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Flowers and Stars by Fallenpeach
Fortune Ice Dragon by Amenlona
Treasure Dragon by karadin
Green phantom by Static-ghost
Red and Pink Dragons
Good Spirits by Kalfy

Mature Content

Witness must die by VVisemanS
Sleeping in Sand by Cardava
Watermelon by Monseo
Orange Yellow and Gold Dragons
(2016) Flight Rising by ynne-black
Shaper of Fire by XMaveria
Queen's Garden by ObsidianDragoness
WoF Soundtrack: The Outclaw Attack {MUSIC} by Dragons-and-Drawings
Green Dragons
Green and Blue Clay Dragon by SolarCrush
Farosh - Smaugust 2019 by Sintarija
Overgrowth by Kalfy
Pronkar by Ruiorven
Blue Dragons
alaska by Blizzardrunner
Waterdragon (+ Work in Progress Video) by PandiiVan
[C] Parkakid signature by NoodleStuff
Smaugust 2019 - Dragonheart by vidal174
Purple Dragons
Hoardasaur (CLAWS 04) by Mythka
Lunar Pantheon - Guirandov Dragon by Kiaraofpacera
Deep Dive (REQ) by Tonyseil
Galaaxia guardian of the stars [art trade] by Tallinax
Brown and Earthtone Dragons
Milo by Chhromeleon
{CE} Heroic Action by Werewolf900
Dragon forest by upseT-rex
Stouk by Gwynvi
Black and Grey Dragons
Dragon trained by a fox by Faelis-Skribblekitty
Deathwing by Sukinta
Mia by PandixArtt
Dragon and cowboys by Quentinvcastel
White and Silver Dragons
Vishuddha by Libertades
Bunnies Attack by Nash-i
Blush of the sunshine by FrozenScales
Redstreak by XMaveria
Prismatic Dragons AKA Rainbow Dragons
Springtime by Iovena
Random concept-art/ 29 by PustyXoX
Birthday Gift for EchoRestored by HowlerDragon
British Dragons Sketch by Revontulis
Dragon OC Reference Sheets
Lucana/Draikon Reference sheet (2019) by Draikon-Jr
Pencil or Pen Work, Uncolored
I AM a mighty dragon by Shon2





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Hey there people, Lockdown hasn't been too friendly on me. I am a writer (worldbuilding, DRAGONS!) for a video game project. Mostly indie/passion. Thing is, I want some friends to share this interest with. Click my avatar for info. 

-No minors, as a trainee (no open positions) sure but else it's just weird
-No oversensitive people, I need them firm. Emotional is cute, histrionic is not
-Preferably same timezone as me, unless you're okay with limited time
-No ''zealots'' that means extremists of any side
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Leaving this group. Art contributions expire before they are accepted
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Is this group alive? :(
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