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children saving the world
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Nega Griffin Kids by Dragonprince18 Nega Griffin Kids :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 5 3 Jazzra's Adventure Hoenn League by Dragonprince18 Jazzra's Adventure Hoenn League :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 1 0 Terrence Silva (Arc-Verse) by Dragonprince18 Terrence Silva (Arc-Verse) :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 3 8 Wishder Region by Dragonprince18 Wishder Region :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 2 6 Team Venom Grunts by Dragonprince18 Team Venom Grunts :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 2 1 JAzzra's tea Party by Dragonprince18 JAzzra's tea Party :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 8 5 2018 Trent West by Dragonprince18 2018 Trent West :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 2 9 Terrence's crossover friends by Dragonprince18 Terrence's crossover friends :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 8 4 Winner- Seto Kaiba by Dragonprince18 Winner- Seto Kaiba :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 5 4 Love Couple- LoveFightShipping (Evan x Maylene) by Dragonprince18 Love Couple- LoveFightShipping (Evan x Maylene) :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 5 13 boyfriend for Nique by Dragonprince18 boyfriend for Nique :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 1 15 Naruto Infinity War Aftermath by Dragonprince18 Naruto Infinity War Aftermath :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 1 0 Power Rangers Infinity War Aftermath by Dragonprince18 Power Rangers Infinity War Aftermath :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 3 7 Love inspiration- Trenole by Dragonprince18 Love inspiration- Trenole :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 4 1 Silas Morgan's inspiration by Dragonprince18 Silas Morgan's inspiration :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 3 2 Love couple- Trenton x Nichole by Dragonprince18 Love couple- Trenton x Nichole :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 2 10


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Nega Griffin Kids
They are the evil version of Terrence, Cody and Jazzra for they work for Corine to destroy team TCJE. each of them have Animal DNA in them. all thanks to EddyBite87's work.

Nega Terrence- He's an aggressive one and opposite of Terrence with dna of Cobra, Crocodile, Gecko and Chameleon. He doesn't have the keyblade like Terrence but he can shapeshift to anyone or anything. voice actor:

Nega Cody- He's intelligent of the group and Opposite of Cody with the Dna of Lion, Cheetah, Tiger and Cougar. like Cody, he very smart and brilliant strategist how to deal with them. voice actor:

Nega Carrina- She's beautiful one of the group and opposite of Jazzra with the dna of Condor, Falcon, harpy Ealge  & Owl. she will make sure every boys Jazzra met with end in cold blood or make one of them to be her mate. voice actress: 
Jazzra's Adventure Hoenn League
Jazzra Griffin vs. Sydney 
Jazzra Griffin vs. Phoebe
Jazzra Griffin vs. Glacia
Jazzra Griffin vs. Drake

champion: Jazzra Griffin vs. Wallace

meme from ChipmunkRaccoonOz 
Terrence Silva (Arc-Verse)
This version of My OCself will be from Arc-Verse and part of upcoming movie of it. the only different of him, he won't be the alias of Dragon Shinobi nor being a dragon. he will have Hamon and Green Dragon fighting style. He can duel like Mainstream. voice actor: Sean Schemmel (Goku's Voice in Dragonball Series)

Terrence (arc-Verse) (c)…Dragonprince18
game from…
anime Cast- Last Children
Summary: Terrence, Cody, JAzzra and Eveline have become Yen Sid apprenctice and become something special. They will now go to a journey to deal with the devil, civil war in MAgamo Jungle, Legion of Anarchy and more. but mostly find the Starlights before Lord Arkhanon, but there's something more than just the Starlight

