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We are group that loves dragons and if you love dragons then you must join us its the law. All amazing artist's are welcome. Please join
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Seven of Coins Dragon  by Ozzymodan
Faery Sprite Dragon  by Ozzymodan
IV Aries The Emperor Dragon  by Ozzymodan
XXI Tiamat The World  by Ozzymodan
Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster by Music-N00d1e
Indigo and Fathom - WoF by LordMaddie
Commision Example by Zorana-The-Dragon
Dragon Form Lynda by Zorana-The-Dragon
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Perching Per-Chance! ft. A Cute Floof by TheEnderRebel
Flowering cotton by BlackWhiteDragon80
Commission: Ice Breather Dragon Yanka. by PandiiVan
Egg Adopt - Hatchling #186 - Leviathan Dragon by PandiiVan
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party|request by TheChaosApex
jackfruit|request by TheChaosApex
firemaw|gift by TheChaosApex
[G] Cold Thunder by Wrenkenstein
V The Hierophant Dragon  by Ozzymodan
Fantasy Watercolor Dragon. by PandiiVan
Black Watercolor Dragon - Break Free by PandiiVan
Golden Watercolor Dragon - Desert Snake by PandiiVan
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New page doll by zzsk
Dinky (Icon Commission) by spiritinthesnow
Devos (Icon Commission) by spiritinthesnow
Meh by Tayilipse
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Blood by Alita-Berserker
Veshety by Atanata
Ivish by Atanata
A half dozen dummies by LeDoodles
Sculptures and Craft
UntitledSelling: Sheezarrian Pangolin by Atanata
Selling:  Dragon's Egg by Atanata
WOF Starflight Plush by AnnoyingMoth
Chinese dragon cufflinks by JuliArtWorks
Bullshit by Alita-Berserker

Mature Content

My favorite sex position is... by Alita-Berserker
James and Lily Potter by kliriart
(Com) A Princess in Her Lair by NightmareDude67
5 GBP Wyvern Adopts by LordMaddie
Emergency Commissions {Please read disc} by Zorana-The-Dragon
AUCTION ADOPT (Closed) Honey ~ by ShaorHashi
AUCTION OPEN - Crow's Eye by Beaver-XX
Poems and Stories
Winging It - Chapter 1Finding HomeThere is a complimenting piece of art for this story. The link is in the description, please go check it out, we're both really proud of this project.Drack The train softly shakes me around. Nearly Everyone around me is looking at their P.O.D devices. I’m pretty much the only dragon here without one. The one I did have broke right before I got on the train. I don’t have a way to contact Abby or get directions to our new apartment. I’m pretty much going to be stranded in Providence for a few hours. At least I know the name of the apartment building; Soar Estate. Back at school I told Abby how I was going to stay in Providence to go to college and how I was starting to get stressed over it. I didn’t have a place to stay nor did I have a job to pay for a place to stay; sure, I had won a scholarship that would pay for rent to a small apartment for a little more than a year but that was still only a year. Then the idea of us being roommates came up. She wanted to get out of our small town, see the world, do fun things. So, I agreed, and we found an apartment not a far commute from my college. A thousand dollars a month for a two-bedroom apartment with a nice-looking common area, sure the pictures made it look a bit run down, but at that price we’d be insane to go somewhere else. The train started to come to a stop, I had completely zoned out. I never did hear the computer announcer say the train was arriving. The train stopped and the doors opened. I made my way through the doors and looked at the tall skyscrapers. I never thought I’d live in a city like this. “Move it, tubby.” A dragon said, I felt them push me from the side but I was far too heavy for them to move. “S-sorry.” I said. I stepped to the side and looked back up at the skyscrapers. My thinking got interrupted by a loud growl; my stomach. It embarrassed me, but nobody seemed to pay me any mind. I slept in, forgot breakfast, lunch and it’s almost dinner by now. I almost missed the train because of sleeping in and when I was running, I tripped and fell right on top of my POD shattering it into pieces. I didn’t bother even trying to pick up the pieces, I made I barely even made it onto the train. I let out a long sigh. Maybe I should get something to eat, it is almost noon.