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Inktober Day 24 - Skeleton

  • First thing I think of when I think of a Skeleton is an old childrens song - you know the one:
    "Have you seen the ghost of Tom, Long white bones with nothing on....ooooooh wouldn't it be chilly with no clothes on?"
  • Second thing I think of is college, and having to draw each bone and muscle by memory and label each one appropriately (and a year later i promptly forgot)</li>

  • Last thing I think of is Brook from One Piece - pretty funny and odd character and a lot of fun to draw. at the same time its difficult, since Brooks design isn't exactly what I learned to draw in that college class....  :D

oh! that reminds me, i need to do some catching up on that show.

Sharpie and Microns: 05 and 03
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thanks! and for the fave too :D