Main Protagonist: Terrence Silva
Love Interest 1: Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)
Love Interest 2: Serenity Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Love Interest 3: Katara (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
Main PRotagonist's Best Friend: Adele (JigglypuffQueen9000's OC)
Best friend's love interest: Rico (JigglypuffQueen9000's OC)
Main Protagonst's Siblings: Cody and Jazzra (Dragonprince18's OC)
Protagonist's Trainer: Byron (Dragonprince18's OC) and Yen Sid (Fantasia/Kingdom Hearts)
PRotagonist's Rival: Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh) and Eddy Bane (EddyBite87:'s OC)
Main Antagonist: Esteban Morgan/Zul the Dark One (Dragonprince18's OC)
Antagonist's Right Hand Man: Lord Arkhanon (Dragonprince18's OC)
Antagonist's Henchmen: Demonwraith (Dragonprince18 and EddyBite87's OC)
Antagonist's Lost Child: Diego Morgan (Dragonprince18's OC)
The Apocalypse Freak: Fiddleford McGucket (Gravity Fall)

meme from ShadowKnight49
Wishder Region
Trainer: Jazzra Griffin (Dragonprince18's OC)
Rival: Perla Aguila (Dragonprince18's Pokémon OC)
Professor: Caroline (Pokémon)

Gym LEaders

Blaze- Fire
Naidem- Normal
Duelle- Fighting
Damian- Dark
LeStrange- Ghost
Carbonne- Steel
Roxie- Poison
Marlon- Water

Evil team- Team Venom
Team Grunt
Alec Everett

Pokémon League
Gulzan- Grass
Voltina- Electric
Ivar- Ice
Calbert- Psychic
champion: Gabriel Maddox

meme from DoctorMooDB
I've just seen a sneak preview of Rise of the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles tonogiht, it was okay for me despite the changes from the series we've seen.
JAzzra's tea Party
Jazzra wwill bring her friends together from her last journey in the region for a tea party

Hostress: Jazzra Griffin (Dragonprince18's OC)

Marlon (Pokémon)
Roxie (Pokémon)
Cheren (Pokémon)
Roxanne (Pokémon)
Star Butterfly (Star vs. The Force of Evil)
Samey (Total Drama pahkitew Island)
Adele (JigglypuffQueen9000's OC)
Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Foods: Green Tea, Scone, Cupcake, Chocolate Chip cookie and Strawberry Bruschetta

meme from Blaze-On-Fire…
2018 Trent West
a redo outfit for 2018. he wore a white scarf, red headband, purple goggle, black and red shirt,denim pants and navy/red sneakers.

Trent West (c)…Dragonprince18
game from…
Terrence's crossover friends
Terrence Joestar will be friends  with the Mega Fighters after defeating Scorpius.

1. Terrence Joestar
2. Kamala Khan (Avengers: Ultron Revolution)
3. Yugo (Yugioh Arc-V)
4. Ashi (Samurai Jack)
5. Damian Wayne (DC animated movie Universe)

meme from WickidlyStrange13


Terrence Silva
Artist | Varied
United States

:bulletgreen: Don't comment rude insult or inappropriate , If you have nothing say about it,

:bulletgreen: I don't tolerate Shipping war. If you don't like pairings of OCxOC or CanonxOC, Canon couples or crossover couples, I don't wanna hear saying,

* 'Your couple is terrible'
* 'My shipping is much better than yours'
* 'I hate this pairing of you'
* 'They don't belong together."

:bulletgreen: I will take request for others I know, but other I don't know. I can't do it. I'll only do request for Birthday Day, Christmas, art Trade other. (I rarely do it if there's nothing else to do)

:bulletgreen: I don't want to get into all this drama.

:bulletgreen: IF sending a PRivate message I know, I'll answer it. something I don't know about, I'll ignore it. (my decision, not yours.)

bulletgreen: I don't do fetish for request, don't ask.

