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Turning Page, Chapter 2Chapter TwoAnxiety churned his stomach at the mental imagery of his mother and older brother smothering him with their disappointment. The orange-rust haired boy had returned to the beach nearly an hour after leaving. Aware of how costly his art supplies were, finding empty space where he had left them hit him with dread. He swiftly came to the conclusion that the caped girl had his belongings. She did proffer him his book. That was enough to deter him from thinking she was the thieving type.He couldn’t fabricate a story just to avoid embarrassment. He couldn’t bring himself to lie to his mother and brother. They knew he grew nervous in the presence of girls his age, but to reveal to them he outright fled and left his things behind to be taken…The boy shivered, but not from the rainfall that soaked him. Clearing the front steps at the foot of a towering apartment complex, he lifted a shaky hand to open the door. He found Meowth waiting for him by the elevator, whiskers drooping and fur damp. The feline scowled up at him, as if he had somehow summoned the drizzle.“I-it wasn’t my fault,” the boy said in reference to the rain.Meowth countered with an irritated, elongated meow.“Okay...M-maybe this could’ve been avoided.” He couldn’t blame his cat for leaving his items. They weren’t his responsibility. “If...if I had...gotten my stuff.”Meowth nodded once, appearing somewhat placated. He sat next to his owner’s feet upon entering the elevator. Glancing up at the boy, his expression softened somewhat. He could feel his nervous energy as easily as a splash of cold water. The feline leaned over to nuzzle his leg.Hypothetical admonishment from his family swam through the boy’s mind until the elevator’s chime interrupted his thoughts. A bold number seven flashed above. At that moment, he felt anything but lucky.A nudge from Meowth set him in motion. The duo detected the scent of food as they approached their apartment. The anxiety gnawing away at his stomach squelched his appetite.Opening the door and poking his head inside, he was met with mild relief. The television was silent and the black leather couch was empty. The hallway light was off. There was a shuffling originating from the left where the kitchen was. Holding the door ajar, he watched Meowth pad inside to sprawl over the ornate rug occupying the space between the couch and entertainment center.Maybe...he wouldn’t have to tell anyone about his missing belongings if no one saw him come home without them. If no one asked questions, he wouldn’t have to answer them. It technically wasn’t lying if no one pried, he convinced himself. He formulated a plan. In the early morning he would seek out the caped girl and repossess his stuff. If she tried giving back his book, there should be no reason why she wouldn’t return everything else.A caped girl shouldn’t be difficult to find, right?The door slamming behind him nearly made him jump out of his skin. A masculine voice addressing him got an identical reaction. Starch with tension, he whipped his head into the direction of the kitchen.“You might wanna keep the noise down, Makoa! Mom’s got another migraine!” There was a pause. The sound of a wooden spoon tapping the rim of a stockpot reached the boy's ears. "I brought some saimin home! I'll have it steamin' in a few!"Makoa pressed his lips into a thin line. His brother wasn’t exactly keeping the noise to a low volume.He directed himself down the dim hallway. The door belonging to the master bedroom was cracked open. His fingers nudged it enough to slip inside. Slivers of orange light peeking through the narrow gaps in the curtains diluted the tenebrosity the woman splayed across the bed tried to create.Burgundy hair was pulled into a bun. Strands were pulled free from the chaos of the day, draped over her shoulders and framing the visible half of her face. She donned a white button down blouse and black capris. White sandals with black soles, unceremoniously discarded, laid in the middle of the room. Upon the nightstand rested a nametag, capitalized letters spelling Kalena.Makoa noted the absence of water upon the nightstand. A partially full glass of water sitting on the nightstand was how he knew his mother took something for her migraine. He surmised she must have not even bothered taking anything and went straight for the comforting embrace of her bed.The boy retreated to the bathroom to sift through the contents of the medicine cabinet for his mother’s prescription. His fingers fumbled with the tiny package before he was able to peel