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We are a group of dragon lovers~! Everything about dragon is so amazing, the fact that they are reptiles which can fly and breathe fire..and in other cases diffrent elements~
Reality sucks but you can come here and see all the pictures of dragons that people have uploaded and much more~!~! Join us..Dragons are good for you...:icongoofygrinplz:
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Tales of Dyannor - A Girl and Her Dragon Ch. 4Tales of DyannorA Girl and Her DragonCh. 4 Flight By J.C. Solis Serena once more roused herself from bed, this time with her sleep having been much more merciful on her than the previous night. It was still impossible to tell whether or not it was the morning or some other time, being that she was in a cave with no light other than the faint glow coming from the parlor antechamber. But she could tell by looking at the clock over above a mantel that was to the side that it was the morning--the early morning, to be exact. She still felt like she could fall back asleep, but something about her kept her awake. Her dreams were much more agreeable, though they were still the same heartsick dreams of home. She tried to not think about home too much, and she was still grateful to have this wonderful new place to stay, and with a dragon no less. Speaking of dragons, Lezerath still lay on the rug in dragon form, letting off the slight sound of his breathing--or at least "slight" in terms of a dragon's usual sounds. He was still sound asleep and seemed to not have a care as to what his dreams were, whatever they were.The dragon spent yesterday showing Serena some of his many tomes on magic and alchemy, though most of his collection was much too difficult for the little girl to understand. Then again, Serena understood a lot more than Lezerath expected of her. She was quite literate; advanced even. But there were still things that she couldn't quite understand, such as terminology and the like. But still, she was fascinated by the books, and she hoped to learn from them in the future. Serena climbed out of bed. She didn't feel like she could return to sleep, and so she decided to try her luck with some of those difficult tomes and read. She was wearing a purple pajama outfit that she picked from the magic wardrobe, which was soft to the touch and quite comfortable. She didn't put on her moccasins, as she felt that her footsteps would rouse the dragon. She tip-toed out of the bed chamber and into the parlor chamber again. She walked past the glowing grey orb with brown runes on it as she made for the study; she meant to ask Lezerath what it was, though she forgot to ask. And so, she arrived at the study, where she scoured the bookshelves for a book to read, preferably one that didn't seem too difficult for her to understand. The tome she got was one titled "Introductions to Arcana", which happened to be one of the books Lezerath showed her the day before. She grabbed the book and brought it with her to the desk, cracked it open and took a gander at the first few pages. The book talked about how Magicka was one of the fundamental forces in nature, and how creatures such as hominids could harness this power and use for themselves. The book was rather interesting, and even included some quick lessons on how to channel simple spells, the first one being a simple telekinesis charm. She looked at a metal jug of water that was on the desk for thirst quenching, and she figured it'd be best to start with something basic. Serena tried to concentrate, focusing her mind on the jug and trying to picture the jug floating in the air. She never channeled Magicka before, and this would be an interesting experience, yet try as she might she just couldn't make the jug float into the air. She tried to concentrate even further, hoping that by chance she would be able to channel magic through her willpower and do what she wanted to do. The jug began to tremble, as though it wanted to rise up. Yet the event took its toll on the mind of the little girl, seeing as she could only make the jug wobble. But not wanting to give up, she tried concentrating once more. She leered at the metal vessel, this time picturing in her mind the event taking fold. The jug began to lift off of the desk. Serena was doing it, and soon the jug was a good yard up from the desk. She began to feel excited by what she was doing, but she tried to not fray her concentration with what she was doing. A sense of pride at least came over her, seeing that she was able to at last be able to channel Magic. "What are you doing, Reshnoz?" said a voice from behind her. Serena yelped in shock, not expecting a voice from behind her. With her concentration gone, the jug lost it's magical lift and came crashing onto the desk, spilling water everywhere and wetting Serena and the Beginner's Tome. When she saw what had happened, she became hysterical. "Oh no!" she yelled. "The tome! Oh, I'm so sorry, Lezerath. I was just reading a book on Magic and wanted to try it. I didn't mean to make all this mess." Though she bowed her head in shame, Lezerath was not angry. Rather, the dragon was stunned to have seen her perform a levitation spell so quickly, and all without preparation. It seemed that the little girl had quite a bit of talent. "No need to worry about the tome, Serena. I'll have it dry by the fire and then use a reparation spell to return it to normal," he assured. "You know, that was quite impressive what you just did. Most people would struggle to accomplish even a simple levitation spell, and yet you did it with ease." "It was still kinda hard, Lezerath," she replied. "I had to focus with all I had just to do that. I think I can do it better, but..." She being her head down, seeming to not believe in herself.The dragon could only smile. Serena didn't realize just how much talent she had. "Only in time, Little One, Only in time will you do better, and before you'll know it it'll become second nature. Me thinks that you may even qualify to enter an academy to learn about Magicka and hone your skills. If not then I'd be happy to show you some more spells." The little girl lifted her head up as her face began to beam. It seemed that she would soon have a teacher, one who'd hopefully be patient enough with her as she tried to learn about the basics. She still wondered about her own abilities, and whether or not she'd be able to cast advanced magical spells in the future. She hoped to do well with Magic. Maybe she could be at the very least a Hedge Mage. "Well then, I'd say you deserve a rest. Go back to bed while I try to dry off this tome. It's still the early morning, and you'll need your sleep and-" The dragon froze in place; something was not right. He turned his neck around to look at the metal door entrance to his cave. There was no sound or knocking or anything like that, yet something caught his attention. "What is it, Lezerath?" asked Serena. "Nothing, Little One. Just return to bed. I'll take this over to the fire pit and dry it off with a bit of heat. Soon I'll have this tome ready for you to read to your enjoyment." Serena wondered what exactly caught the dragon's attention, but she didn't see anything strange or off around the cave entrance. Though she couldn't see anything, it was probably some sixth sense that the dragon had that was warning him of something. The dragon shone bright to transform into his human form, and then he grabbed the book and went over to a fireplace that was next to the lounge area of the antechamber. All the while, Serena walked away to the warm embrace of bed. Yet still, she could not shake away the look that Lezerath gave at the door. It almost seemed like he didn't like how something looked about it. But for the life of her, she just could not figure it out. Even as she returned to bed, she just could not shake away these thoughts. She climbed back onto bed, entering the warm embrace of her warm blankets. Sleep would be what would help her deal with this tension. But as she tried to find sleep, she began to hear the sound of shuffling around the room. Serena lifted herself up again, looking out into the dark corners of the room to see what was causing the slight noise. She figured that Lezerath must be looking for something. But as she tried to return back to sleep, she continued to hear the same shuffling occurring. She lifted her head up again to see, yet there appeared to be no sign of the dragon anywhere in the darkness. "Lezerath?" she called out. Silence. Against her better judgement, Serena climbed off of bed to investigate. She put on her moccasins and walked over to the dark side of the chamber. In the dark she could not see much, but she could tell that there was nobody on this side of the room. She began to feel silly, realizing there was nobody here. But when she turned around to walk back to bed she walked directly into a shadowy figure. She looked to see two figures in the dark looking gaunt and fearsome. She wanted to let out a scream, but a hand quickly covered her mouth as one of them rushed over to grab her. Though she tried to fight back, it was hopeless as she was much weaker than the men. But when the first man spoke, she realized she had nothing to fear. "Relax there, Serena dear," said the familiar voice of the man. "It's us. Remember us? Lezroff and Gaiden? The ones who set you free?" Serena at last calmed down having felt reassured by the voices of the two knights. "Lezroff? Gaiden? Are those really you?" said the girl rather dumbstruck. "In the flesh," replied Gaiden. "Now come. We have to get you out of here. There's no telling when the soldiers will appear and our chance to escape will be foiled." "Escape?" wondered the girl. She had not thought of escaping from the cave at all. In fact, she liked staying in the cave with her host. "Why would I want to escape?" "Oh, dear girl, has the dragon really gotten to your head?" wondered Lezroff. "Aren't you tired of living in fear under a dragon's maw, just wondering when you'll be dinner?" Serena was rather bothered by this. It seemed that the knights misunderstood the good intentions of the dragon. "What are you talking about? Why would Lezerath eat me? He's been treating me so nice and even gave me new clothes. I don't think I ever want to leave." "Believe me when I tell you, youngling, that in another half hour this place will be absolutely flooded with soldiers from over at Sollermun. We have to get you out of here before-!" Suddenly, a low growl came from the side of the two men. It seemed that the two men were just about to meet the cave's inhabitant, as the large dragon stood staring at the two men as it tried to cope with their temerity for having come into the cave unwelcome. "Now tell me, you two, how exactly did you plan on leaving this cave alive? I wonder if you can even draw your weapons before I eviscerate you of your organs to make my dinner. I am only holding back because my charge is right there with you, but just know that you two are now breathing your last." The knights were in quite the predicament. Yet though a fight now seemed eminent, the two men didn't seem all that worried, however. Lezroff simply turned to face the Dragon, feeling rather confident that he could reason with the dragon. "This little girl is your charge? Is that what you said, Wyrm?" replied Lezroff. "I didn't know that dragons took up little girls and took care of them." "Keep talking, churl. You only stall your death by speaking with me." "But if you kill us, then your death is also to come," turned Gaiden, having built up nerve as well to talk to the dragon. "The Empire has sent the Blood Guard from Sollermun this way, and they'll be here any minute now. We've come to rescue the girl, for it was my partner and I who freed her from her captors on that fateful night two days ago." "So, you two are the cretins who freed her and allowed her to almost get eaten by a pack of wolves?!" bellowed Lezerath, only getting even more enraged. "If it weren't for me, then this girl would have been torn to pieces. Do you honestly believe I'll let the girl come with you two, even if Sollermun has indeed sent the Guard to come here?" "Well, to be frank, dragon, considering how much power this little girl possesses, it would not be of issue for her to be dead. She's the key to unleashing ruin upon the land," explained Lezroff. "You have no idea just how in over your head you are getting, beast. And the Guard are going to be hell bent on getting her. Already they're bringing their rifles and cannons by the dozen, and they will walk over your corpse to reacquire her." "Trust my partner when he says that, Dragon," added Gaiden, though he tried not to be as curt and direct. "There is much more to this little girl than meets the eye. If the Empire recaptures her back into her clutches, then all of Dyannor will fall into ruin. I know you are worried over her safety, but believe me when I tell you that her life, as well as yours, is in dire straits right now. We must flee, lest we all meet a terrible fate!" Lezerath paused, seeming to have been hit hard by these words. Again, the fact that he knew little of Serena's past was brought up, and it seemed that the knights have revealed something that he had not known of. This little girl, the one who clutched onto Lezroff's leg, who was shaking from the fear of hearing that the empire was once more coming after her, was much more important than any one of them had realized. Uncertainty filled the air, with every second passing being wasted time for the Blood Guard to arrive. If they were indeed bringing firearms, then Lezerath would be no match for them. Though he was loath to trust the knights, especially those of the Order of the Enchyron, he felt that he had no other choice. "Very well," and then the room filled with a bright light as the dragon transformed back to his human form in mere moments. "I will trust you and aid you in escaping, knights. But know that I promised to take care of Serena. She is my charge, and I will do anything to protect her, even from the two of you if the time were to come." He then looked at Serena. "Reshnoz, I will need you to go to the Wardrobe and ask it to pick for you some traveling clothes and some nice boots. We are leaving the cave to go with the knights." "Lezerath..." Serena was unsure what to do, but one look of reassurance from the dragon man eased her enough to do as she was told. She left the knights and went for the wardrobe, putting her hand on the door and thinking of some travel clothes to wear while the magical device picked out the best clothes for her. All the while, the knights looked back at Lezerath with uncertain eyes. He was wearing his black plate armor; the same one he wore when he first transformed for Serena. But what struck them even more curious was the style of the armor he wore. It was rare to find armor like the one that Lezerath wore, and much less in the territory that belonged to that armor's enemy. "Tell me, dragon-" said Lezroff before being cut off. "You may call me Lezerath, wretch." "Err, right... Lezerath," began Lezroff again. "I find the armor that you’re wearing to be rather peculiar. I never expected a dragon to bear Dark Knight armor, and much less from the Order of Bastion. What is a Dark Knight of Bastion doing in the land of his order's enemy?" "That is none of your business," sneered Lezerath, though he then calmed down. "Besides, I left the Order long ago. It has been quite a long while since I resigned my title." "Once a knight, always a knight, Lezerath," replied Gaiden. "I bet it was that sense of honor that made you take in little Serena when she was in trouble. That is very noble of you, to give your time and effort to take care of a little girl in which you have no prior relationship with. It is not often that a dragon goes out of his way to do something like this for a human." Lezerath grumbled. "I guess. I only followed my conviction. I will say that I wish more of my kind were as sympathetic, though I won't expect other drake-kin to follow in my footsteps. "By the way, how was it that you managed to track down Serena? This cave is quite hidden and out of the way for you to know that the little girl was here." To that, Lezroff pulled out a white stone with a blue rune on it. "It's with this that we managed to track you. But I guess we no longer need it now that we've tracked down the girl," he said as he placed the stone on a shelf. "I'd still say take it with you," suggested Lezerath. "We could still use it for when-" Soon the foot falls of a little girl were heard coming over. Lezerath turned around to face Serena, now dressed in her new attire. She wore a brown blouse, a black thick coat that was buttoned at her waist and a purple travels skirt, with shorts and white leggings underneath her skirt which were for added protection and decency. She wore dark brown boots with green socks, which looked like they could handle a long trip and wouldn't tire out her feet. But most curious of all was a black witch's hat that she wore on the top of her head, one with a red lace going along the base of the brim. She looked like a fledgling mage, and for sure she looked the part of an apprentice who was learning the tricks of Arcana and Magicka as a whole. Lezerath was quite taken by this, and he liked how she looked overall. It was not long for the cold, so the coat and thick clothes would be necessary. "You look wonderful, Serena," said Lezerath rather taken. "Will we be needing anything else, Lezerath?" asked Serena. "Yes," and with that, Lezerath grabbed a rucksack that was off to the side. "Food, blankets, clothes, medicine... We'll store everything we need right here." Serena was rather puzzled. The bag looked rather small, and she wondered if things such as food and blankets and clothes would all fit into the bag. But when Lezerath started shoving things into the bag, she found it curious that the bag didn't seem to get any fatter. But a hint at what the bag actually was came from when Lezroff said. "I recommend taking whatever valuables and precious items you can inside that magical bag, Lezerath," said the blonde-haired knight. "Anything here will surely be seized or destroyed by the Byammar Empire. Best to go with as much as you can." "That's the idea, knight," responded Lezerath as he began putting clothes from the wardrobe into the bag, most of it being clothes for Serena. A curious thing that Serena saw the dragon put into the bag was a long flintlock rifle, which was the trophy he took from the Soldiers who came to retrieve her a couple nights before. The rifle was much longer than the bag, and yet the entire thing was able to fit inside of it. For sure the bag was magical, as Lezroff made note, though as to what kind of magic it was remains as a mystery. After Lezerath gathered the valuables and necessities from the bed chamber, he then went to the main antechamber to get some things from there too. He got many books and tomes from the library, some parchments from the study, food from the kitchenette, and some vials of what Serena could only assume to be medicine from a cabinet that just reeked of herbs and concoctions. When Lezerath was all said and done he returned to the three, seeming to have stuffed many hundreds of pounds worth of items into the rucksack, and yet the bag seemed no fuller than how it was when he first grabbed it. The last thing that the dragon was to get was what floated in the middle of the room, which was the grey rune orb. All Lezerath did was extend his arm toward it and the orb floated towards him. When his hand touched the orb, it began to shine as the massive size of the orb faded away into mist, revealing it to be a stone no larger than a marble. The marble sized rune stone floated down on Lezerath's hand, and he put the orb somewhere curious. He pulled out a necklace that was hidden under his armor, which looked like a decorative ring where something could fit in the middle, and placed the stone there. It made a little click noise as Lezerath placed it in there, and with that, he had everything he needed. "I have everything we need for the escape, plus some valuables and some extras that are almost irreplaceable and worth plenty," concluded the dragon. "If all is said and done, my I ask you knights where you want us to go, as well as your names? I believe we've not introduced ourselves properly yet." "Right. My name is Lezroff Gallavan. And this is my partner Gaiden Oblige. We're to head to-" Suddenly the front door to the cave started banging loudly. The sounds of metal banging on metal began to fill the entire cave. The heavy metal and magical door still held strong but there was not telling whether or not it will continue to hold. "It seems we're out of time for introductions," noted Gaiden. "More than that, we're bloody trapped," added Lezroff. "I see a bloody battle in the future, one in which we are not likely to survive." Serena whimpered as she went over to hug Lezerath by his abdomen. Things were looking rather dire, and if there is no other route of escape... "Don't count on that happening. Believe me when I say that we won't have to," said Lezerath. He then turned around and headed for the study area. He pulled pushed something hidden that was within the bookshelf, and suddenly a loud clicking sound was heard. Then a hidden door swung open as a slight gust blew past them. "I built a hidden back entrance to this cave. Now come. The front door won't hold off the Blood Guard forever, and even less if they have a bloody cannon." The four rushed ahead and into the secret passage that lay ahead of them. And when they all entered through Lezerath closed the door behind them and latched it shut, so that way the Kyreem soldiers would not be able to follow them even if they found the hidden button. The four walked a bit of a ways down the hidden passage. It was both pitch dark and musty, and it also had a bit of a steady incline, which made travel rather difficult. What's more was that behind them a thunderous boom reverberated through the cave with the sound of twisting metal, meaning that the Blood Guard managed to blast their way through the front door, presumably with their cannon. There was only hope that the guard would not be able to find the secret passage so quickly and easily. But a bit of light could be seen off into the distance, and more over it was coming from the ceiling. The four reached the end of the passage, and above them light could be seen coming from some slight cracks. Lezerath went ahead and pushed up on the ceiling, revealing the early morning sky to the four. Lezerath, Lezroff, and Gaiden were the first to hop out of the passage, to which Lezerath lifted Serena gently up. With all four of them safely out of the passage and with Lezerath sealing the passage back with the lid and with a heavy stone on top, it was clear that they had at last escaped. "Glad that's done with," said Lezroff. "Aye aye, mate," cheered Gaiden. With this, Lezerath turned to the knights. "So tell me, gentlemen, where exactly was it that you wanted us to go to before we were so rudely interrupted?" "To the southwest, Lezerath," replied Gaiden. "We're to head deep within the Azkhal Forest, towards the direction of Lake Hemlock. There is a shrine there that we should reach so that we can get into contact with the Order. I know that you want answers for all of this nonsense that is going on, and I promise to give them to you once we manage to talk to Master Gillian of the Enchyron?" "Gillian Reinhardt himself sent you?" said Lezerath with surprise. "If a consul from the order himself gave you this task, then it seems that there may be more to all this than meets the eye. But to reach there quickly, I suggest we fly." And with that, Lezerath began to glow bright as he turned back into a dragon. But it seemed that the light that shone from the transformation may have been a bit too bright. "I hope the soldiers didn't see what you just did dragon," sighed Lezroff. "We could have just stealthily walked over there, right." "Just hop on my back before the soldiers come. It's much quicker this way, mind you." Serena's heart began to beat a little hard on hearing about flying. She had never flown in the air in her life, and she wondered how it was going to be to soar through the air on the back of a dragon. She was nervous as to going up into the air, even if she had the knights holding onto her. But considering the circumstances, she just had stow away her fear and go for it. Lezerath seemed to already know of her hesitancy, and he simply looked at her with a smile and bent his head towards her, giving her a reassuring lick to what they were going to do. "Have no fear, Reshnoz," he said to calm her. "The knights will climb on my back, but you get to ride gripped inside my talons. I promise not to drop you or make any sudden movements. I know that you are rather afraid of doing this. I'm certain this will be your first-time riding with a dragon, right?" She nodded her head. And with that the knights climbed up Lezerath's back, careful not to scrape his hide with the sharp points of their metal boots. With the knights on board, Lezerath then grabbed Serena gently in his left clawed hand, making sure to not apply to much pressure as to squeeze her. There wasn't a moment to waste, since the sounds of running footfalls and climbing could be heard off the side of the slope of the hill from soldiers coming to investigate the light that just shone. Lezerath stretched out his wings, opening them wide as he then stood up on his hind legs to get into the air. With a massive downward flap of his wings, the dragon launched into the air. Another flap and the dragon and his riders were now higher