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Skeleton in the Closet

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Sorry, Blake. But this is what happens when u have a skelly bf who likes puns.

 Anywho, this is just a funny mini comic idea i thought of for some of the characters for a webcomic I wanna do some day! Featuring my OCs Boston (the zombie) and Jerek (the skeleton/grim reaper) and Boburto‘s OC Blake (the human) 

Jerek LOVES skeleton puns so he takes full advantage whenever possible. ALSO Boston is super excited in the last panel because it was actually HIM who set these two up on their first ‘date’ since he’s both friends with them and he’s pretty proud of himself that they’re actually a couple now.

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Omg I just read this I freaking love this!!!!! <D
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I like those boots, holy crap....This needs to be a comic, Bane.
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oh dw its happening B) 
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I love the last panel ahaha his face is so funny! Great work!
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heh, thank you i had fun drawing it LOL
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*Slow claps* 😐
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I love this so much;;;; I'd be hyped if you did a webcomic man!!!
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oh man!!! Well thanks!! :D I'm glad to have the support!! I'll prob post pages on DA once i get it started so look out for em!! 
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AHHHHH I FUCKIN LOVE THI S  SO MUC H BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  ;______;  ughh blakes such a lucky guy GOD boston is the greatest match maker lol, his face just kills me everytime i look at it
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