it open. Pill tucked into his balled fist, he strode into the kitchen.He was greeted by the sight of his brother leaning over a stockpot and testing the temperature of the saimin with the tip of his pinkie finger. Makoa wrinkled his nose, hoping he thoroughly washed his hands.The elder sibling’s short, rust hair, once styled in spikes, was a ruffled mess. White shirt, displaying Saimin Says in cobalt on the back, was wrinkled and stained on the abdomen by broth. On the left breast, Kaleo was stitched into the shirt in cursive. His navy blue jeans appeared far cleaner than his shirt.Makoa briefly scanned the intricate Polynesian tribal sleeves. The tattoos were a recent acquisition. Shy of eighteen by two years, parental consent was required to get tattooed. Not only did he get written permission from their mother, she attended the tattooing while he tagged along to observe. The boy recalled his brother playfully inquiring if their mother came to hold his hand in case he started crying. Without missing a beat, she had replied that not only did she come to comfort him, she would beat down the tattoo artist who dared to make her baby cry. The memory evoked a small smile as he withdrew a bottle of fresh water from the refrigerator.Upon turning around, he met the bright blue-green eyes of his elder sibling. He tensed up, plastic bottle crinkling as his fingers clenched tighter."Fried or soft-boiled eggs?"Confusion stole over Makoa fleetingly. The boy relaxed somewhat the moment he realized his brother was inquiring about his preference for dinner. His body language should have roused suspicion, but Kaleo wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. “ fine.”“Fried it is!”Makoa exhaled on a sigh and passed Kaleo to exit the kitchen. He returned to his mother’s room, the irritated creaking from the hardwood floorboards alerting her of his presence.Kalena opened one eye halfway, true green ocular focusing on the shadowed form of her younger son. She offered a pained smile as he set the bottled water and pill on her nightstand. “Thank you, sweetie.”Makoa offered a small smile of his own in response. He avoided verbal replies whenever she was suffering from a migraine. She had informed her boys on multiple occasions that she was sensitive to light and sound during such times of misery.The woman sluggishly ascended into a seated position. A wave of nausea swept over her as she got a whiff of the simmering saimin. She reached for the pill and water. Her stomach protested. She felt a single swallow would trigger her body’s urge to vomit.The burden of guilt imposed its weight upon Makoa’s shoulders. He couldn’t stand keeping what happened from his mother. The bright blue of his shoelaces standing out in the dark drew his attention. His fingernails bit into his skin as his hands clenched at his sides. Feeling his mother’s eyes studying him, he inhaled deeply in preparation to confess.“I-I...I lost my a-art stuff!”Kalena swallowed the pill with a small swig of water and set the bottle down on the nightstand. Her features morphed into an expression of surprise. Makoa was always so careful with his things. “Oh? What happened?”The gentle tone of his mother helped assuage some of his anxiety. Still, he couldn’t meet her gaze. “I...ran...f-from a girl...I w-was nervous...When...when I c-came back t-to get my were gone...I’m...gonna look f-for her tomorrow...t-to get my bag back.”This made perfect sense. The woman was well acquainted with her younger son’s skittishness with girls around his age. A smile tipped her lips. Despite his blunder, she couldn’t help but feel proud of her sweet, honest child. The distress gripping him compelled her to comfort him. Pushing off her bed, she curled her arms around him.Makoa lifted his gaze to her, his wide, doe-eyes melting her heart. Relief lifted the guilt and anxiety he was shouldering. He felt so foolish he allowed his anxiety to assume the worst. He was grateful for his mother’s patience and understanding. Leaning into her, he returned the embrace.Kalena broke contact to reach for her back pocket. Fishing out dollar notes, he extended them to Makoa. Staring at the money, he looked at her questioningly.“If this girl is holding onto your stuff for you, you need to thank her, right? Buy her a treat.” She had her hopes on her son finally befriending someone who wasn’t a Pokemon, but knowing him he would likely never seek her out again once he repossessed his bag. She gave him a wink. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Kaleo.”A wide grin spread across the boy’s face. In his gratitude, he threw his arms around her. “Thank you. I’ll get an early start tomorrow.”