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1137 Fingie

Fingie ref sheet by Dragonpunk15

Player Profile: [ T W W M ] Player Profile
Masterlist Entry: 1137
Growth Points Balance: 72 GP


General information about Fingie

Origin: traveler
Nature: inquisitive
Gender: male
Collection: MYO
Designer: Dragonpunk15 

Species: Esk
Size: pocket-size
Nature Features: water spangles (Salvinia minima)
Uncommon Traits: none
Rare Traits: none
Accessories: none
Familiars: none

Boundary: everglade swamp
Biome: Fresh waters

Fresh Waters Biome by Esk-Masterlist

f2u pixel plants divider ! by snailbits


How Fingie came to be an esk

Coming soon....


Tracker of growth points and other character changes.

Heart and Dot Divider, Green Forest Colors 
7/18/18: + 6 GP for [TWWM] tiny swamp monster : by veilune
7/7/18: + 10 GP for [TWWM] 1137 by Lord-Kiviniik
7/5/18: + 10 GP for [ROTSD ]  Catalyst [1] by Dragonpunk15 
6/28/18: + 13 GP for Esk Requests3 by Lord-Kiviniik
6/14/18: + 13 GP for YCH result by WiviAdopts
6/8/18: + 6 GP for Esk Drigismol by SIeepyBears
6/7/18: + 9 GP for Fingie ref sheet by Dragonpunk15 
6/7/18 : + 5 GP for Commence the jigglin. by Dragonpunk15
6/7/18 :  added to masterlist

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