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Gift: Sailor Alynn for Sabrina

My brother "commissioned" this from me. His girlfriend loves Sailormoon and has recently been having a tough couple weeks - both her grandma's are in the hospital, one dying of cancer the other with a broken hip. So, since she really is an amazing person, she deserved to be an amazing Sailor Senshi!

Meet Sailor Alynn (ah-leen), the Shepard Senshi.

(I just want to note at how PROUD I am of the dog, Ringo! I used an awesome book, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to draw chibi or who wants to improve their chibi, called Manga for the Beginner: Chibis by Christopher Hart -- it's newer unlike his previous stuff, but still awesome!)

:star: Sailor Alynn :star:
Name: Sabrina Grossi
Meaning: “River” and “Big/large.”
Age: 21
Astrology Sign: Taurus
Personality: Kind and forgiving, Sabrina is a compassionate and friendly person. She loves playing softball and enjoys time spent with her dog, Ringo. On her down time she’ll watch Disney movies or read. Sabrina is down to earth, sociable and practical; she appreciates honesty and truth, and has a strong sense of justice connected to animals and their safety.
Favourites: The colours green, purple and yellow, playing softball, eating tasty desserts and playing with Ringo.
Dreams: To travel around the world and help animals in any way she can.

Companion: Ringo, a Maltese Shih-tzu cross. Ringo is good natured, loving, cuddly and friendly. He loves human food and going for long walks; he can be impatient and stubborn at times.

Senshi Information
Name Meaning: Alynn (pronounced AH-leen) means ‘Shepherd.’
Henshin: “With compassion in my heart, Sailor Alynn Make-UP!”
Powers: Compassion and Nature
Colours: Green, Purple and Gold
Weapon: A heart-shaped staff with a bell inside.
Symbol: A heart with an oval inside.
Senshi Mission: To protect animals and guide them from danger.
How She Became a Senshi: Sabrina was walking her companion, Ringo, around a forested park near her home when an energy-hungry youma attacked a family of deer. Sabrina’s sense of justice and need to protect the innocent herd had awoken her Senshi powers.
Enemy: A demon clan named Mabon; they appear to hate anything that is not human-like in form, such as animals.

"Shepherd's Bell Ring!" - Upon the ringing of her bell on her staff, a protective purple shell appears around her target.
"Healing Golden Halo!" - Upon ringing of her bell, a golden halo falls upon her target and heals their afflictions. Used on the victims of Mabon who are plagued with negative energy.

Artwork ©Stephanie 2012
Character now ©Sabrina
Sailormoon ©Naoko Takeuchi
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What an awesome gift, and so well-thought out too! I'm so happy she's one of our superheroes :D
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awww what a sweet character! :heart: I hope things get better for her soon
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Me too! :heart: She really is exactly like her "character," amazingly!
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Aww, this is so sweet and adorable :D I'm sure it'll help cheer up a bit in her troubling times. I love her attacks and her design!

Did you use a different paper for this, though? The pencils look more "broken up" than in your previous chibis O:
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It's my scanner, it totally didn't cooperate this time, but also, I didn't press as hard on the paper and kinda rushed the colouring job. You know when you sketch and ink and colour on the same piece of paper and the sketch lines can indent the paper? Yeah, that happened in a few places and I had to compensate for that. Plus, colouring brown-black-hair with a tint of red is really....annoying when you don't have many shades of dark brown! LOL
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Ahh, I know what you mean ;__;
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