“Then get to bed earlier. You need your sleep.”“Sure. I’ll get ready for bed after dinner,” the boy assured, drawing back and making his way to the door.“Forgetting something?” Kalena waved the cash to draw her son’s attention to it.Makoa smiled sheepishly. Returning to his mother, he accepted the bills and slipped them into the worn black leather wallet that kept his keys company. “Need anything...before I go? A-are you coming to dinner?”Kalena was hit by another bout of nausea. She shook her head. “, thank you, sweetie. I’ll heat up my dinner if I’m up for it later.”“O...okay. Get better soon.” He remained until the woman was curled up beneath the covers. The door was completely shut behind him to mitigate light and sound.Meowth was spotted in the middle of the hall, eyes ablaze on his darkened form like a feline imp, waiting for a hapless victim to draw closer. He meowed in a complaining tone that Makoa had been familiar with for years.“In a sec, Meowth. You’ll get your dinner.” He was given a more insistent response. “You’re not gonna die waiting ten seconds.”Scrunching up his furry features, Meowth released a louder, fuller yowl that made Makoa wince. The boy could hear snickering coming from the kitchen. “Mama’s got an ouchie head. Mind keeping it down?”Meowth sighed in resignation. As his human stepped around him, he tailed him as they crossed the living room. The dark-type cat sat beside the empty food bowl located at the designated dining area in the space of the living room next to the kitchen’s entrance. A few feet from the food and water dishes was a small round table that fit three chairs. Hands burdened with a spoon and open can, the wet, meaty food was scooped into the bowl. Meowth stared at his meal and lifted his gaze to Makoa.“Aren’t you going to eat?” he questioned, lifting himself to his feet.Sniffing his food, Meowth arched his back and wandered off. Makoa was far too naturalized with the feline’s mannerisms to be bewildered. Turning on his heel, Makoa deposited the spoon in the sink and tossed the empty can into the trash.Ladling broth and noodles into bowls, Kaleo topped them with over-easy fried eggs and carried them to the table. “Chow time, bro! Ya’ might wanna give it a few minutes. It’s reeeaaal hot!”Makoa planted himself in a chair, peering down at the bowl before him. Steam billowed rapidly from the saimin like ghostly flames.“So,” the elder sibling began, pulling out a chair to take a seat. “Have ya’ thought about who you’re gonna invite to your birthday party?”The younger stared at the older with an air of incredulity. It had been the same every year; Pokemon he befriended were invited to a barbecue at the beach. He was not acquainted with the local children. Pokemon he found to be easier to approach and bond with than people. Kaleo scratched his head as he made an attempt to read the silence. “I’m guessin' ya’ got no other kids in mind. What about old Hala’s grandson? Hau looks like the type of guy who could liven up a party!”Makoa barely exchanged any words with the Kahuna’s grandson. The few occasions they had crossed paths, he chose to remain silent while he listened to the other boy’s animated prattling, providing single-worded replies here and there.“You...probably know him better than I do,” he said meekly, dipping his spoon into his saimin.Kaleo’s response was stalled. Ever since childhood, he had viewed the Kahuna as a surrogate father figure. His dreams of taking over the position with his team of fighting-types were crushed when Hau was born. He never resented the child. Hau was a ray of sunshine he could never feel resentment for. Even though he and Hala specialized in the same type, he had realized that he would never succeed him.He still looked up to the old Kahuna, but his Kapu Kuʻialua teacher had more or less filled the role.“Yeah, ya' might be right." Kaleo pressed his spoon into his egg. The egg ruptured, its creamy yolk oozing from the center and down the mound of noodles like lava. "Ya' already got your invitations painted?"Makoa nodded in affirmation and spooned broth into his mouth. His preferred method to consuming saimin was drinking the broth first, then picking out the vegetables. Once the noodles and egg were left, the yolk was broken and tossed to coat the noodles.Nothing more was exchanged between them. Kaleo wasn't normally talkative when shoveling food into his mouth. He was on his third helping by the time Makoa finished his second. The younger sibling wasn't concerned over whether or not he would finish off the pot. Plenty would be left