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LITTLE COWGIRL by DragonsChest LITTLE COWGIRL :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 20 22
Mature content
ANNE BOLEYNE :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 21 26
My Mariposa
My Mariposa speak thy will
and gaze upon the waters still
pray silence for the winds sweet song
while letting daydreams dance along
your wishes may the Gods fulfill...
Your kiss could melt the coldest chill
thy touch it takes away my ills
in your embrace I feel no wrong
My Mariposa...
The teardrops down your cheeks will spill
in pools of joy they now distill
I'll be your shelter from the throng
may you find peace your whole life long
your beauty time could never kill
My Mariposa...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 30 35
Apollos Enjoying A Snack by DragonsChest Apollos Enjoying A Snack :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 33 35
She Waited
She waited though she knew he'd never come
so melancholy staring at the sea
her broken heart still pounding like a drum
in hopes of something that will never be.
"Be still," she begs the tears that start to fall
her tears, they never listened anyhow
still she hopes that he will come to call
and wipes away the tears upon her brow.
Her auburn hair it shines by candlelight
as does the rose vines on the promenade
the dress she wears she clutches very tight
and now entrusts her hopes unto her god.
Before to long the sun will have to rise
and bring to light what she already fears
will she relent and finally trust her eyes
or risk the bitter taste of cooling tears?
The stillness of this night does bode her well
in unison the crickets start to hum
and soon the tide will rise and start to swell
she waited though she knew he'd never come...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 47 43
A Quatrain
Zion let me reach for thy apex
With all the strength I have within me
let me taste thy purity
or thine nothingness...
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 20
JUST ME by DragonsChest JUST ME :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 23 47
A Soldiers Life
He must be strong for his family's sake
he knows that means some give and take
the pain inside burns like a fire
but outside he will never tire...
In Afghanistan he was in a troupe
of seasoned veterans was this group
like the others he just followed orders
crossing lines along the border...
Then one day he hit an IED
that shattered all below the knee
he lay there thinking he would die
the fog began to flood his eyes...
The surgeons they had done their best
and finally he was able to rest
he was fixed with a prosthetic leg
that he thought was like a pirate's peg...
That is why he stays strong for his family
he must endure as fate may be
if you ever chance to ask him twice
he would still make the sacrifice...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 28 27
He never cried in his life;
for he had everything a man could want.
A loving wife, and children.
He wanted for nothing.
Then one day his wife got sick
she was diagnosed with cancer.
He believed she would survive this and live,
then one day she died.
He cried that day...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 30
Gentle Celia how comest you here
to sorrows that lie in the sapphire mist
stalwart you think you have nothing to fear
but this place harbors them hand over fist...
You gave up music to follow your heart
condemning to silence your violin strings
over the years it has torn you apart
Celia, that is what sacrifice brings...
Gentle Celia you stand here alone
turning, your violin's lying nearby
in the land of sorrows you should've known
what you are seeing may be just be a lie...
Here is a place where there's no night or day
and beauty shares discourse with the morose
O how you hunger to once again play
but that would require you give up the ghost...
Gentle Celia we question no more
you remain the master of your fate
the dream lies ahead that has left your heart sore
there on the rock your violin waits...
© 2018  David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 16 25
Sweet Sixteen by DragonsChest Sweet Sixteen :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 15 28 Grayson by DragonsChest Grayson :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 17 20
Mature content
Dry Your Tears :icondragonschest:DragonsChest 18 7
You make me feel complete
what more, girl, can I say
I love your head down to your feet
and want you each and ever way
lips that taste so sweet
sunshine in my day
It's simple for me to feel
the way I feel for you
my heart no one can steal
I'm stuck to you like glue
our thoughts we can't conceal
can't we share them too
O Becky, to you my heart beats true
O Becky, what else can I do
except to say I'm glad I married you.
now I end my solemn song
hope you liked it to the end
hope together we stay strong
please I want to make amends
for your loving touch I long
I still hear you in the wind...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 23 14
In the dead of winter, Angles will not go,
to frozen lands where arctic winds do blow;
and what the eyes can see is only ice,
as far as one can be from paradise.
Dark secrets hidden, we are not to know.
This is a place that brings the mighty low,
and fears, like grapes upon the vine will grow;
O yes, it can beguile you and entice,
in the dead of winter.
There is no water here for boats to row,
and here you reap the very things you sow;
it tests your faith like rolling loaded dice,
to walk along that path, is bad advice.  
In the dead of winter...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 32 15
Some Winter Haiku
Perched on frosted branch
American Tree Sparrow
nibbling goodies...
Fireplace crackles
storm is on the horizon
hot cocoa in hand...
Making snow angels
leaving footprints in the snow
crafting ice castles...
© 2018   David Rogers
:icondragonschest:DragonsChest 19 24
Some Of My Works

Random Favourites

testing boundaries
this morning I told the rain to stop
and it rained harder

that you mean very little
to the one you love,"
she whispered.

if I stare into the iridescent
and past the lying mirrors
if I never move an inch
and believe what's barely possible
if I feel beautiful today
and burn the box of roses
if I never say enough
and smile with a secret golden grin
"Will I ever play this piano with my heart?"
I whisper back, my truth betrayed.

I will hold these to be self-evident
:iconteawithbri:TeaWithBri 8 10
Anatomy of Emotion
Lips always ready to smile.
Eyes always ready to cry.
Brow always ready to bend.
Legs always ready to run.
Tongue always ready to calm.
Hands always ready to craft.
Heart always ready to love...
But my mind just wants to sleep.
:iconhaiim-ve-shalom:Haiim-ve-shalom 3 0
73: Shadow
Feather of snow plummeting like a stone
Weighed down by blood and shadows
Falling through space and time
Blackness enveloping pictures
White out of the world
Scraping the bottom to find nothing
Dusty cobwebs and locked doors
Say goodbye to something you never knew
And hello to something you'll never know
For you're never going home
:iconmelodiouspoet:MelodiousPoet 2 2
An Ode To The Color Red
I love the way you delicately blush
My baby brothers cheek
The way you cover my lover's lips
Upon sight, it makes me weak
I appreciate all the vibrancy you give
To the hearts on Valentines day
Your bountiful hues so perfectly
Match the love they cant quite say
I hate to see you in passionate fights
Flying across the sky
It wasn't my fault! The sword cut him!
A likely alibi.
But on record, I'd like to say, where I appreciate you most of all
Is pumping through our veins each day, bringing life to one and all.
So dearest red, although I hate you
You're despised with a passion, in fact,
In terms of life, and in value
You make up for the qualities you lack.
:iconmylifeisriggs:MyLifeIsRiggs 7 10
Sadistic Lover by Panzary Sadistic Lover :iconpanzary:Panzary 11 1
Mature content
The Nightman Cometh :icondefinitivecontent:DefinitiveContent 5 23
Can I be the only
That feels so.
Beheaded and torn
And how can I deserve such.
Was this fate?
pull me on a string to set me down?
Did they really think I believed in a GOD
:iconoozsinfered:oozsinfered 16 24
The way your lips graze...
The way your lips graze your glass
reminds me of something not worth confessing.
You move like beat poetry,
making me wish my stumbling tongue
had the grace to knit nets boys
stun themselves on.
All I want is someone
who speaks poetry the way
they make love
and the only time you held me
you made me feel like London skies,
your hands heavy like fog
sewing stanzas against my skin.
:iconloveshoteyes:LoveShotEyes 9 11
Snakes And Candy
Your smile could charm the lies of snakes that filter through clenched teeth, they slither and wrap around my ear, tainting my white cloud of thoughts with sticky tar. It oozed around, coating it.
I laughed when you sprinkled powdered sugar over it, calling it candy.
Oh boy,
I swallowed it whole and licked my fingers clean.
:iconkatrinadoesntknow:Katrinadoesntknow 8 7
Preserving Decay
What would you do if I told you that what's best of me is holding together what's rotting my core?
How would you feel knowing that what you love the most about me is what's keeping me from getting better?
Would you kill what's best of me to stop my demons and my bitter pride?
I would like you to know that it wouldn't change the way I feel about you.
Those - three - little - words
(that sometimes get pushed through airtight lips.)
But someone forgot to let out the moths.
(Lets just say that they had their way with a cotton tongue.)
Now the worn cloth doesn't flow like it use to.
A hollow structure, bends in the lightest breeze.
Is it possible to wander without stumbling blind?
Actually it's become a myth,
Just like the truth slipping from a moth eaten cloth.
:iconkatrinadoesntknow:Katrinadoesntknow 6 6
The Shepherd
The Shepherd
How the shepherd is so sweet,
He tends the lamb's great call,
All the days be filled with praise,
As he merrily protects them all,
Through the golden fields of day,
His flock goes out to stray.
Tyger Tyger sees the lamb
And the shepherd holds the terror
The ewe run and the rams ram,
Quick on his feet the shepherd takes a leap
The grass holds dread, a gasp held clear,
Hooking a paw, smashing a claw,
Fearless to his foe the heart beats,
A roar rising to a storm.
Through the golden fields of day
The darkest enemy has arisen
Blood on the teeth of man and beast
But death for no other.
How the shepherd is so sweet
As he merrily protects them all
As he merrily protects them all
As he merrily protects them all
:iconsoft-sound:soft-sound 1 3
My soul weeps ever more,
Despite the fabled lore.
As much as I try I cannot prevent
This old heart's predicament.
It tires ever more with a weep,
Seeking to deprive myself of sleep.
Alas, naught can be done,
Though you seem to deem this 'fun'.
My entire being has shriveled and died,
Taking with it my immortal pride.
Try as I might, I cannot stop the blood from seeping,
Pouring from my wounded state, insanity leaping.
Within I can feel it, ever churning,
It resides with a scorching burning.
Are you happy with what you've done?
You seem to think of this as a pun.
I assure you, this is really here,
Ignoring the solemn whispers in your ear.
Even through this all you proceed
In making me an aftermath of your evil deed.
Are you satisfied?
I am forever paralyzed.
Your actions are unforgivable,
Thus leading you to the inevitable.
Your outcome is of one even I dare not speak;
Your internal essence will soon forever leak.
Do you feel it now, friend?
After all, you began this bloody trend.
No mat
:iconsnowiki:snowiki 7 19
The Night She Died Part Two.
The blood in my veins turns to ice, my heart races.
I shook her.
Silence only filled the room.
My angel, gone from me.
I cry, I scream.
I bury my face into the sheets and an odd taste reaches into my mouth.
I lift the covers from my love, her beauty in red.
A hole where her heart laid, I panic.
"Oh my poor boy."
A voice from the darkness speaks.
"That was quite fun...for me."
:iconhellboyjv3:hellboyjv3 1 13
Will you?
Do you hear the sirens wailing as they top the rise?
Do you see the lights flashing, piercing the early morning sky?
Do you hear the whirring as over our heads the chopper flies?
Do you smell the diesel fuel which pools on the ground where vehicles lie?
Can you stand the sight that lies before your eyes?
Can you take the blood that pools at your feet?
Can you help the woman who sits in pain and cries?
Can you have the composure to cover that child with a sheet?
Will you know how to stop the blood flow?
Will you take the time to hold his hand as he slips away?
Will you give your best throughout this show?
Will you be the one who will risk all they have today?
:iconfirechic86:FireChic86 7 5
Conspiracy within
Constantly looking over your shoulder,
as you walk away from
suspicious thoughts.
They are following you everywhere,
hiding behind every corner,
and they are out to get you.
Waking up from nightmares
of your own heart betraying you again.
why is history repeating itself?
You are running now, chased by memories,
haunted by mixed emotions
Having trust issues with your own mind,
because what it tells you makes no sense.
Corrupt feeling spreading like poison through your veins,
your arteries are  forever clogged with doubt.
But you keep running,  afraid to face the facts,
suprised by a war you started within yourself.
:iconeternalsunday:EternalSunday 7 5
A Penny For The Ferryman
A penny for the ferryman
a well known phrase, now too well known
In modern times, he's more jolly than
before when his name was never thrown
into everyday conversation
now each day, another penny
his job should be taken with consideration
every death, one amongst many
the ferryman who tows the dead
drives the souls, ferry's the lost
a single penny on your head
more dead, at what cost?
A penny for the ferryman
shouldn't he accept visa to
the situation is much dire than
in times when death came through
in drips and pools
In modern times, more is required
he's getting greedy you fools
More dead, more money he cannot be fired
A penny for the ferryman
dead and gone ushered by death
the ferryman only one can
comprehend him, torment on his breath
for a penny for the ferryman is not enough it seems
he needs more in modern times
no way can you prevent this with your schemes
a penny for death and all your crimes.
:icondeadredmoon:DeadRedMoon 2 5
Some of my faves...




