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:star:Welcome to Dragons-of-Pyrrhia, DA's first and only canon-exclusive Wings of Fire fan group. Most of us can agree OCs and fan tribes are pretty awesome, but sometimes you've just got to step back and give the canon babies some love. That's where we come in. Whether it be scenes from the books or just your favorite character striking a pose, Dragons-of-Pyrrhia has you covered.:star:

No matter what tribe you belong to, feel free to join our group and spread some love for this wonderful series. If you want to submit to our gallery, here are a few rules to go by:

:bulletgreen: Canon characters only This means only characters from the actual books, like Clay, Winter, or Darkstalker. No OCs, fan tribes, or random, unnamed dragons.

:bulletgreen: We accept almost all forms of Wings of Fire related art, including but not limited to drawings, crafts, and written works. However, please make sure it is something that you created. No colored linearts, screenshots from video games, or photos of your book collection.

:bulletgreen: Please do not submit traditional art drawn on notebook paper, or paper that is overly wrinkled, smudged, or torn. Also, make sure that the drawing is not blurry, tilted, or otherwise hard to see.

:bulletgreen: Stolen art of any kind is absolutely prohibited. Members caught stealing will be permanently banned from the group, no questions asked.

:bulletgreen: We expect all members of this group to be respectful and kind to each other; no drama, witch hunting, submitting pieces directly and negatively aimed towards someone etc. If you're caught being rude or disrespectful, you will be permanently banned from the group and have an angry Nightwing immediately set upon you. And none of us want to see that.

Gallery Folders

Scenes from the First Arc
Glory - Wings of Fire by leplizz
You Who I Called Brother by ADONOVAN94
Wings of Fire ~ Qibli by ADONOVAN94
Wings of Fire ~ Turtle by ADONOVAN94
Scenes from the Second Arc
it's not too late for you by crackedsilveredglass
[Wings of Fire] - Queen Glacier Decrees by Biohazardia
Turtle vs Anemone- Battle on The Beach by CharlieBGoode
Nervous Turtle by Torchflight
Scenes from the Third Arc
Lady Jewel's Prison (SPOILERS for The Hive Queen) by gabbycat17
Discovery by Syzygy-the-NightWing
Prove it. Prove it that it doesn't work. ~Snowfall by CharlieBGoode
Wings of Fire - The Temple of Clearsight (Collab!) by Biohazardia
Scenes from the Winglets
i REALLY NEED YOU TONIGHT by crackedsilveredglass
So you gotta let me know by JurassicDraco
Good For You by Liliumaa
Wings of Fire - Six-Claws by Biohazardia
Scenes from Darkstalker Legends
Darkstalker and Arctic by Syzygy-the-NightWing
+WoF+ mad by Kaocalyn
Queen Pearl Gif by foger3
Think blue (Fan art) by Vap0rwqve
Scenes from Dragonslayer Legends
Random Scenes and Scenes Between Arcs
The Rainforest Monster [Kinkajou] by ariibees
Royal Outing by ariibees
Peril's Smoke by CyrilTheBlueFire-D
Assassin in Training by gabbycat17
Metaphorical and Emotion-Driven Art
in all her glory (redo) by FuegoBeardie
Chameleon (old) by MacawTheRainwingYT
Peacemaker Redraw  by LIQUlD-PURPLE
I want you more by Dragons-Fan
All hail the Queen! by Herakidpatrol
Queen Whiteout by Herakidpatrol
colorful Starflight AU redesign thing-a-ma-jig by TheCraftyDragonC
(AU) Chameleon being a dad part 3 by Herakidpatrol
Headcanons, Theories
turtle enchanted the flag so it wouldnt burn, dw by FearlessMist
Drawings with BGs
Trenchh by StormheartsArt
Drawings without BGs
uh-oh, i mean, um, yes by PrinceTurtle
Pairings, Shippings
Sundew and Willow by Eskoniss
Family and Friends
Fathers by Garthadon
Alternate Dragonets of Destiny Chapter 1 P.27| WoF by Owibyx
Posters, Covers, and Thumbnails

Mature Content

Burn My Dread 2-Week Wings of Fire Mortality MAP by PrinceTurtle
Character Sheets Refs
Firefly - Headcanon Design by TheBrightestTwilight
Pixels, Icons, and Animations
Arctic Icon +commission+ by Kaocalyn
Whiteout Plushie by OtterSoIm
Written Works, Fanfictions
Prince Arctic's Nightmare- a Wings of Fire fanfic by Iron-Zing
Memes, Parodies
My fav parts from DoD (SPOILER WARNING!) by MoonriseTheMage
Wings of Fire / Warriors - The Real Stick Bois by Biohazardia
SeaWing Base WINGLESS || F2U by PrinceTurtle


Hoping you all are doing well during this time and your friends and family are too!

Unfortunately due to everything going on lately, and ontop of that college and a new job has me swamped, and DeviantART eclipse just isn't my thing. SO! That being said; this group is looking for a new founder! And if unable to, this group may just become inactive (as in no more submissions will be accepted or I'll turn on automatic submissions).

If you're interested in taking over the group, please comment below with the following;

How often are you online?:
Are you savvy with DeviantART Eclipse?:
Have you admined groups before? If so, how many and for how long if you know?:
What do you hope to contribute to this group upon being founder?:
Why do you want to become founder?:
Have you read all the WoF books, or which ones have you read?:
Two group members have caused some trouble in the group; submitting works that don't belong in the group or are constantly at each other's throats and getting others in the group involved- how would you handle it?:
Someone keeps submitting works that aren't WoF related- how would you handle it?:
You have been informed that someone in the group has been reuploading artwork that doesn't belong to them. How would you handle it?:

I'll be looking at comments and deciding near the 17th, as that's when my college begins and I'll become less active in general. Thank you everyone, and stay safe!
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Slink-the-Ferret Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2023
Heads up, there is a art thief that has reposted other DA Wings of Fire artists artork 11 hours ago claiming that its their artwork. This is the thief: Tsunamidaprincess - Student, Artist | DeviantArt
MaxGrey4 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2022  Hobbyist Writer
Is everyone dead?
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Simmer-the-Skywing Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2021
can someone draw a Skywing for my book "Wings of Fire: Burning Iron" cover for Wattpad? here is the description of the dragon: Red/orange outer scales, light orange inner scales, dark brown claws, blue eyes, dark brown horns, outside of the wings are a the same color and the outer scales, the inside of the wings are a light orange. (I will give credit to whoever draws it) 

If you want to check out my Wattpad account it is "Qibli-the-sandwing"
Cobalt-Twilight Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2021
Thanks for accepting me into this group. Have a nice day.:).
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I know mt profile pic is a dog but I love WoF and I will share some art! (Soon)
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