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Opal Dragon

This is a custom I have been meaning to work on for a while. Good faux opals are surprisingly hard to come by! I was on the verge of trying to make my own out of sculpey, when I found some decent ones on etsy. I used a newly available Premo color, Frosty White Glitter, for the body. It has little flecks of iridescent glitter in it that really bring out the colors in the opal. The gems down her back are iridescent as well.

More views here: [link]
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Hi Becca!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work yet again, this time in a post called October Birthstone Dragons II by Various Artists on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I couldn't resist that beautiful stone, and the dragon goes perfectly with it.  As always, you can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!
you have an awesome talent ive been looking into doing this i used to when i was younger i worked with ceramics but these are so awesome ive seen all kinds of awesome creatures i love it you are so creative Beautiful piece one of my favorites
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Do you have an aquamarine Dragon? Also, I could tell this was opal from the thumbnail :3
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i want it soooooooo bad its sooooooooo kewl
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OMG opal is my birth stone and this is beautiful. I wish to be your friend. You are amazing and Im sure you hear that alot but i am utterly sincere.
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opal is my birth stone too!!!!! :D
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how much?

opal is my stone
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she is so pretty!! I'm gonna try sculpting, it sounds really fun ;)
Galaxy-Lilies's avatar
Beautiful! I might just try and start making my own little sculptures!
actualbagel's avatar
hes all like "yo don't touch this or i'll bite ya!"
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there is the opal! Thorin!
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Wow, this is so pretty and impressive that you found good faux opals, I've been looking for some for ages now. I love it!
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I love how u did the stone its very pretty :)
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Um, quick question - do you think that marbles would be okay in the oven? I have some nice ones that I'd love my dragons to be holding, but I'm not sure if they can stande the heat ^^'
DragonsAndBeasties's avatar
Marbels are awesome! Anything made of glass works well :)
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so, beautiful. it's my birthstone. ;) l love it so much.
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This is f-ing Awesome and adorable, oh god I want one of these...
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This is adorable! ^.^
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Oh my gosh I love it!
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cute! i love the sparkle in the gem!
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Just... awesome !!
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Do you have a Peridot Dragon? And also How much you sell them for?
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