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Scrap Dragon Couple

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I'm making a bunch of little scrap dragons for one last sale before Christmas. They're usually just singles, but I thought it'd be cute to make a couple. Their tails form a heart behind them :)

I'll post pics of the other dragons available probably tomorrow. Lots of pictures to clean up O_o

This little couple is now available on ebay: www.ebay.com/itm/121516430855
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look at their tails!!
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This is very cute. There's a beautiful contrast between the purple and black.
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OMGGGG! i love your dragons so much their so cute!
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Aw, oh my goodness, they are adorable.
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You need to start a YouTube channel, your creations are so cute :squee: 
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they are quite cute...
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What type of beads did you use for the eyes, and what's the size?(mm)
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They're adorable!
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theyre soo adorable!!:meow:
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AWWW adorable
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You have done such a great job on these! ^7^
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ooooooooohhhhh pretty
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How do you get the clay so smooth?! Is it the type of clay you used? I would use sculpey but its expensive and the only way ive ever gotten any was with a 40% off coupon and ive hadnt had anything to make out of it yet :/
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Totally should be on the top of a wedding cake!
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I wish I could get these for my brother and his wife. They love your dragons and these are their favorite colors! And they don't have any of your figures.
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Aww they're awesome!
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