:bulletgreen: have a good time.…

Likes: writing, computers, cooking watching t.v or movies,

My arch Nemesis is Scar by Dragonprince18…

Xiaolin Element Water by Dragonprince18…

Eren Jaeger x OC by Dragonprince18 Monkey D. Luffy X OC stamp by Dragonprince18 Danny x OC, and also Danny x Sam by Dragonprince18 Terdeath fan stamp by Dragonprince18 Codanna stamp by Dragonprince18 Elsa Stamp c: by Thetruffulacupcake Terala stamp by Dragonprince18 Jaznos stamp by Dragonprince18 Jafar x Maleficent (Malfar)Stamp by Dragonprince18 Prince Olympius x Princess Diaspro(Diaius) Stamp by Dragonprince18 Chase Young x Azula (Chasula)stamp by Dragonprince18 Leollow (TwoWorldshipping) stamp by Dragonprince18 Typhne (Twilightshipping) Stamp by Dragonprince18 Yankshipping stamp by Dragonprince18 Rolder stamp by Dragonprince18 TravisxElsa stamp by Dragonprince18 LucyxGru Stamp by xxGaby-23xx GeraldxPhoebe Kiss Stamp by xxGaby-23xx ArnoldxHelga Kiss Stamp by xxGaby-23xx Jai Stamp by SmoothCriminalGirl16

Appleshipping Fan Button by AlexandriteDragonair
Fallenangelshipping Fan Button by AlexandriteDragonair
Fruitshipping Fan Button by AlexandriteDragonair
Starco Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly

OC Pairings - Stamp by Petraea I support OC x Canon Stamp by indesomniac CanonxOC Stamp by Dragara :thumb542090479: Stamp - YGO Arc V by StarriiChan Stamp - YGO Duel Monsters by StarriiChan

Dun da dun dun by Green-Jackster: One Piece stamp by SolusNox

RIP Robin Williams by Howie62
CANON Pairings Stamp by Wamp-crasH

Marvel Now! Captain America Stamp (Large.) by WOLFBLADE111 Rio Kamishiro Stamp by Norieko Joey Fan Stamp by Firesonic152 Laura Matsuda Stamp (Large.) by WOLFBLADE111 DB: Jiren Fan Stamp by xxGaby-23xx Stamp - YGO Duel Monsters by StarriiChan YGO: Joey Wheeler by st-stamps Hinata Stamp by AleSwan

Elsa the Snow Queen Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Jolyne Kujo Fan Button by EllenTheLeglessWitch
Spongebob Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Fan Button: DBS- Jiren by xxGaby-23xx
The Simpsons Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Pennywise Fan Button by Wildcat1999
Danny Phantom Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Pennywise 2017 Fan Button by Wildcat1999
Ash x Serena Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Yugioh Fan Button by sinh95
Joker (Batman) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Danny Phantom Fan Button (Request) by Kyu-Dan
Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Marik Ishtar Fan Button by Supremechaos918
Mavis Fan Button (Request) by Kyu-Dan Kavaxas Fan Button by Wildcat1999
One Piece Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Crow Hogan Fan by Howie62
Hinata Hyuga Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Amethyst Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Incineroar Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Moana Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Torracat Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Button by SaKDra
Litten Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Infinite Fan Button by TBalazs2000
Moana Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Lycanroc (Midday Form) Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Infernape Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
The Loud House Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Chase Young Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Indiana Jones Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Zootopia Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Steven Universe XL Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Moana Button by JustButtons
Elena of Avalor Button by JustButtons
Kung Fu Panda Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Aisha (Winx Club) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Roxy (Winx Club) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Musa (Winx Club) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Tangled Fan by Howie62
Zootopia Fan by Howie62
Luna Loud Fan Button by Wildcat1999
Leni Loud Fan Button by Wildcat1999

(Request) Jessie Tv Show Stamp by KittyJewelpet78

Pro Merida/OC stamp by SmoothCriminalGirl16 I support OC+Canon Stamp by Lentertament
(Request) Anti Mr.Krabs Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti Chris McLean Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti GaaMatsu by SmoothCriminalGirl16 Anti EreMika by nowaki-901 (Request) Anti Kung-Jin X Cassie Cage Stamp by KittyJewelpet78


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