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LITTLE COWGIRL by DragonsChest LITTLE COWGIRL :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 30 23
Mature content
ANNE BOLEYNE :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 21 26
My Mariposa
My Mariposa speak thy will
and gaze upon the waters still
pray silence for the winds sweet song
while letting daydreams dance along
your wishes may the Gods fulfill...
Your kiss could melt the coldest chill
thy touch it takes away my ills
in your embrace I feel no wrong
My Mariposa...
The teardrops down your cheeks will spill
in pools of joy they now distill
I'll be your shelter from the throng
may you find peace your whole life long
your beauty time could never kill
My Mariposa...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 30 35
Apollos Enjoying A Snack by DragonsChest Apollos Enjoying A Snack :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 33 35
She Waited
She waited though she knew he'd never come
so melancholy staring at the sea
her broken heart still pounding like a drum
in hopes of something that will never be.
"Be still," she begs the tears that start to fall
her tears, they never listened anyhow
still she hopes that he will come to call
and wipes away the tears upon her brow.
Her auburn hair it shines by candlelight
as does the rose vines on the promenade
the dress she wears she clutches very tight
and now entrusts her hopes unto her god.
Before to long the sun will have to rise
and bring to light what she already fears
will she relent and finally trust her eyes
or risk the bitter taste of cooling tears?
The stillness of this night does bode her well
in unison the crickets start to hum
and soon the tide will rise and start to swell
she waited though she knew he'd never come...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 48 43
A Quatrain
Zion let me reach for thy apex
With all the strength I have within me
let me taste thy purity
or thine nothingness...
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 20
JUST ME by DragonsChest JUST ME :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 23 47
A Soldiers Life
He must be strong for his family's sake
he knows that means some give and take
the pain inside burns like a fire
but outside he will never tire...
In Afghanistan he was in a troupe
of seasoned veterans was this group
like the others he just followed orders
crossing lines along the border...
Then one day he hit an IED
that shattered all below the knee
he lay there thinking he would die
the fog began to flood his eyes...
The surgeons they had done their best
and finally he was able to rest
he was fixed with a prosthetic leg
that he thought was like a pirate's peg...
That is why he stays strong for his family
he must endure as fate may be
if you ever chance to ask him twice
he would still make the sacrifice...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 28 27
He never cried in his life;
for he had everything a man could want.
A loving wife, and children.
He wanted for nothing.
Then one day his wife got sick
she was diagnosed with cancer.
He believed she would survive this and live,
then one day she died.
He cried that day...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 30
Gentle Celia how comest you here
to sorrows that lie in the sapphire mist
stalwart you think you have nothing to fear
but this place harbors them hand over fist...
You gave up music to follow your heart
condemning to silence your violin strings
over the years it has torn you apart
Celia, that is what sacrifice brings...
Gentle Celia you stand here alone
turning, your violin's lying nearby
in the land of sorrows you should've known
what you are seeing may be just be a lie...
Here is a place where there's no night or day
and beauty shares discourse with the morose
O how you hunger to once again play
but that would require you give up the ghost...
Gentle Celia we question no more
you remain the master of your fate
the dream lies ahead that has left your heart sore
there on the rock your violin waits...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 16 25
Sweet Sixteen by DragonsChest Sweet Sixteen :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 15 28 Grayson by DragonsChest Grayson :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 20
Mature content
Dry Your Tears :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 7
You make me feel complete
what more, girl, can I say
I love your head down to your feet
and want you each and ever way
lips that taste so sweet
sunshine in my day
It's simple for me to feel
the way I feel for you
my heart no one can steal
I'm stuck to you like glue
our thoughts we can't conceal
can't we share them too
O Becky, to you my heart beats true
O Becky, what else can I do
except to say I'm glad I married you.
now I end my solemn song
hope you liked it to the end
hope together we stay strong
please I want to make amends
for your loving touch I long
I still hear you in the wind...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 22 14
In the dead of winter, Angles will not go,
to frozen lands where arctic winds do blow;
and what the eyes can see is only ice,
as far as one can be from paradise.
Dark secrets hidden, we are not to know.
This is a place that brings the mighty low,
and fears, like grapes upon the vine will grow;
O yes, it can beguile you and entice,
in the dead of winter.
There is no water here for boats to row,
and here you reap the very things you sow;
it tests your faith like rolling loaded dice,
to walk along that path, is bad advice.  
In the dead of winter...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 33 15
Some Winter Haiku
Perched on frosted branch
American Tree Sparrow
nibbling goodies...
Fireplace crackles
storm is on the horizon
hot cocoa in hand...
Making snow angels
leaving footprints in the snow
crafting ice castles...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 19 24
Some Of My Works