for their mother.Setting his bowl and spoon in the sink, Makoa caught Meowth finally eating as he passed by. The door to his room was opened by a crack for the feline to enter before disappearing into the bathroom to begin his bedtime ritual.It was hot. So unbearably hot. Whatever confines Zinnia had found herself in was clouding her vision with thick plumes of smoke. Flames hungrily licked everything within their reach, desperate to feed their insatiable thirst for destruction. Panic surged through her, the primal instinct of survival guiding her through a maze of fire and smoke.She couldn't tell where she was. All she knew was that she was trapped inside an unknown building. A feeling of familiarity dawned on her. Has she been here before?Smoke thickened, befogging her vision and choking her. Her movements became sluggish as oxygen was tainted. She reached behind her for her cape with the intention of covering her nose and mouth. Groping air, she turned her gaze over her shoulder to find it absent. Another layer of panic surged. She never felt the caller slide from her shoulders. How could she have lost her most cherished possession? The cape and Noivern were all she had left of Aster.Aster.Her eyes darted around in search of her beloved Whismur. The Pokemon’s species were emotionally fragile creatures. She would easily be able to hear her crying in the midst of an inferno. The girl came to the conclusion that she had retreated into her ball.Zinnia gasped and coughed. Her eyes welled up with burning tears that further impeded her vision. She pushed forward, her refusal to allow herself and her Pokemon to die driving her.She fell to her hands and knees in an open room. A figure laid unresponsive in the midst of the clearing. Swiping her eyes, she squinted at the prone form. Her eyes sprang open wide in recognition. A woman, wearing her cape...It couldn’t have been!But it was.Zinnia tried to call out Aster’s name, but all she was able to do was cough. She desperately crawled forth. She needed to get to her friend.Flaming debris fell into her path. Zinnia recoiled from the blaze reaching for her, desiring to consume her. She searched for a way around. The fire danced, cruelly taunting her as it walled her. Watching the maelstrom completely engulf her friend, she released a strangled cry.Zinnia’s eyes flew open to find the face of a concerned Whismur. Her body worked on regulating her breathing rate as she took in her surroundings. The aerial roots that sheltered her and Aster were a comforting sight.She sat up, furling her arms around Aster. That nightmare...Once in a while it haunted her. Every time she was forced to relive that traumatizing experience, it felt so real. Years have elapsed since, but the pain was still unbearably raw.Aster warbled to her human. Zinnia forced a smile and unwrapped an arm from her to stroke her between the ears. The blue snout of Salamence stole her attention. The opening only allowed room to fit the beast’s muzzle.“It was just a dream. Go back to sleep.”The Pokemon were unconvinced. Like every Pokemon, they could sense when something in their trainer was off. Out of respect, they refrained from prodding. They could wait for her to vent to them.Morning light filtered into the crevice when Salamence retreated. Zinnia exhumed a sigh. Her internal clock told her it was still early, but sleep always eluded her after such intense nightmares. Reclining, she ran her fingers through Aster’s fur. With sleep evading her, she would pass the hours soaking in the comfort of her Whismur curled up on her chest.
Turning Page, Chapter OneTurning PageChapter OneThe sea shimmered harshly as the sun made its descent, casting an array of color across the sky. The heavenly expanse was a mural of reds, oranges, and yellows that bled into the ocean like a watercolor painting. A pod of Wailmer surfaced, spraying water from their blowholes like a multitude of fountains reaching for the sky before falling, droplets glittering like millions of tiny diamonds. They whistled a greeting to the humans aboard the ferry en route to a nearing island before disappearing beneath the waves, their bodies becoming rounded shadows as they glided beneath the vessel.A Whismur hopped behind the safety railing, warbling its excitement. A young teenager accompanying the Pokemon averted her attention to the exuberant puffball. A smile pulled at her lips, a chuckle resounding.