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hey, google docs is saying that it`s gonna delete your spreadsheet. Are there any other places that are going to list different Aqrion stats?

I had moved the files onto an admin gmail rather than my personal gmail.

I may have missed updating some of the links. I updated the stat pool one just now.

If you find any others feel free to let me know! :3

The new front page and journals look great!
Took a while!  It's simple, but better than the last one!
Hello, I found your group and is hesitant to join, the reason being I have difficulties handling several arpg at the same time, I wanted to know if it was a problem to draw your beast in another universe setting ?(I'm thinking about the settings of :iconprehistoria-arpg: since it's prehistorical as well) By that I mean, is it a problem to draw your Aqrion with other arpg critter ?

(by the way the idea is pretty neat ;w; being a fan of Subnautica, I can only approve the concept ;w;)