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I wanted to add some pictures into the cosplay-folder, but I can't :(
Hi, I apologise for the late reply!
You should be able to...I'll have a look into this for you. Can you please try to submit your pictures into the folder again?

Thank you. :)
Check out my gallery :) (Smile) I have been in some scenes in the game of thrones and I am a huge fan of the series :) (Smile)
Smol question:
do you accept OCs?
Just ASOIAF characters, sorry. >.<
I am a 61 yr old History teacher/hobbyist miniaturist who builds fantasy historical palaces.  I recently did a project a and  found out that I really love making phantom 2" figures and scenes - I am beginning an extended series of projects based on the characters - but not necessarily the script - of GoT.  Does anyone know of a group that would also incorporate miniatures with GoT?

and - since I have only begun posting build/completion project pics in the last two days (500 +)  HOW does one go about posting a picture to a group?  I don't want to just rush in and mispost in someone's group.  Looking at your folders I would assume that a photopost post would go into traditional art?

 ps I have been a member of DA for two years but that was so I could download computer textures for graphics creating and audio-visual editing.  -  I am now a participating member artist and plan to stay one.  I have recently built an extensive miniatures workshop (everything from sculpting/molding/casting/woodworking/metal working/electrical/ etc etc) and plan to devote a great deal of time to creating my phantoms/scenes/projects. I would like to become involved in the miniatures community on DA and since a great amount of my future work will be in creating phantoms and scenes based on GoT - I would like to find a GoT group that incorporates this.