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Gift: Sailor Amethyst for Bekuki

:star: NOW WITH VIDEO! [link] :star:
(Be warned, video is still 12 minutes sped up to 1000.)

I am attempting to convert the video file into something readable, so that I can upload it. Of course it will take at least an hour! >___<;;

I love the colouring on this! The whole lineart to colouring took around 2.5 hours. The sketching...maybe an hour?

Sailor Amethyst original. I took some liberties with her outfit XD I can't help it! I loved the outfit, but I decided it needed some tight pants, belt buckles and more BLING!

Enjoy *bekuki! I can get you a larger file without a watermark if you want it!

At my Tumblr account I was offering free artwork for anyone who wanted it, who followed me on Tumblr!

You DO NOT have permission to use this artwork (unless you are *bekuki)!
Artwork ©Stephanie 2012.
Character ©*bekuki
Sailormoon ©Naoko Takeuchi.
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© 2012 - 2021 DragonRhapsody
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Fantastic! You need to keep drawing, there's not enough of that from you lately <3
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I know!! It took me all day yesterday, but I managed to get an another chibi sketch done!
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Cute with an angry/determined face! Makes it even cuter...!
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Awww she's so cute :D
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XD Thanks Sakky! And that's for the art-support during my drawing session! LOL
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I'm going to watch the video later -- in the meantime, how cuuuutteeeee! <3
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Thanks Jadine! XD
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Ffffffffffffffffffff~ I love it to bits and pieces like srsly! Thank you thank you thank you~!
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XD No problem! <3 I totally had fun!
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