“Excited aren’t ya, Aster?” The Whismur’s body nodded in affirmation. “Haha! It won’t be much longer. I think the first thing we’ll check out is what kind of food they got on those islands.” Aster verbalized an agreement. They had indulged themselves in the food served on the ferry, but getting a taste of authentic Alolan cuisine was something they wanted to experience. Funds given to Zinnia by her grandmother were limited. Careful budgeting was to be taken into consideration. Even if she ran out of money, she was perfectly capable of foraging for herself and her Pokemon. Berries, nuts, and wild game were a staple when she ventured from Meteor Village with little to no money. Zinnia swiped strands of her unkempt hair from her forehead and cheeks. Sweat coated her skin and dampened the fabric of her top beneath the arms and the heavy collar of her cloak. The only relief from the sticky heat was the wind blasting her skin and kicking up her cape. She heard Alola was hot, but so far her home region of Hoenn far exceeded it in humidity.Dark clouds hung low above the southeast section of the closest island, teasing the possibility of rainfall. Zinnia didn’t mind the rain. The wet pitter-patter was soothing. The subtropical climate of Hoenn was abundant in drizzles and torrents during the rainy season. Though she was acclimatized to the moist weather, her beloved Whismur preferred to stay dry. Waiting for wet clothing to dry in high humidity was a hassle. Clothes hung overnight could still be damp in the morning. Seeking shelter was a priority. Shouldering her khaki canvas bag worn by age and the elements, Zinnia melded into the mass of passengers as the ferry docked. Aster was at her heels, the charred tails of the girl's cape sweeping her ears. Zinnia ignored the strange looks sent her way. She knew she was out of place. She was an abnormality outside of her village; primitive and uncultivated in the modernized world.Her village wasn't entirely a sanctuary. There existed fellow Draconids who resented her, and some who outright despised her, for having the sacred title of Lorekeeper passed down to her. Aster, the woman whom her Whismur was named for, was revered for her strength. Zinnia was considered unworthy of receiving the title after her mentor passed. Still she shouldered the burden, despite the ostracization, until she handed it over to the child who befriended Rayquaza. Many of the inhabitants of Meteor Village had been furious that she gave the title to someone who wasn't even a Draconid. She didn't care. The kid earned it.Zinnia had been raised to be the one to be the world's savior, thrilled by dreams of riding the legendary serpent through the heavens. To witness what she thought was her purpose being fulfilled by someone crushed her. But she masked her emotions with a smile.There was nothing left for her in the village once the calamity was resolved. She felt lost. Her grandmother knew this. Grannie had sent her on a journey to find herself. The child would never be happy until she found her true calling.Taking her first steps into Alola was the beginning of a new chapter in her life.Aster shadowed Zinnia, determined not to lose her in the swarms of humans that surrounded them. The noises were overstimulating her senses. Her anxiety diminished once they broke from the mass of clamoring travelers. Alien and tantalizing smells of foreign cuisine blended with the brine of the sea, stimulating their appetites. A shop bearing the image of a Pokemon that reminded both dragon tamer and Whismur of an ice cream sundae was discovered, the aroma of fresh pastries luring them to its door.Zinna could have devoured a dozen malasadas if her budget allowed it. She was especially fond of the zesty Cheri Berry filling. Aster’s taste gravitated towards the sour Pinap Berry filling. The obsidian-haired girl felt bad the pastries were priced too high to give the rest of her Pokemon their own. They deserved to be spoiled as much as Aster. She would make it up to her dragons by giving each of them a taste next time she obtained a malasada.Keeping five large stomachs satisfied daily was a struggle. Her dragons were trained to be resourceful and locate sustenance. Should the occasion arise where there wasn’t enough to go around, she skipped a meal or two to keep her Pokemon fed. She had taken full advantage of the buffets on the ferry to stuff her party and herself, uncertain when they would eat that well again.Finding food for the rest of her Pokemon would be prioritized over shelter. Informed that Alola was abundant in berry and fruit trees and seafood, she was confident they would sleep with full stomachs.Zinnia and Aster took stock of their surroundings as they traversed through Hau'oli City. Locals and travelers traipsed the streets in throngs. Vendors