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Ponies for Anime Expo WIP



Sooo I haven't been online for a while and this is why! I'm spending every second I can on building my inventory for Anime Expo. Just 2 weeks left AGGGGH. I don't know how I'm possibly going to fill a 6 ft table with tiny 1-2 inch figures...

Anyway these little guys are all ready for their paint jobs. Then I get to glaze Every. Single. One. *dies*

Anyway I thought I'd show you guys what I've been up to and maybe get your opinions on favorites! Which ones do you like best? And suggestions for color combos would be awesome!

My goal is to have 100 ponies for AX. I'm up to 55 now...
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what do you think about a black one with curly blue and purple main and tail.Chibi Princess Luna Iconor try some of this ones: Chibi Princess Celestia Icon Chibi Nightmare Moon Icon Chibi Sunset Shimmer Icon Chibi Princess Cadence Icon Chibi Derpy Icon Chibi Fluttershy Icon Chibi Queen Chrysalis Icon Chibi Starlight Glimmer Icon Chibi Octavia Icon Chibi Soarin Icon Chibi Babs Seed Icon Chibi Trixie Lulamoon Icon Chibi Zecora Icon Chibi Shining Armor Icon Chibi Apple Bloom Icon Chibi BonBon Icon Chibi Lyra Icon Chibi Mrs Cup Cake Icon Chibi Pinkie Pie Icon Chibi Vinyl Scratch Icon Chibi Scootaloo Icon Chibi Cheerilee Icon Chibi Sweetie Belle Icon Chibi Braeburn Icon Chibi Pumpkin Cake Icon Chibi Pound Cake Icon Chibi Rainbow Dash Icon Chibi Mr Carrot Cake Icon Commission - Star Catcher Icon Blueberry Snowflake Blink Icon Little Heart Blink Icon Dreamy Shine Blink Icon Diamond Snowy Licking Icon Aurora Nightfall Chibi Twilight Sparkle Icon Chibi Big Macintosh Icon mlp Clapping Icon : space spark MLP Emote Lick a Lollipop Sucker Wink MLP-clapping-OC-icon MLP Fizzy Pop GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle