Incorrigible, Both of Them

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The tavern was warm and cozy, but Talyx was restless. A new country, new people, new foods. It was overwhelming. And with poor hearing, he was turning every which way until he got dizzy and Orion clamped a strong hand on his shoulder, steering him, Ferret, and the three girls into the nearest dump of a tavern in the little village. Now, out of the rain, and adrenaline fading, Tal just felt tired. He was tired of walking so much, tired of seeming to make little progress. Ferret had been positive and kept him going, but even his best friend’s encouragements were starting to lose their power.

While Orion ordered heaping mounds of food for them all, two of the girls, who introduced themselves as Morgan and Lienne, tended to Ferret’s burn. It looked nasty, and twice Ferret had nearly passed out on their way here. Tal’s gut roiled with worry. They had already gone without food for a few days. The attack made Ferret look drained.

Ferret caught him watching and flashed a reassuring smile. “I’m not dying.”

“I know.” Tal hunched his shoulders. “Just… we don’t know what that thing’s bite can do.”

“It shouldn’t be more than a burn,” Morgan said, applying an ointment on the wound. Ferret hissed and flinched back, but Lienne gently held him still for Morgan. “You’re lucky you got away with only that.”

“I told him to stay back,” Tal huffed, smirking.

Ferret rolled his eyes. “Yes, like I would leave you with four fire-monsters. That definitely sounds like something I would do.”

“Can you blame me for trying?”

“Stop talking and let me focus,” Morgan snapped.

Tal tried to hide a smile, but obeyed. He pushed his wet auburn hair from his face as he watched Selanji, beside him, who was busy trying to wring water from her skirt.

“Will your skirt survive?” he asked casually. Selanji glared at him, but then gave him a suggestive smile.

“Would you like to check for me?”

Tal grinned, catching on. This kind of conversation was something he was good at. “I could. I’m told I’m quite good at it.”

“Ugh, can you two not?” Morgan groaned, glaring. “Take it outside if you’re going to be this way.”

Selanji shrugged and stood, smoothing out her damp skirt. “Nah. He’s not my type.”

“Every boy is your type, Sel.” Morgan rolled her eyes. Selanji glowered.

Tal barked a laugh. “Well, I’m every girl’s type. We’d make a good pair.”

Ferret groaned as Selanji smirked and sauntered off, hips swinging. Tal grinned.

“Please try to behave.” Ferret looked at Tal.

“What? I wasn’t actually going to!”

“I know you weren’t, but they don’t know that.” Ferret nodded to Morgan and Lienne.

“My attention to ladies hardly ever goes below the waist, I swear.” Talyx assured the table. Morgan made a face, and Ferret groaned again. Tal smirked and stood. “I need some fresh air. Yell for me when the food gets here.”

Morgan looked at him. “Will you hear us?”

Tal was beginning to regret telling these people he was hard of hearing. He glared. “Just come and get me.”

Ferret gave another reprimanding look, but Tal pushed away from the table and wandered to the door, ducking around a drunken man singing off-key. Or Talyx hoped it was off-key.

Outside, the rain had slowed to a nice, lulling drizzle. Tal leaned against the tavern wall, letting the drops tap on his face and clothes. He hadn’t been dry enough to care anyway.

A finger poked his shoulder. Tal jumped and turned sharply, suddenly wishing he’d brought his staff out with him. But he relaxed. Selanji leaned against the wall beside him, taking long swallows from a tankard.

Tal smirked. “Got enough magic potion there?” He eyed her up and down. Her skirt was muddy and soaked, as was her shirt, and it clung to her slender frame temptingly.

“Alcohol.” Selanji swirled the tankard. “Best kind of magic there is.”

Tal grinned, turning to face her. Selanji lifted a brow, eyeing him just as he’d eyed her. “Need something?”

“No.” He shrugged innocently. “Just admiring how a pretty lady like you can take that much liquor.”

Selanji winked, shifting a little closer. “Who says I can?”

Tal’s grin got wider. “You seem to be doing a fine job.”

“Got the wall for balance.” Selanji patted the building. “Otherwise I’d have fallen all over you.” She laughed, taking another swallow.

“I don’t think that would have been a bad thing.” Tal smirked. “I would have caught you.” He shrugged casually. “I don’t let ladies fall. Even if they’re swooning for me.”

“Ha!” Selanji nearly tipped into him. “I’ll bet they do.” She gave him a smile he recognized as one he often gave other girls before he kissed him. Tal grinned. “You probably let them fall right into bed.”

Tal laughed this time and shook his head. “I don’t go that far.” He winked. “But I don’t mind a kiss or two. That’s usually enough for the two of us.”

“Pity,” Selanji smirked. “Is your friend the same way?”

“Oh no,” Tal chuckled. “He’s usually the one watching out for trouble while I cause mischief.”

Selanji gave him another alluring smile. “And your mischief includes pretty ladies?”