Random Favourites

Deer With Horn by tawunap159 Deer With Horn :icontawunap159:tawunap159 19 7 Sprout by tawunap159 Sprout :icontawunap159:tawunap159 9 0 Ban Khao Phaeng Ma Landscape by tawunap159 Ban Khao Phaeng Ma Landscape :icontawunap159:tawunap159 10 0 Sanjana by lizard-mantidae Sanjana :iconlizard-mantidae:lizard-mantidae 3 3
Little Deaths
(a Sonnet)
While hoping for his call on phone I write,
There’s sound of rain & warmth from vented heat.
I’m coil’d up on the bed bathed in soft light,
And leaves that scatter chatter down the street.
The flicker of a bulb, the wind in flight,
My mind is playing tricks like rising damp.
The walls where shadows watch in dead of night
Keep distant never coming near my lamp.
The Muse is still’d while other thoughts are there,
The gusts of rain are keeping him from speech.
I pause to rest my eyes and tousle hair,
Before he comes I’m sleeping out of reach.
And then to crawl in bed between my hips,
My words for him have dried upon my lips.
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 12 21
Still life with parrot by Shanglon Still life with parrot :iconshanglon:Shanglon 76 54
He's looking in his mirror now to see not a man, but a monster, a creature that needs to be eliminated from this earth,a abomination that wasn't supposed to be born, a lifeless beast that will blow up in any time, a mistake that everyone regrets, a soulless thing that feels no regret in harming the others, a killer that is bound by himself to self destruct and killing all, erasing everything from existence and when that happen only then he will be able to see himself not as a monster but as a happy man that have fulfilled his biggest dream END ALL 
He will laugh in the dead of all
He will laugh in the destruction
He will laugh on his own death 
Because then he will be free of his demons
but now his demons are talking and he's listening 
kill em all 
kill em all
and then kill yourself
yes... i will
:icondsilv3r:dsilv3r 4 1
A Broken Sonnet Of The Past
I had a passion for divine rhymes, that I knew I had to chase it.
I had an issue, my compassion. The sole key; To embrace it.
See, I am a man of constant sorrow. I now knew I had to change it.
Sinister plans, often hollow. And I had to rearrange it.
I wasn't content in my own skin. In deep dejection and brainsick.
I was meant to be broken. My own reflection, I would hate it.
Dwelling inside devil's den. Living desolated and faceless.
Infested morbidly by misery. Losing every one of life's races.
Happiness seemed distant. But I knew I had to taste it.
Wasn't esteemed that instant. I wasn't hers. She had to erase it.
My love wasn't sufficient perhaps. She thought that it was basic.
I was thirsty on my relapse. She was the mirage of an oasis.
By what means was I insufficient? The answer, I had to trace it.
She disregarded my existence. Someone new, I was replaced with.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 7 2
Guess who
Look who is distracted again?
Guess who is back to her nervous stressed out self?
Guess whose brain is jumping to fake conclusions, weird illusions and falls into a pit of endless confusion
It's not hard. Take a guess.
Who is switching tabs, both literally on the internet and inside her head?
Who can't focus, can't think straight can only think about what needs to be done but does nothing about it
Why is it so hard? Why is it so scary?
"Just send those emails", "just finish this paragraph", "just get it done", "you'll thank yourself later". 
Fear of rejection, fear of doing it wrong. The joke, of course, is that when you don't do anything at all, you'll be doing it wrong either way. You'll get rejected either way.
Spilled thoughts, spilled faults.
False hope over the weekend, staying positive but what's the point?
Guess who is feeling nervous, hopeless, distracted, useless, out of focus, unable to understand what just had been read?
Taking small breaks, they say that's what it tak
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 4 2
April 2nd Poem- Stress Overload
You can talk to me, but it will be at your own risk. 
They don't make warning labels for me, so tread with caution. 
Head spins around in circles 
as machines inside my mind start to overheat. 
Thoughts become unclear because they're coming in a million miles per second. 
Eventually, this overload stops 
as the body shuts down in an instant. 
No amount of caffeine can keep me awake 
as the world around me spins endlessly out of control. 
:icontheodorerussoauthor:TheodoreRussoAuthor 1 0
i can love you
but you dont feel it
the less you love yourself
the less you will believe in me
:iconautogestion:autogestion 5 5
Spring by Doragon-LW Spring :icondoragon-lw:Doragon-LW 19 4 Wyvern by YemaYema Wyvern :iconyemayema:YemaYema 235 42
Economic Philosophia
the strangest things can sunder my mind
as the world fades into night
and fires slowly light, like home-grown stars, hanging from strings and limbs
as the sky inks away
and the clouds dissolve into filters, drowning the deepest blues into the fuzziest of purples
I realise just how much you took from me
how much you gave me
how much we shared, under this borrowed light
just because I love myself
I shouldn't be afraid of change
nothing is truly lost
but that which is not found
I place one foot above the next, and watch as the ground slips away
the world rotates to your demand 
and my supply has yet to run dry
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 12 3
everything already said
maybe if I write enough
stale dry lines
down my wrists
into my bed
I will swing them through
my conversations
wack wack a bat
hit a home run
in originalities
I will wake 
my mind asleep
dreams carry me
write a verse
of unboxed thoughts
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 4 0
Indoors, Outdoors
Indoors, Outdoors
For Puabi
Outdoors, the brisk evening wind sweeps fast
Indoors, a light, warm breeze blows past
It touches my cheek tenderly,
Beckoning to a love we know will last.
:iconmichelxpuabi:MichelxPuabi 3 3
Some of my faves...




