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Dem abs

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My school newspaper is writing an article about how the only reason people like New Moon is because of Jacob's abs, so I was asked to make a comic for it. So if you see this in your school paper than we go to the same school! xD Anyways...I've never seen any of the movies or read any of the books, so YAY. My sister is obsessed with them though. *throws up and dies* Enjoy DEM ABS,

Twilight (c) that emo whore

WHOS DAT POKEMON!!! IT's SHARKBOY!!! What's this?!?! Shark boy is evolving!! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN NUH NUUH!! Dun Dun dun dunnnannaaaa!!! Sharkboy has evolved into ABacromibe werewolf model!!!
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GabiSaKuRaStudent Traditional Artist
LMAO!!!!! Priceless!!! XD
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RapturesSaviourStudent Digital Artist
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"luscious body" lol
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amyheartless153Hobbyist General Artist
he's the only character from twilight that's my favorite he's like a puppy dog
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1. funny comic... My wife dragged me to see that movie in theater and it did seem like a hefty percentage of most people's love for it was just the mall-clothing-store-model-guy ripping off his shirt every chance he got.

2. Was the 'faggot' at the end of the description really neccessary? While you're at it why don't you throw some completely random racial slurs or religion bashing into the description as well?
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DragonRider13025Professional Digital Artist
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I nearly spat out my drink when I saw Jacob Whatshisface was Shark Boy. I didn't watch either movie, but it was still funny to watch this lil' thing grow up to be a stripper. I mean, a werewolf >.>
I think the lowest point in mine and my sisters relationship was when she asked me if I was for Team Edward or Team Jacob. Followed closely by her asking me to explain my thoughts on Justin Biebekiribewerer.
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DragonRider13025Professional Digital Artist
Lol OH GOD....little sisters. ... *shakes head*
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lol Abercrombe Werewolf model...
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Eros-FiresongStudent Photographer
OMG this is like the funniest comic ever and plus, jacob is just awesome lol!
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Eros-FiresongStudent Photographer
Well he is in my head anyway. I must admit I was one of those twitards in the third cell of your comic though. But Im gay so its okay lol
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I saw teh movie twice :) (it was invouluntary! We went to the movie and we 'accidently' bought New Moon tickets... The next day I saw it with different friends)
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Lucious indeed.
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vixenchild333Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha i tottaly agree... allthough the books wern't bad the effed up big time in the movies i watch them just to complain i was in the theater for the first one with a ton of my friends and we were yelling at the movie eventually the entire croud was doing it! :D
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Axellover16Hobbyist General Artist
yeah that series sucks. and i have become immune to jacob's abs.
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XDDDD XP Oh my god, I'm so stealing that Sharkboy evolution from you.
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to true....
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Only reason my 43 year mother watched the movie. (She forced my brother to go with her)
Creepy isn't it.

Jacob is hot, I'll give it that much but oh dear god the whole series is god awful.
One of my class mates was happy to go and watch the movie, she came back hateing twilight.
"I hope t get a good look a Ed's body but when he took his shirt off I went 'EW! put it back on!' " Those are her words I swear it! XD

I myself find the whole damn series creepy, shitty and stupid.
One good thing came out though!

Now crazy twilight (I have asked a few twitards) girls are willing jump off cliffs and crash the automobiles in order for they're boy friend speak in their heads and go back to them!

Thank you Darwin! C:

<End rant>
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Lecksy7804Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i am a fan of the general story of it, i guess. but bella is a complete pansy, and so is edward. she cant even do anything after edward leaves. i was bawling my eyes out when i was reading the book but i see now how pathetic she truly was.

the most illogical thing is that a girl would rather have the guy who looks like he's on drugs all the time, is pissy, is an ice cube, and is bugging his eyes out all the time as opposed to Taylor Lautner. meh, well, Jacob. the best friend guy, has the abs of......something unimaginable, is hot in the literal term, and isn't as hairy in "human" form as a dog. because i saw the movie and EW is robert pattinson HAIRY. BLEH

not to mention Kristen whats its cant act.
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Exactly my point.
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Lecksy7804Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:) i love you.
finally someone with the same idea.

i mean haven't you seen Robert? EW
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XD You flatter me!

Ugh..sadly..my mom showed me him topless...I needed eye soap.
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Lecksy7804Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
they sell eye soap?? O: no way.
order me some 'o that shit. ;]
heh heh.
ironically i have a harry potter movie right next to me.
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