and higher. His right paw not free, Lezerath used it to grab onto Serena, holding her gently and as she was now nestled into his clawed hands and ready to take flight. Serena couldn't believe that she was up in the air, and it was just such a wonderful sight to see everything from up high. It was something so wonderful, to see the world from a view that only birds got the chance to see. And as Lezerath began to flap his wings to fly forwards, she began to love the feeling of flying. If her hands were not bound by his talons, she would have stretched them out in order to feel the breeze, to make it seem as though she was gliding. But as Lezerath flew forwards to where the mouth of the cave was at, the four saw just how much danger they were in when they were in the cave. The empire had sent over a hundred units of the infamous Blood Guard to try and acquire Serena, and they were all heavily armored and armed to the teeth. Most of these soldiers had rifles too, which meant that Lezerath would've stood no chance against them. Even with the knights and their bullet resistant armor, there was simply no way for them survive against such massive numbers. Simply put, everyone would've been slaughtered if they stayed behind to fight like Lezerath wanted to. The soldiers began shouting as soon as they saw the dragon fly, seeing that their mark was already in the air. Arrows began to fly, but already at the distance that Lezerath was at the arrows just bounced off of his scales and the armor of the knights with ease. Soon the sound of booming rifles was also heard, hopefully scoring a lucky hit as the dragon flew further and further away. These bullets, however, did manage to pierce through Lezerath's hide, causing him to voice his pain. Thankfully they were not in too deep, and at least he would soon be out of range. Lezerath flapped his wings hard, leaving behind his old home and everything else that wouldn't fit inside his seemingly bottomless rucksack. It was a rather hard thing for the drake to do, but then again, he wasn't going to mourn the loss of material items all that much. What mattered most of all was the little girl who he clutched in his paws. He wasn't about to let anything stop him from protecting her. But after a while, he began to hear a little bit of a sobbing noise coming from beneath him. He wondered what happened to Serena for her to start crying. "Serena, are you well?" he called out as he stopped in midflight. Lezroff could also hear the whimpers coming from the little girl. He looked to his side to see what exactly was ailing her, and when he saw her, he saw that blood was dripping down her calf. "Lezerath! She's hit!" cried out the knight. "What?!" bellowed Lezerath. It seemed that the Blood Guard inadvertently hit their target rather than her protector, and she was bleeding quite heavily. Lezerath bent his neck down to see, and sure enough blood was dripping down her lower leg. Her leg was utterly dripping in blood; her face was starting to turn pale, and she looked like she was in terrible pain. Not wasting a minute, he turned his head to scan for a hidden clearing of sorts, somewhere he could land so he could then tend to her wound. He just hoped that he was far enough away from the Blood Guard so they wouldn't sneak up on him while he tended to her. Lezerath found one clearing out near the forest, and so he flew down to land. He noticed that there was even a small creek flowing through the middle, which would be a perfect place for him to clean her wound. His hind feet touched the ground first, and when he set down Serena next to the creek and the knights hopped off his back, only then did he return to his human form. He immediately went over to see her wound, and it seemed to be just as bad as he saw it earlier. Indeed, a bullet had pierced deep into the girl's leg, and she was still bleeding a bit. Her face was now quite pale, seeing as she had lost quite a bit of blood already and was in dire need of aid. Lezerath grabbed his rucksack and dug into it, pulling out a green vial of some sort of medicine or whatnot. He hoped that this would help out with the pain and stave infection, though sealing the wound and removing the bullet would require a bit of magic. "This will sting a bit, Serena," he warned as he pours a little bit of the fuming liquid onto her wound. Serena squealed in pain for a moment as the liquid seemed to burn her wound, but soon she found that the initial pain was numbing away and even a cooling sensation was coming over her wound. "There, now that wasn't so bad, right? Now, I'm going to have to pull out the bullet in order to seal the wound with a spell I know, so stay still?" "Will it hurt?" she whimpered. "I promise that it won't. You'll feel much better with this." And so, Lezerath put a hand above the wound. Serena began to feel something being pulled from her leg, though the tonic had numbed her leg enough so that she only felt a little bit of discomfort. With what appeared to be a telekinesis spell, Lezerath pulled out the bullet slowly. The bullet floated out of the wound and into the air, still intact and with only slight denting. Lezerath grabbed