welcomed curious patrons. Buildings towered above all walking life in proud columns.The beach thinned out as evening progressed. Zinnia and Aster could smell the lingering vestiges of multiple barbecues. The girl’s open-toed boots sank in the sand as she ventured forth, her gaze fixated on the colorful display painted across the sky and sea."That's some view, isn't it?" When she received no reply, Zinnia's attention averted to her side where her Whismur usually resided. A Slowpoke looked up at her, deeply lowing a greeting. She spun around, scanning the area for the Whismur. Foot impressions left by humans and creatures mingled with each other, making it impossible to find her by a trail of footprints. "Aster?"A familiar blob of pink caught the corner of her eye. Aster waddled towards a figure seated in the sand, curious over what the human was intently occupied with. A boy with a voluminous orange rust mop-top, its locks curling and flaring out at the ends, gently blew on a wet, half-finished watercolor painting. Hair along his neckline was shortened to half an inch, standing like soft quills. Long bangs were styled into a shaggy fringe that mostly obscured his eyebrows. Layers of light blue, cobalt, and navy blue that made up his shirt were reminiscent of waves. A white silhouette of a Pokeball was superimposed over the torso. Arctic blue Polynesian print ran down both sides of his black board shorts. Black sneakers with laces in a matching arctic blue with white crew socks completed his outfit.Masking tape framed the page, an additional strip running across the middle to confine a blend of yellow, orange, and red in its designated space. As Aster ventured closer, she could make out the beginnings of a sunset. Approaching his side, she noticed a content smoke-furred Meowth curled up against a black duffel bag on his other side. A plastic cup holding two paintbrushes and half-filled with water dyed by a mixture of the utilized colors sat at the boy’s foot, sand molded around it to keep it in place.Vibrant sea green eyes met her own. A gentle smile lined the boy's lips. He radiated a pure aura that was magnetic. It made her comfortable approaching him. The book of watercolor paper was lifted from his knees and turned to her to give her a better look. The colors made the Whismur think of berries.Aster warbled her approval and the boy's smile extended. Meowth's ears perked. The feline lazily lolled his head around his owner's bent legs to peer at her.Propping the book on his thighs, the boy proffered his hand for her to inspect. She leaned in to sniff. He smelled as good as the energy he gave out was calming. The Whismur gave his hand the lightest nudge. His fingers went to the base of her ear. She leaned into his hand as he scratched, pleasure rippling through her.A shadow spawned above Aster and stretched over the boy, startling him into flinching. The book went flying and landed in the sand face-up a few inches from where the Whismur stood. His foot bumped the plastic cup, knocking it free from its makeshift cup holder and spilling its liquid contents into the thirsty sand. Meowth jumped to his feet, back arching and fur bristling. The feline went lax upon realizing the cause for alarm was only the arrival of a girl. He turned to his human, his furry features expressing annoyance.The boy's nerves were not calmed. Being in the presence of a girl around his age enhanced his anxiety. Zinnia likened his eyes to a Deerling’s in the glare of oncoming headlights. He didn’t look much younger than her. Perhaps a year or two her junior."Looking good so far!" Bent over, hands locked behind her back, Zinnia’s eyes roamed the wet section of the page. It was a shame it was only half-finished. She would have liked to see the completed piece.The boy said nothing. Their eyes met and his muscles tightened up. Zinnia straightened up and arched her brow. Was she really that imposing? She was barely taller than him. And yet, he was sitting there, doe-eyes wide and uneasy.“Cat got your tongue?” Zinnia cheekily queried. Meowth reacted with an unamused glare.Positive that the boy wasn’t going to retrieve his book, Zinnia picked it up and brushed grains of sand from the edges and back. “Lucky it didn’t land face-down in the sand. That would’a been a real shame.” He responded with a slow nod. Zinnia extended the book to him. He remained frozen. The book was waved to draw his attention to it. “Come on! I ain’t gonna bite’cha!”He raised a hand with intentions of accepting his book. It came to a stop inches away, shaking from raw nerves. Abruptly whirling and scrambling to his feet, he leapt over Meowth and fled. Incredulity morphed itself onto the expressions of Zinnia and Aster as they watched the boy make a beeline for the street.