taste like, she just couldn't get it to taste like real cherries. After being threatened with her job if she couldn't perfect the formula, she began working day and night...
"I've got it," Evelyn shouted as she held up the deep red liquid to her face, "It certainly smells like a cherry soda, but the real test is in the taste."
She tilted the vial containing the fizzy liquid into her mouth, a smile appearing on her face as she swished it in her mouth. However, the smile quickly turned into a frown before she ran to the sink and spit out the liquid, "Ugh, that's way too sour," she shouted as she cupped her hands under the faucet and filled them with water, quickly bringing it to her mouth and drinking to get the ta
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 52 5
Mature content
Nuts! :icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 57 12
Overflow by dragonseeker26 Overflow :icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 1 0 The Bridge by dragonseeker26 The Bridge :icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 1 0

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Let me just start off by saying very nice work. You did a really great job on the cow features, and the same goes for the still human o...

by Ribera

First off, have to just say it; Wow, she's beautiful as well as cute. I mean, really. Nice job. Now that that's out of the system, you ...




Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while. Sorry for the long delay. But I’m pleased to announce that not only am I back, but I have a new story in the works! I can’t promise an exact day, but I do hope to have it done and uploaded in the next week or so. But who knows...
Anyway, thanks for your patience.
Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while. Sorry for the long delay. But I’m pleased to announce that not only am I back, but I have a new story in the works! I can’t promise an exact day, but I do hope to have it done and uploaded in the next week or so. But who knows...
Anyway, thanks for your patience.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey there! My name is Keith. I'm a college student studying Mechanical Engineering, as well as a rower for my college in Western New York. In whatever free time I have, I like to check out TF artwork and stories, as well as write a few of my own.

I typically break up my stories into parts, and I normally do female->animal tfs. My favorite TF results are:
Real: Horse, Dolphin, Skunk, Raccoon, Giraffe, Cow, Elephant, Seal, Fox
Mythical: Dragon, Naga, Harpy, Centaur, Mermaid
Pokemon: Umbreon, Quilava, Miltank, Lanturn
Feel free to comment or critique any of my works, but please, try to keep it constructive.
Thanks, and hope you enjoy ;)

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