the bullet and glared at it, seeing the true extent of the power of firearms. This is why he cursed the invention of gunpowder. Next came sealing the wound. A green light began to glow from his hand, and before Serena's eyes her wound began to seal and close. She didn't feel any pain at all, and it even felt a little tingly. She just felt lucky that Lezerath knew these spells, otherwise she'd have been in mortal danger. "Impressive, Lezerath," said Lezroff. "Though to be honest, I would expect a Knight of Bastion to know some healing spells." "I'll say. That was a bang up good there, mate," added Gaiden. "You're just full of surprises." "I learned healing magic out of my own accord. My Order had nothing to do with it." And with that, Lezerath turned to face Serena. "Are you well, little one? Do you feel any pain?” She nodded no. "Well, at least your wound is healed, though I imagine you're as frail as a crumbling leaf due to all of that blood loss." "I'm okay, Lezerath," assured Serena as she tried to stand up. But as she stood, she began to feel dizzy and fell back down to the ground. "Wah! *oof* Ow," she yipped as she realized that her protector had a point. "Heh, I guess I'm a bit weak." Even with what had happened, Serena still managed to have a bit of a sense of humor. Lezerath chuckled as his dipped to pick up the weak little girl in his arms. It was now time to head back on the road. "So, how far are we from this shrine that you two mentioned? Though we ought to head back on the road, I'm loath to fly again so as to not bring attention to ourselves. We'll head on foot over there." "Fair enough, mate," replied Gaiden. "The shrine is to the south from here. We're at the footfalls of the lake, so it won't be long." Lezerath picked up his belongings as he carried Serena. It would not be long now until he'd at last get answers. It would still be quite a walk, and as he said he didn't want to bring attention to them all by flying. All Lezerath hoped for was that the walk would not be too long, and that the shrine was close. He looked at the little girl in his arms, whose eyes were shut as she seemed to have fallen asleep due to blood loss. He hoped that she'd at least have a good day dream while they all walked ahead. The party pressed on, hoping that the trip to the shrine would be uneventful... Commander Josiah Wellingarde was mortified by the escape of the little girl and the dragon again. He saw when the dragon flew along with the girl, including with those two Knights of the Enchyron he had met days before. It seemed that the knights always had a way of interfering with the plans of the Empire, and today was no different. But Josiah failed his mission. He knew that there would be no mercy waiting for him back at Sollermun, and he knew that his life was now forfeit--unless he managed to track the girl down some way. But then again, there was no way to know for sure where the dragon flew off to. “Bloody bones,” said Josiah under his breath. “Where in the bloody hell did that girl go to?” A subordinate walked over to the commander, eyeing the man carefully as to not upset him. “Commander, we found the tunnel through which the dragon escaped,” said the Blood Guard soldier. “We already discovered where they escaped from.” “Well, that’s bloody well and good, but unless we find any clues as to where the girl and dragon went, then that bit of information is useless.” He then turned to his subordinate to give a few more orders. “We’ll need to track the dragon some way or another, but if the knights are with them, then I bet they went to the Shrine of Lake Hemlock. I know the Knights of the Enchyron use that place as a safe house, and I know for a fact that they’d go there once they get the girl. But then again they could also be on their way to Haerondir for all I know. We need to know for certain.” Josiah walked into the cave, where he hoped that his soldiers were scanning through the study area and the bedchamber to find any sort of information. He saw his men scanning through all sort of books and pieces of parchment, scanning the artifacts that were hanging on the wall, or even breaking and smashing things to see where anything hidden was—at the very least, the valuable items would bring the empire a good deal of money, if anything else. Josiah walked into the bedchamber, where his men were also scanning around. He went to the side of the room, admiring the many items that where there. At the very least, it seemed that the dragon had many valuables all around. It was then that he saw it, something that his men had overlooked. A small, white stone with a blue rune on it was laying on the shelf. He immediately recognized what it was. He couldn’t believe that his men had missed it, and he went over to pick it up. It seemed that his luck had just turned around. “Well, it seems that we might be back on the hunt.” With this, he called to the rest of his men, and ordered them to gather anything of value. He hoped that this would be the breakthrough that he needed. The girl would not escape him forever. He would find her again, no matter what…
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