Mermaid by IgnisFatuusII Mermaid :iconignisfatuusii:IgnisFatuusII 279 112 Red by ElenaDudina Red :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 1,749 390 I bring you pink light by crayonmaniac
Mature content
I bring you pink light :iconcrayonmaniac:crayonmaniac 167 209
Miss Attic by Gudulett-e Miss Attic :icongudulett-e:Gudulett-e 125 45 Chantal Claret by MarlaMzkn Chantal Claret :iconmarlamzkn:MarlaMzkn 85 20 Dragons by ElenaDudina Dragons :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 3,511 577 The girl and  the dragon by ElenaDudina The girl and the dragon :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 4,575 808 cherry bite by ftourini cherry bite :iconftourini:ftourini 2,937 210

More News About My Knee

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2018, 12:06 PM

Unfortunately the doctors have found a blood clot in the left lower lobe of my lung.  This puts my health in serious risk and I have been put on a barrage of blood thinners.  They have also given me klonopin to calm me down, as I am a nervous wreck.  They say I have to stay on these blood thinners until mid November at best.  My wife has been a big help and I don't know what I would do without her.   My knee is healing up nicely and I continue to do my therapy as prescribed.  I miss you guys and hope to be back soon.  Love all my friends and followers and wish you the best till next we speak...

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My name is David, and I am a happily married man . I have been writing since 1978, and to date have written more than 400 poems. I have poems published in two anthologies 'A Muse To Follow' and 'Surrender To The Moon.' I have two published books titled 'Whispers In The Wind' and 'The Songs Of Martyrs.' I have won numerous awards for poetry from and Shadow Poetry.
I live in Colorado, and I love it here and will always call it home. I enjoy movies a lot, and my favorite is James Bond. I have an eclectic taste in music and will listen to many genres to include Hard Rock, Rock, Punk, Country, Celtic, New Age, and much more.
My favorite Book is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. My favorite color is Orange. I am a huge lover of History (particularly English history).


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