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Sailor Pamapani - OSI Pinup

For :iconotakusenshiidols:

Pin-up Round!

:bulletblue: Likes: Books and reading - mostly classics, and sometimes Buddhist or spiritual type of books; being outdoors - especially near ponds and as far away from the city as possible; charity work - she enjoys spending time helping others, especially children and volunteers for many different positions whenever she can.

:bulletblue: Dislikes: Technology - such as computers, mobile phones, even radios because of the noise; large groups of people, mostly because of the noise; the news - because when she hears of the bad things that happen, sometimes she feels a sense of hopelessness in her inability to help everyone.

:bulletblue: Strong Points: Kiku is compassionate, thinks before speaking, generous, charitable and kind.
As Sailor Pamapani, she holds many of the same traits, but is extremely determined not to lose, or lose someone.

:bulletblue: Has Trouble With: Kiku has a hard time dealing with her death-experience - this is a source of anger, remorse and guilt for her - because of this, she has a hard time letting go of something or someone, when she believes she can help them.
As Sailor Pamapani, she is has a very poor offense when it comes to her attacks. She relies on the other Senshi to weaken the enemy, the ‘Rebirths.’

:bulletblue: Dream: When Kiku was 13 and died, she had a death-experience, where she was at the gates of Hell. As she listened to the sounds of the tortured and the forever-dying, she grew fearful and angry. She didn’t understand why she was being sent to Hell, since she had never done anything wrong. Feeling intense guilt for something she felt she had done wrong, when she was brought back to life, this memory haunted her. And because of it, her one dream is to be admitted to Heaven when she dies.

Round 0 - Design.

:bulletblue: Artist Notes:
Wow, just barely squeaked by! LOL I rushed this one a little, didn't do as awesome of a job as I had hoped, but my vision is all I imagined, so I think that's something really awesome! I didn't think I'd be up to the challenge of the giant Lotus, but it totally worked and I didn't find it as challenging as I thought!

Yay glow effect! I probably could have eased up on it, but I just love the glowy bubbles! *starry eyes*

I also missed some details in my rush, her brooch and her necklace. Ah, well, I hope that it still gets in the next round! Also, for the purpose of Pin-up, her skirt is, OF COURSE, shorter! This pin-up pose was inspired by, no one other than THE Pin-up Artist in my eyes, Gil Elvgren! I own one of his prints <3

Anywho. Enjoy!

(Yes, this was part of my 21 Day Challenge, Day 3!)

Sailor Pamapani and all her art and information ©Stephanie 2012.
Sailormoon ©Naoko Takeuchi.
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Pamapani is just a sweet girl in general, right? ^_^
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Yeah, she's not really one to be in a provocative pose anyway. Which I found upsetting when the judging round came. The pose is actually based on a real pin-up pose, but apparently it's not sexual enough. Tough shit for them, I don't contradict my character's personalities for the sake of "art."
JadineR's avatar
WTF? :O Really? That was part of your critique??? I, I, what?

╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Yeah -- and that's why I'm thinking of just dropping out of OSI -- because the judges don't seem to understand what REAL pinup's are.
SarahForde's avatar
This is sooooo pretty :love:
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Thanks Sakky! And thanks for the :+fav:! XD
Unisamas-Art's avatar
The effects are very pretty
Nemesis12's avatar
Everything about this is so pretty.
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Nemesis12's avatar
You're welcome. Pamapani and Cygnus are my favorite senshi in the competition.
Nemesis12's avatar
You're welcome.
Ayachi-chan's avatar
She looks beautiful! The pose and lotus are my favourite~!
DragonRhapsody's avatar
The pose was super cute when I saw it, and Pamapani is not an overly "sexual" lady, she's more shy - the lotus was a really lovely touch that I thought would fit in perfectly! Thanks for the comment! <3
Ayachi-chan's avatar
You're welcome~!!
serenitysmoon's avatar
I really like this! Her face is lovely, and I like your fuku design. It's very unique! Very beautiful! :clap: :happybounce:
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Thank you! I love designing, although this fuku took me longer than some of my other designs! XD It seems easier to design for others not myself!
serenitysmoon's avatar
I know what you mean! Well it is definitely a job well done! :D
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