Mermaid by IgnisFatuusII Mermaid :iconignisfatuusii:IgnisFatuusII 275 108 Red by ElenaDudina Red :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 1,749 390 I bring you pink light by crayonmaniac
Mature content
I bring you pink light :iconcrayonmaniac:crayonmaniac 165 209
Miss Attic by Gudulett-e Miss Attic :icongudulett-e:Gudulett-e 125 45 Chantal Claret by MarlaMzkn Chantal Claret :iconmarlamzkn:MarlaMzkn 85 20 Dragons by ElenaDudina Dragons :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 3,515 577 The girl and  the dragon by ElenaDudina The girl and the dragon :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 4,585 808 cherry bite by ftourini cherry bite :iconftourini:ftourini 2,938 210

More News About My Knee

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2018, 12:06 PM

Unfortunately the doctors have found a blood clot in the left lower lobe of my lung.  This puts my health in serious risk and I have been put on a barrage of blood thinners.  They have also given me klonopin to calm me down, as I am a nervous wreck.  They say I have to stay on these blood thinners until mid November at best.  My wife has been a big help and I don't know what I would do without her.   My knee is healing up nicely and I continue to do my therapy as prescribed.  I miss you guys and hope to be back soon.  Love all my friends and followers and wish you the best till next we speak...

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I live in Colorado, and I love it here and will always call it home. I enjoy movies a lot, and my favorite is James Bond. I have an eclectic taste in music and will listen to many genres to include Hard Rock, Rock, Punk, Country, Celtic, New Age, and much more.
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