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HTTYD Adopts (4/4 OPEN) by dragonrider71103 HTTYD Adopts (4/4 OPEN) :icondragonrider71103:dragonrider71103 14 5 Dear Diary by dragonrider71103 Dear Diary :icondragonrider71103:dragonrider71103 2 0 Happy Holidays! by dragonrider71103 Happy Holidays! :icondragonrider71103:dragonrider71103 4 0
Eugene's Guide to 'LEOVRIN'

Greetings and salutations! My name is Eugene Meuser, and I would like to share with you my research on the illusive and notorious society of the Leovrin. In my research, My sister and I took it upon ourselves to dig in as deep as we could to uncover the secrets of these creatures and their way of life. to do this, we ventured into their territory, and set up base in a secret location where we could observe it's key elements up close and personal. We strongly recommend not attempting anything we did yourself. We are professionals, and we wrote this guide specifically to give you an inside look on the Leovrin so that you won't need to do it yourself.

Species Description: 

The Leovirn Species is a powerful Inter-dimensional species that prefers to stay in one place, which is a hidden pocket dimension, created by the Leovrin themselves. Within this Pocket dimension lays a massive star ship. This starship has been unoffi
:icondragonrider71103:dragonrider71103 1 4
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Terepy Pipes
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I'm fandom trash... thaaaat's all i really have to say :/


HTTYD Adopts (4/4 OPEN)

I decided to draw up some of my first adoptables! I tried selling these on the HTTYD amino, but no one was buying, so trying on here couldn't hurt, right?

So, I'd first like to address my 'Rules'.

1. Do not remove the signature on the original design

2. For now this will be first come first serve

3. Please don't fight over desgins. If I find anyone fighting, all parties involved will not be allowed to purchase an adopt

4. By purchasing an adopt, you're free to manipulate it as you like. As soon as I receive the money, it's all yours.

(Just be mindful of rule 1)

And that's it! Not too hard, right?

For the Time Being, each desgin will cost $5.00 or 400 points

Send me a note if you wish to purchase with money so we can discuss the necessary information in private

(Sorry if this seems odd of if there's any missing information, this is my first time doing this. Please correct me in the comments)

Anyway, here's the status of all Four dragons;

1.) Sliquifier (OPEN)
2.) Deadly Nader (OPEN)
3.) Monstrous Nightmare (OPEN)
4.) Woolly Howl (OPEN)

Dear Diary
Oof. Finally. This thing is finished!!
I swear, this thing has been rotting away in my computer for what feels like months. It was nice to finally finish it! And it came out rather beautifully!

The character is Little King John from Rat boy Genius on YouTube (which you can find here;… ) now I know it looks Obscure, and the animation is... *Shutters* uncanny to say the least. But the story, writing, And soundtrack especially are really good! My favorite character is Little King John. At first he's very selfish, creepy, and manipulative. But he slowly starts to care about others, as his home is taken away from him by an enormous flood that drowns the planet.

So it inspired me to draw this! I hope y'all like it! I hope to do both more digital paintings and fan art of Ratboy Genius in the future. :D
So, I've been thinking about making a comic, but I have a lot of ideas, and idk which one to execute. Here's some ideas that I have. If you wanna vote on which one you would like me to do, go ahead and comment, because I don't have a core membership -.-'

Wild Tale (Based on a Role Play):
One of the more though out yet lengthy ones I had in mind, featuring Mac and the Leovrin, as well as some other characters played by other ppl (you know yo you are ;) ) We embark on an adventure of a unlikely team of creatures, with most of them just trying to peacefully settle in a universal crossroad, but dark forces seem to lurk behind every corner, with intentions of possibly taring apart the little friendship these characters have. and in the meantime, they can't seem to get along well anyway! I would need the permission of some of the people who played other characters, but otherwise, I would love to turn this into a comic!

Voices Of the Ocean: A bit of a newer idea that I had, and it would need some more tweeks here and there before I started to emulate it into a more thought out story. Most likely featuring Frix, this story will take place in an alternate universe where there are two intelligent species of creature roaming the world, Humans and a sea dwelling creature called Oikaim. society, is just like it is today, only with theses interesting humanoid beings around. I would expect there to be some conflict between these two species, but then again, I still need to work out the kinks and such.

Lost to the Storm:
This story I've had in my head for a while. We start off with a story from a long time ago, with the spirits of the Clouds, The Ocean, and the Moon. The Ocean and the Sky spirits both correspond with the Moon, the Oceans rising and falling tide due to her subtle gravity, and the water from the Sea partakes in the clouds that roll across the sky. The spirit of the clouds loved to look up and the beautiful moon every night, and bask her elegant white light. Both Ocean and Cloud spirits had given the Moon spirit a piece of their heart, to continue the harmony of the sky and sea. One day, the Moon and the Ocean spirits decide to live together on earth, and take mortal form. The Cloud spirit became angered that this idea, and separated the ocean and the moon with a dark, thick storm, that raged on for days, thunder struck land and sea, and rain poured on at a seemingly endless rate. The ocean spirit, enraged by the cloud spirits childish behavior, and struck her down, drowning her within the darkness of its deep waters... the Sea and the Moon spirits now could not change into mortal form, and live together peacefully, instead, they live apart, struggling to maintain balance in the world. Due to the Cloud spirits disappearance, the rain ceased to fall, sending the world into a drought. That's when two unlikely heroes step in to save the land, and get back the Cloud spirit. But it may not be as easy as as they thought it would be... (Sorry, It was kinda hard to summarize it XP)

Sooooo comment which one u think I should do! :P


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thanks for the faves! I really appreciate them! :D
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No prob bob! You deserve them! Bring forth thy happyface 
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Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and faving my latest piece. I really appreciate it dragonrider71103.
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No prop bob! I'm a massive fan of Star wars, and especially the new movies! I love the piece you made! it's absolutely gorgeous! The lighting and anatomy is spot on! 
Keep up the good work!!
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Those are indeed kind words. Our supreme leader thanks you for your loyalty! Seriously though, thanks, you are too kind :)
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HOLY HANNA!! Stop right there!
only 180 or so watchers!? 
Hon, that's WAAAY too low for you're quality of art! 
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Hey thanks for the watch!
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Hey don’t mention it your art is adorable!
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