Heeeeey! Tumblr Ready For Questions!

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I finished the basics of my Tumblr, YAY! You can ask questions now! You can ask Dragonpony, Sahara Rose, or Dragonpony's pet. Its/her name is Ember and the species is a lizard dragon. She cannot talk though! Just making this very clear to everyone! If you're interested, go here!

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Hi! I asked a question and followed you! ;)
Mine is askblueberryswirl! :D
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Cute! Best of luck!
Here's my advice, from starting an ask tumblr: You won't get many asks until you start doing gags or just chatter between the characters. Post the comics about a week after they come out to some of the collection sites (like ponibooru) with a source link, and you'll start getting follows and questions.