“What’s with him?” the dragon tamer questioned, shifting her gaze to Meowth.“Mrah.” Meowth waved a paw dismissively to reassure the girl and Whismur that his owner was fine. Disregarding the existence of his human’s belongings, he padded off at a leisurely pace.Zinnia stared at the book in hand, then to the boy perched on the steps separating the beach from the street, watching like a cautious, flighty animal observing a predator. Would he come back for his things? Her ruby oculars scanned the fallen paintbrushes. She could see a pan of watercolors in the open duffel bag. This stuff looked expensive.The boy fixated his attention on Meowth as he ambled over and began climbing the steps. Crouching, he reached out to his fuzzy companion.“Y-you couldn’t bring my stuff?” the boy fretted.Meowth initially leaned into his human’s hand, then glared, affronted that he should bother when the boy was fully capable of retrieving his own things. He threw a pointed claw into the direction from where they came and mewled.The orange-rust haired child pulled his hand back. He knew Meowth was telling him to do it himself. He watched Meowth’s maw curl into a smug grin, challenging him to go back. Annoyance twisted his features.Typical cat.His round, sea green eyes flitted to Zinnia. He couldn't read her expression from this distance, but he could still make out his book in her hands. Anxiety amplifying, he shook his head vigorously.Nope. He couldn't do it.The boy hiked up the remaining steps and proceeded to foot it. Assuming his human’s destination, Meowth continued his languorous stride. Even if the human wasn’t headed for home, he would eventually meet him there.Face painted with confusion, Zinnia looked to Aster. "Any idea what that was about?"The Whismur tilted her body with confusion that matched hers."I didn't think so." She roved over the items left behind. "We can't leave this stuff behind. Someone could swipe it before he comes back."Eager squawking drew her attention to a flock of Wingull circling overhead. The aquatic bird was a common sight in her home region. She was well aware of their bold attempts at stealing from unsuspecting humans and Pokemon. It was typically food, but anything that struck their fancy or curiosity was a target. If another person didn't touch the boy's stuff, these Wingull would.“I guess we’ll hold onto this stuff until we see him again. That red hair shouldn’t be too hard to spot.”Dropping into a crouch, Zinnia packed the book into the open duffel back wet side up and zipped it closed. Removing the damp paint brushes from the now empty plastic cup, she wrung the bristles with her fingers and tucked them into one of the bag’s side pockets. Sliding the strap onto her free shoulder, the plastic cup was tossed into the nearest trash receptacle.Astride Salamence, it was a matter of minutes before a myriad of trees bearing berries, fruit, and nuts were discovered. The rest of Zinnia's party was released to feast to their heart's content. What little space was left in her backpack was crammed with bananas and mangoes.Zinnia trudged through the greenery and came upon an ancient banyan tree. Swollen with leaves and aerial prop roots sprouting from the boughs and reaching for the fertile earth, it reminded her of a Tentacruel. Droplets tickling her temple and shoulder, she squeezed into one of the tree's many crannies. Aster made herself comfortable in her lap. Altaria perched upon the sturdy branch above her human's alcove for additional shelter.Removing the backpack and duffel bag, she thrust them deeper into her nook to give herself and Aster more room to move. She watched her dragons relax beneath the gentle drizzle. Tyrantrum licked rainwater trickling down his snout. Noivern flapped his wings, flicking water into Goodra's direction. Goodra let out a happy cry, entertained by her winged brethren's antics. Salamence lumbered underneath a nearby berry tree to curl up on his belly.Mango in hand, Zinnia peeled a small section with her top teeth and spat out the skin. She lowered the fruit to Aster to offer her the first taste. The Whismur declined, belly full with malasada and berries. Flicking the pit and wiping the devoured fruit’s juice from her face with the back of her hand, she reclined against her backpack. A long sigh passed her lips, body going lax. The girl’s eyelids drooped, lulled by the pitter-patter of rainfall.
Pokemon Insurgence Dark and Light DD chpt.3 pg.19 by Kiritost