~~~~~~~~~~~Abby I kept trying to call Drack, he was supposed to call me when he arrived at Providence. Ugh, maybe this old thing just isn’t working right now. I clicked the only button on my POD and it took it a few good seconds before the holo screen appeared in front of me. No missed calls, bad signal and it’s nearing six PM. I let out a long sigh. I’ll see him at the apartment. I clicked the same button again and the holo screen disappeared. My claw snagged onto my shirt nearly sending my POD crashing to the ground, thankfully that didn’t happen; I really don’t need to break another one of these. Maybe I should ditch the shirts and just wear a sash to hold my POD, eh… nah. About five-oh, never mind. I got off the bench I was sitting on and trotted to the tracks. I can see the train turning a corner, ahead of schedule. Moments later the train screeched to a halt and opened its doors. I forgot how trains worked and was nearly trampled by everyone exiting the train. “Get out of the way, shorty.” Someone said. I felt something crush my front paw; I yelped in pain. “IT’S NOT MY FAULT I’M SMALL!” I shouted. The dragon who stepped on my paw was already bolting off. Damn it, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. I sighed and walked into the train and took a seat. I hopped up and began rubbing my crushed paw. That dragon had to have been bigger than Drack, this hurt really bad. The train filled quickly, but that didn’t really bother me as I already have my seat and it’s not like I take up that much room either. The doors closed and the train began to rumble, off we go to a new city of new opportunities. I clicked on my POD and I still had no signal. I let out yet another sigh, clicked off the POD, and looked out the window. I’ll be meeting you at the apartment Drack, I hope you’re getting there ok. Thirty minutes till the train arrives, a thirty-minute nap might do me well. I closed my eyes and laid my head against the window.~~~~~~~~~~~Drack I covered my mouth to stifle a burp, I wonder if Abby got anything to eat yet. Ah I’m sure she ate breakfast and lunch and all that. I threw away all of my trash and walked back up to the front counter, the cashier looked annoyed. “Are you really going to order more food?” They said, “We’re gonna close in about ten minutes, man.” “I-I’m just wondering if you knew where Soar Estate is.” I said. I looked down towards my feet, I may be much larger than average, but I’m not like that, my body just stays at this size no matter what I do. “Oh, I AM SO SORRY SIR!” The cashier said. “Sorry, sorry, sorry, it’s been a very long day and it’s only me and a coworker today. We’re very short staffed. I didn’t mean to offend you.” She said. “It’s fine.” I said. I was mostly fine, still a bit upsetting. “But to answer your question Soar Estate is down the road, take the third left and keep going and you’ll be there.” She said. “Thank you.” I said. I left the fast-food place; I really don’t know what to think of that encounter. I’m just gonna ignore it for right now, I just have to focus on getting to the apartment, the sun is already setting and it’s going to be dark soon. My claws clicked down the sidewalk, I really need to trim them all down, maybe I can do that when I get to the apartment. I stared up at the sky as I walked, back home you’d be able to see stars by now. I guess that’s one of the downsides of living in a city, the sheer lack of stars. I turned left and crossed the road. Some cities brag about how they are developed enough for cars to roam the streets, Providence, however, doesn’t support the use of those vehicles. Dragons can either walk or fly, no need for a car. And I do have to say I agree that dragons can either walk or fly, but I can’t really fly. At least they have a subway system that works well or else I would have never considered living here. I made it to the final corner and looked around. Which one of these-oh I’m blind. There was a giant sign hanging above the entrance of the estate with its name on it. I really need to learn how to pay attention to my surroundings more. I walked into the building and was greeted by a thin white dragon.~~~~~~~~~~~Abby I walked into the Soar Estate, something is wrong with my POD, all it’s giving me is the time at this point and it takes so long to open. What a day for it to burn out like this. “Can I help you, kid?” A person rudely said. I looked up to see a grumpy looking white dragon. “I’m here to get into my apartment.” I said. “Oh, you’re the new person; the big, blue, fat guy your friend?” They asked. Why do they have to be so mean about his weight? “Abby, right? Your room is on the eighth floor, elevator is under its yearly maintenance this week so just take the stairs, hell this week might get a pound or few off that man.” He said holding out a key. “You don’t have to be mean to him like that.” I said grabbing the key. “He’s still one of the healthier people I know, he’s just built like that.” I said. “Whatever