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Request: Sailor Ethereal

Sailor Ethereal is a request I received from :iconsailorethereal: in December. I finally got around to/felt like drawing it!

The finished piece is 8x5" and I didn't do a background. I got a little lazy after all that gray and white! I don't think I'll be doing a mostly-white Senshi for a while! LOL

I had a lot of fun with her eye colour, which is supposed to be gold, but I just kept deepening it, and making the colours richer! I also added more gold to her outfit, because it needs a POP of colour to really set the design! I feel that it still needs more colour to it, but that might just be my need for colour now! LOL

All the "beads" are meant to be pearls, but lets face it: pearls are tough to shade in a small space! Some of the pearls don't even look shaded they were so small! I think if all the pearls were gold-beads that would satisfy my need for colour and bring around a more complete design - to me!

Anyway! Enjoy! I don't know if I'll be drawing another chibi or not today - I might wait until later!

:heart: (PS: Yes, I do take requests - But I may not draw your request, nor get around to it right away based on personal interest in the Senshi or even my own time available!)

Artwork ©Stephanie 2012
Character ©~SailorEthereal
Sailormoon © Naoko Takeuchi
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She looks really cute! I love the coloring, especially her hair!
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Thank you! I really love how the hair turned out as well!
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You're welcome! It's so pretty!
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It doesn't help when the scanner sucks most of the small scale details :XD: That's been my experience with objects like pearls. I think that happened to the skin too, yes? Otherwise I would go over shading it a bit more, just one more coat. I see the shading more in other parts of the body, like the arms. On my screen that is; I'm not sure if others have noticed it ^^;

But otherwise, this is so lovely! :D The gold really does make this design pop! I think one gold pearl in the middle of each of the pearl rows (in the original design) might also make it look complete :nod: Either way, love this ♥
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I totally agree! My scanner is older, too, so I need to do a lot of adjusting to get the right colours to show up. That being said, on my computer I can see the full skin colour and shading.

I really like the idea of interjecting a gold pearl into the original pearl strings! That would be an awesome way to get more of a continuous design! :heart:
SarahForde's avatar
awwww soooo totally cute! :D
merelei's avatar
AAAAAAwesome work!! <3 I love LOVE how you shade silver.
Makes me jealous.

... a lot.
DragonRhapsody's avatar
LOL Really? Because I was totally thinking at the time: "Dood, this is gonna look bad. Whatever!"
Meinona's avatar
ooh what a lovely style you have! I really love how you drew ethereal! amazing job!
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Thank you! I really like how my chibi style is starting to look more detailed and take on its own characteristics! XD
Meinona's avatar
yes it does! it's a unique style but very cute ^^ and yaay details! I just love them:heart::giggle:
neomeruru's avatar
I love the way you do eyes! They're so bright an vibrant against the monochrome colour scheme.
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Thanks Linds! I totally love her eyes! They really do pop and I think they are probably the only saving grace from this very monochromatic picture! XD
andimccloud's avatar
Awh! I cannot critique, for I am bad at them. But this is several different squees worth of cute!
DragonRhapsody's avatar
LOL Thanks Andi! You're not bad at critiques, sometimes it's hard to find things that might need to be tweaked - I know critiques take too long for me to bother with most the time! (And sometimes there's nothing really to say *breaths on fist and rubs on chest, all smug* >D J/j)
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So cute well-rendered. :D
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Thank you! I think my chibi-style is finally starting to come into it's own!
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Ooooh it's lovely!
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Thanks Kuki-pants! (Definitely not as fun as Sailor Amethyst, all the monochromatic colour makes me itch for more colour! XD )
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