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Fire Wolf by Dragonqueen316AJ Fire Wolf by Dragonqueen316AJ
sooooooooooo i have been hating my art a lot for the past few days and i'm honestly getting really tired of hating my art so much. It happens all the time and I hate it a lot because i actually want to be an artist but when i hate my art i hate myself and im like 'waaa im so bad at everything i suck im such a failure ;-;' and i get like rlly upset and its really stupid... I also tend to fail at drawing something and then immediately just give up and i know its bad to do that but i do it anyways. well like an hour ago i tried to draw something and i was like 'aaaaa im so bad at art ;-;' but then i was like, 'you know what, no. fuck that. i need to stop being that way and i need to really practice and get better at drawing' and immediately started drawing the first thing that came to mind and that thing was this fire wolf. i intend to try to stop giving up i want to start finishing my sketches (even the ones i hate) and keeping all of my art and not destroying it... i just rlly want to practice and improve and be the best i can be. im actually planning to get a sketchbook and start practicing every day. you might start seeing more art for me as im gonna try to start submitting more art to my deviantart account.. well im getting tired of typing so much so im just gonna go make some cereal now.
FrostWingDragons Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
boi shut up you’re hecking good
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