you say.” He said. “By the way, what’s with the bruises and cuts?” He asked pointing at my paw. It still really hurts even after it being so long. How damn hard did they have to step on it to feel like this, it better not be broken. “It’s none of your business.” I said. I started climbing the flights of stairs. Poor Drack, this is even a lot for me, how are you going to manage this for a week? I finally got up to the eighth floor and began looking for our room. 808… 809… 810, this is it. I slid my key into the lock and opened the door. I could hear rustling coming from one of the rooms. “DRACK!” I called out. The rustling stopped and Drack’s loud voice answered me. “ABBY!” He shouted. He came running out of the room and gave me a big hug. “DR-AK. CAN’T. BREATHE.” I squeaked. He quickly put me down. “Sorry, sorry, but I have some bad news.” He said. “What bad news?” I asked. “Both our beds aren’t here yet; I think they’re coming tomorrow.” He said. “WHAT!” I nearly shouted. I ran and looked into both the rooms, there are no mattresses, even if we have the frames, we wouldn’t be able to sleep. “Oh, come on they were supposed to come today.” “We do have the couch but…” He trailed off, he’s basically as big as the thing. “We can rock paper scissors for it.” He said. I sighed. “Alright.” I said. We went one round, I threw paper, he threw scissors. He got the couch. Not like I would have used it if I won, the man needs it. “Looks like I get the couch tonight, are you sure you’re fine with that?” He asked. “I’ll be just fine on the floor; you need something like that couch for ya to lay on big guy.” I said. I began looking at the boxes “OH!” I nearly shouted. I scrambled for the box with my name written on the top ABBY.POD, this has my TV POD inside of it. “LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO DRACK!” “What! What can we do?” he asked. I pulled the long stick out of the box and his crystal blue eyes lit up. “MOVIE NIGHT!” I said. “Get this thing set up while I go put some pajamas on.” I said handing him the TV POD. I looked at his t-shirt, he’s also in pajamas. “If you love me, let me sleep.” I said quietly. “Where’d you get that shirt?” I laughed. “Uh…” He looked down at it. “The store.” “Ha ha, you don’t remember do ya. Ah I don’t remember where I got mine either.” I said. “Ok, ok, get that thing set up while I change.” I said. I ran off into one of the rooms and looked for my clothes box. It was fast enough to find. I searched through all of them until I pulled out a long sleave pajama shirt. ‘Life is better in pajamas’ is written on the front in a similar font to Drack’s shirt. I think he’ll get a kick out of this. I also took the time to dig for some bandages for my paw, it still hurts, and I think they’d just help make sure no cuts open up. I slipped my shirt off and put the pajama shirt right on and joined Drack in the living room. Drack had already gotten the TV POD set up and connected to the building’s WiFi. The blue borders of the screen illuminated the room, Drack was already scrolling through channels. “DRACK!” I shouted. “O! What?” He asked looking at me. “I’ve also got a dumb pajama shirt.” I said. He gave a chuckle. “Nice!” He said. “Oh, I’ve found a movie.” He said looking at the screen. “What is it?” I asked. I hopped onto the small open space at the end of the couch and made myself comfortable, it was perfect me size. “A longer fantasy movie that I think we’re both going to make fun of.” He said. “That sounds like a perfect movie.” I said. I looked at the screen and recognized the movie almost instantly, oh boy we’re gonna be up for a while making fun of this one. “Oh, I never asked, how’d your boyfriend take the news?” “Ah, he took it alright, won’t be seeing him much… or talking… I uh… I broke my POD today.” He said. “At least I remember his number.” “How’d you manage to break it? Did you sit on it?” I asked. He laughed. “I fell on top of it. Tripped and smashed that thing into bits.” He said. “Man, that really sucks.” I said. “Can I ask what happened to your paw?” “Someone stepped on it really hard when I was getting on the train.” I said rubbing it. “Damn, that had to hurt.” He said. “It did. Dude didn’t even apologize.” “That’s just mean.” He said. The movie started to play and we both focused on that for a moment before Drack opened up with the first wisecrack. We kept making fun of the movie as the night went on, I yawned, all this banter is making me sleepy. I laid my head down on the arm of the couch and closed my eyes. I yawned again and got comfy. Time for a really nice sleep.
[CLOSED\YCH] 2020 8 by Hagon
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