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Sculptober: Rain

I absolutely love this one. But then I adore anything that has both dragons and mousies/rats =P

The umbrella took some trial and error to figure out, but I got it! What fun to learn something new! And I tried my best to make it look like little water droplets on the umbrella. There are even some dotting the dragon and the mouse's leaf,  but they didn't photograph well at all! Looks really neat in person though :)

Handsculpted from Premo sculpey,  2.5 inches tall

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CaptainGandalf434's avatar
Oh my goodness this is adorable and TOTO-RO TO-TO-RO
dead-account-fucc's avatar
So cute the rat's leaf
CoolPenguin222's avatar
reminds me of totoro
AngelofDarkSilence's avatar
I wouldf really love to watch a cute animated movie of these ^w^
Akuba-Link's avatar
Je l'adore !!! ^3^ surtout la petite souris !
jammytheblackpanther's avatar
Thats just to cute to explain. All the dragons are AMAZING and FABULOUS. I used to have pet rats but they died... I'll get some pictures of them to post at some point :3. BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM SO SMALL AND SO DETAILED??
Moonee-Cats's avatar
Lol so cute ..... Kinda reminds me of Totoro
Sbscomics3098's avatar
"A friend is all you need."
Abbadoo02's avatar
Lol now I want to put the sculpture outside in the rain to make it look real :P
and probably animate it xD
CatLuvver's avatar
Love the raindrops on the umbrella and leaf. Captures the moment of rain.
Swifty52's avatar
How did you do the water droplets?
M1rror42's avatar
I would assume she did it with a glaze. Take a paint brush and a little time, I bet you could achieve the same effect!
Freaky-Mee's avatar
that's just too adorable for words!
you've done an amzing job Little Pixel Heart 
Elphaba-Kim-Cullen's avatar
aw~ they're so expressive!
anisap4's avatar
The mouse's little umbrella leaf is so cute :3
CadaverCrafts's avatar
The idea with the raindrops is so great! I tried using it for one of my figures too c: Well... it doesn´t look as pretty as yours yet but i´m working on it
vocaliod101counrty's avatar
lookingglass99's avatar
the cutest thing in the WORLDFoxy loves Rainbow Sheep Rainbow Sheep #2 
FloraLaurel's avatar
This is adorable! How DID you do the water droplets on the umbrella???
HyenaTheHex's avatar
I think since this one isn't glazed that she used the glaze to make the drops. Idk, I might be wrong, also sorry for replying late even though you weren't even talking to me..
Glowingart11's avatar
how did you make the rain drops? they look like real drops!!!
ThatArtGirl1's avatar
How did you make the rain drops? So cool!!
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