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Okay, I've been wanting to make a Tumblr cuz it would be fun and I could do a lot more art. But, I want to know if anyone would actually ask questions first. Not much point in making a Tumblr if nopony asks anything. IF, I made one, it would be ask Dragonpony and Sahara Rose. And, I don't know if anyone would want to ask them anything. I really want answers cuz I would love to have a bunch of questions! That would be so awesome! So plz tell me! The ponies I'm talking about are my Oc's : Dragonpony - dragonpony.deviantart.com/art/… Rose -dragonpony.deviantart.com/art/…
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mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee? :o
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i would look at ur tumblr an dask questions
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Yay! I haven't made it yet, but hopefully I will soon!
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ok! i cant wait to see it!
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What's tumblr?
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A Tumblr is an online blog people can make to post art to answer questions, just post art, post links or videos, or whatever! Here's an example! [link]
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Hello again, I saw that you're looking to start a pony Tumblr comic and would like to offer my assistance, based on my experience running The Pun Pony Project. Here's a few of the basic things you'll want to do.
1. Decide if you want to start your tumblr as a main blog or sub blog. As a main blog you'll be able to send ask questions to others as your comic, while a sub blog offers the ability to add others as members of the group. For example, "Ask Pun" is a sub-blog, so mail from the tumblr comes from "punponyproject". If you plan to keep the tumblr to "Just yourself" then do it as a main blog.
2. Decide if you are going to be clop or non-clop. Clop will get you hundreds of followers for a poorly drawn horse vagina, but you won't get many questions besides "Show us more plot!". Non-clop will struggle to break 50 followers in the first month, but has the ability to maintain consistent growth once it gets off the ground.
3. Establish a regular update schedule. While some of the 'most popular' tumblr comics have an update schedule of 'whenever the artist makes more', that also requires a consistently high stream of output. I would suggest having at least one month of comics, at whatever rate you wish to produce, before you hit the 'go' button. So if it's a weekly comic, 4 in the buffer. M/W/F? 12 in the buffer.
4. If you'd like, you could come join The Pun Pony Project as a warm-up to see how we do things. I can talk to our webmaster about setting up your tumblr so it looks good (Stock appearance will cost followers) so you can see our production process. Email me at robert.patrician@yahoo.com .
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Thanks for the advice!
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I can already tell you she won't be doing a clop. I'm positive, knowing her, that she'd have no interest in that :D
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Just do it :)
Follow people you like and they'll look at your blog. Just get out there and people will come.
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BOTH! Do an Ask Sahara Rose or Dragonpony account!
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I'll do both if I make one!
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