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Cure Swallowtail for Riyna

I did this quick (1.5 hrs) art for :iconriynashay: cuz I love her PreCure designs - they are super cute! And they show up on my dash (on Tumblr) all the time, and I just want to draw them! I'm so rusty when it comes to drawing right now, this is the first time I've put pen to paper to DRAW, and not write, in months. So, enjoy!

I find it much easier to knit or crochet during the day than pull out pencils and pencil crayons to draw/colour (I just used my son's Laurentien-brand pencil-crayons for this!) - so I'm more active on Tumblr and Instagram with photos of what I'm creating!
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aww it's adorable xD
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haha! Thanks! I'm sooooooo out of practice! Took me three tries to get a sketch down! @__@
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Awwh, she's adorable! <3 (And I can totally see it...with me, I used to have enough down time that I could draw/color in between phone calls. Now I don't. LoL)
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Yeah! It's insane, isn't it!? I turned to knitting/crochet for instant-creative-gratification. I'm going to try sketching more often though - I think a night class would help! XD
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aaaa this is still so nice! thank you, this made me smile so much aaaaaaa
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She's adorable! It's great to see art from you again.
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Haha! Thanks! I feel the same way! XD
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I just saw this Tumblr! So so cute!! ^^
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You're welcome!! ^^
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