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Inktober: Little Dragon

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We take the weekends off for sculptober but I'm trying to do inktober every day :)

I think my sketchbook has a bit too much tooth...I feel like my micron pens catch on it. O_o
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someone on take this art but nosure on it if u aloowed www.furaffinity.net/view/30659…
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They have claimed it as their own as well as many others hoping no one would notice. 
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Waht a cute dragon! :o
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That's so cute :)
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Awesome i love it so much
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When does the colouring book come out? I want one!
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can I us this as a base please?
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There's also a Swedish band called Little Dragon!
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soo cutet! An absolutely amazing drawing :3
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I saw this and immediately knew that I HAVE to watch you, this is amazing!
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Hm you are in for a wonderous adventure.
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I like adventures :3
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Peace Out! ^_^
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I like this so much I wanna try to "copy" it. May I?
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I am suddenly reminded of a dragon OC I like to use...
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What a cute little fella! Reminds me of the Skylanders games my cousin plays-but your dragon is cuter and very well-drawn! :)
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these would make great coloring sheets for kids.you should put together a lot of drawings like this one and try to publish your own coloring book. I think you could do that successfully! :)
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For kids? Goodness fracious, I want to color that :D
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