“Like yourself, yes.” Tal allowed himself to turn fully to her, standing with her between him and the wall. Selanji turned to face him, her back to the wall.

“And how do you know I want any part in this mischief?”

“Because you like mischief just as much as I do.” Tal smirked and leaned in and pecked a light kiss. Selanji didn’t even flinch. She smirked instead.

“How do you know?”

“Your outfit tells all.”

Selanji huffed. “You are a cocky boy, aren’t you?”

“So I’ve been told.” Tal grinned and leaned down for another kiss, which Selanji readily gave, setting aside her ale. Her arm hooked around his neck while his hand slid around her waist. She was an excellent kisser. Tal met each kiss with his own, not missing a beat.


Orion returned with food just as Morgan finished wrapping a bandage around Ferret’s burn. His arm throbbed strangely, and he fought the urge to ask, for the hundredth time, if the girls were sure the melker bite wouldn’t have any lasting effects. He liked it better when he and Tal fought the werewolves in their own country. He knew their bite did nothing more than hurt. A lot. Unless you were gullible and believed the myths that you’d turn into a werewolf too.

Tal and Selanji both had disappeared a few minutes ago, and neither made any reappearance when steaming plates of food were plunked down before them.

“Tal’s probably outside,” Ferret said, rising.

“Sit down,” Morgan ordered. “You look like skin and bones. Lienne can fetch him.”

Lienne eyed the food longingly, but she got up and wormed her way through the crowded room to the door. She was making slow but steady progress. Ferret looked at the food set before him, and the liquid in the tankard.

“It’s just cider,” Morgan assured him. “Nothing intoxicating.”

Ferret tried a sip and found he loved it. He glimpsed Orion staring at something over Ferret’s shoulder. The tall, magic-wielding man took a swallow of something from a small flask, etched with designs Ferret couldn’t quite make out.

The man had interested Ferret ever since he came barreling into the fight with the melker. He knew magic, something neither Talyx nor Ferret had ever seen before. They had legends and fairytales about characters meddling in magic, but it wasn’t real.

But here, here it was. And the powerful man sitting across him knew magic. Ferret hadn’t yet worked up the courage to ask him about it, but now he swallowed a bite of food and asked timidly, “What is that?” He nodded to the flask. “More magic?”

Orion blinked and looked at him, then the flask. He took another swallow.

“Alcohol,” the man said gruffly. He nodded to something behind Ferret. “Need stronger stuff than what they’ve got here if I’m going to survive two Sels.”

“Oh. Two– what?” Ferret frowned. It had gotten Morgan’s attention too.

Right before Ferret could turn around Lienne’s voice hollered into the tavern.


Ferret and Morgan were on their feet, though Orion remained seated, taking swigs from his flask. Ferret gaped as, through a window the two subjects obviously hadn’t realized was there, he witnessed Talyx and Selanji kissing. A lot.

“Oh for the love of–” Morgan started moving. Ferret sighed and followed her. Lienne couldn’t stop staring, wide-eyed, at Selanji and Tal outside.


Talyx didn’t know how long they kissed, but he did hear Lienne shriek right beside them, “Morgannnnnnnn!

He also glimpsed Ferret throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation a moment later. Tal grinned, pulling back and looking at Selanji.

“I believe we’ve been found out.”

Selanji grinned back and detached herself from him, tapping his chest. “Maybe next time, pretty boy.”

Morgan was there too, looking at Selanji incredulously as her friend pointedly ignored her look and smoothed her blouse and skirt. Ferret rolled his eyes.

“Can you not?” Ferret asked Tal. “Honestly.”

Tal grinned. “You should know by now it’s useless to scold.”

“I know. I don’t know why I still try.”

“If you two are done snogging,” Morgan said, “the food’s getting cold. I’m not above eating both of yours, either, for the scene you made us all witness.”

Talyx grinned. “I can make it up to you.”

“Talyx!” Ferret exclaimed.

“I’m kidding!”

“Good,” Morgan’s eyes narrowed. “Now come on. Get out of the rain before you all catch your deaths. Or before I kill you. Whichever comes soonest.”
After my first entry for queenofeagles' 777 contest (, I needed to give Talyx and Selanji their moment in another entry. Selanji is a flirty thing. Talyx is a flirty thing. So naturally, the two flirty things needed a scene. ;) I chose the magical alcohol prompt here (and used it in two different contexts ;) ) and I had a LOT of fun here. XD Not sure if Morgan and the rest had fun, but Sel and Tal did, so that's all that matters. ;)

Orion, Morgan, Lienne, Selanji, and melker all belong to queenofeagles
Talyx and Ferret belong to me (find them here!… )
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Well, I had fun too :D screw Morgan and the others, this was great! Sel and Tal fit so well together, it was a joy to see them having some fun time. Thank you for writing this :hug: