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Hey guys, been a while since I posted anything here... I've really fallen away from DA. It's not really mobile friendly so it's a bit of a hassle to use very often I'm afraid... I'm mainly on Facebook and Instagram these days. 

BUT since this is where I first debuted my original Gem Dragons, (discontinued in 2013) and got so many loyal  fans from them being a customizable made to order item in my shop when I first started, I wanted to show this. I went and remade all the originals 2010 Gem Dragons with my current style and skillset, and absolutely love seeing all the differences and improvements. Just goes to show what you can accomplish over 7+ years of study and practice. So to anyone out there doubting their current abilities, just know that everyone started somewhere, and nothing great is gained without hard work. You put in the time and it pays off, so don't give up! :D (Big Grin) 

It's been an amazing journey getting to this point, and without all of you guys supporting my efforts, I would be nothing. Thank you for all the kind words over the years, the encouragement, and the inspiration. I really am sorry to have fallen away from this place, but I know a ton of you follow along on my other sites now at least. I'll try to pop by here from time to time though. 

ALSO these guys are all going up for sale tomorrow! Sunday July 2nd @ 3pm MST. So if you missed out on a Gem Dragon back in the day, you have another shot! Details will be posted on my Facebook page, which is where I am most active now:…
also Instagram:…

Which one is your favorite? I am in love with the pink one. She is so happy! Love 

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