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Love dragon Pokemon? Love Pokemon that look like dragons? Then the DragonPokemonClub is the place for you! The group welcomes all dragon Pokemon fans to come and join us for dragon Pokemon related fun including contests and events.



Simply follow this tutorial! Only submit art to the appropriate gallery folder, NOT to featured.

You may submit other people's deviations to the gallery (from their own accounts, i.e.: I am not giving you permission to STEAL other peoples' work and post it to your account) as faves will not be accepted.

Remember that all submissions should feature at least one dragon Pokemon (as listed in the F.A.Q.).
All Sword and Shield dragon type Pokemon have been added to the list. Feel free to submit any art with them!

New dragons:
  • Naganadel
  • Applin
  • Flapple
  • Appletun
  • Dracozolt
  • Dracovish
  • Duraludon
  • Dreepy
  • Drakloak
  • Dragapult
  • Eternatus

We are also now accepting suggestions for non-dragon type Pokemon that appear to be based on dragons. Anything you feel visually appears more dragon-like than reptile, dinosaur or sea critter like is fair game and also any in the dragon egg type, including pre-evolutions of new dragon Pokemon not currently on our NOT ACCEPTED list.  

Feel free to discuss among each other in the comments. :)
|| What is the purpose of this group? ||
This group is a place for dragon Pokemon fans to congregate and appreciate dragon type Pokemon though contests and events.

|| What is considered a dragon Pokemon? ||
A dragon Pokemon is any Pokemon that is a dragon type or resembles a dragon and was originally intended to be based on a dragon (according to the Pokemon's designer).

Here is a list of accepted dragon Pokemon:
  • Charmander
  • Charmeleon
  • Charizard
  • Mega Charizard X/Y
  • Exeggutor (Alolan form ONLY)
  • Horsea
  • Seadra
  • Gyarados
  • Mega Gyarados
  • Aerodactyl
  • Mega Aerodactyl
  • Dratini
  • Dragonair
  • Dragonite
  • Mega Ampharos
  • Kingdra
  • Larvitar
  • Pupitar
  • Tyranitar
  • Lugia
  • Sceptile
  • Mega Sceptile
  • Trapinch
  • Vibrava
  • Flygon
  • Swablu
  • Altaria
  • Mega Altaria
  • Milotic
  • Bagon
  • Shelgon
  • Salamence
  • Latias
  • Mega Latias
  • Latios
  • Mega Latios
  • Rayquaza
  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Gible
  • Gabite
  • Garchomp
  • Mega Garchomp
  • Palkia
  • Dialga
  • Giratina
  • Dragon-type Arceus (other forms of Arceus will not be accepted)
  • Axew
  • Fraxure
  • Haxorus
  • Druddigon
  • Deino
  • Zweilous
  • Hydreigon
  • Dragalge
  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Kyurem
  • Black Kyurem
  • White Kyurem
  • Tyrunt
  • Tyrantrum
  • Goomy
  • Sliggoo
  • Goodra
  • Noibat
  • Noivern
  • Zygarde
  • Turtonator
  • Drampa
  • Jangmo-o
  • Hakamo-o
  • Kommo-o
  • Guzzlord
  • Ultra Necrozma (other forms of Necrozma will not be accepted)
  • Naganadel
  • Applin
  • Flapple
  • Appletun
  • Dracozolt
  • Dracovish
  • Duraludon
  • Dreepy
  • Drakloak
  • Dragapult
  • Eternatus
If you believe a Pokemon should be added to this list, please send a note to the group with the addition and it will be reviewed by staff.  Please consult the following list of what is already not accepted as a dragon Pokemon, before you send a note.

Here is a list of Pokemon NOT ACCEPTED as dragon Pokemon, due to the fact that they are based on other sources (as stated on Bulbapedia) and do not resemble a dragon enough to be considered one (i.e. they are based/resemble a dinosaur):
  • Nidoran (F)
  • Nidorina
  • Nidoqueen
  • Nidoran (M)
  • Nidorino
  • Nidoking
  • Rhyhorn
  • Rhydon
  • Kangaskhan
  • Yanma
  • Gligar
  • Swampert
  • Lairon
  • Aggron
  • Seviper
  • Groudon
  • Cranidos
  • Rampardos
  • Rhyperior
  • Yanmega
  • Gliscor
  • Archen
  • Archeops

|| How do I join? ||
Simply click the "Join our Group" button on any of the group's pages.

|| Are there any rules in order to join? ||
The only requirement is that you like dragon Pokemon; it is not necessary to be an artist.

Remember that all general deviantART etiquette rules apply.  Please respect other people and their interests, do not incite arguments or "flame-wars" or you will be blocked from the group.

|| How do I submit art deviations to the group? ||
Simply follow this tutorial!  Please submit art to the appropriate gallery folder, NOT to featured. You may submit other people's deviations to the gallery (from their own accounts, I am not giving you permission to STEAL other peoples' work and post it to your account). Faves will not be accepted. Remember that all submissions should feature at least one dragon Pokemon (as listed in the "What is considered a dragon Pokemon?" question above).

Members who repeatedly submit deviations that DO NOT contain DRAGON Pokemon or repeatably submit deviations into the incorrect folders will be given a single warning to desist. Failure to comply after this warning will result in being blocked from the group.

|| Is adult or fetish art allowed in this group? ||
At this time we are not accepting any adult or fetish art.  We DO accept furry/anthro pieces, but please refrain from submitting suggestive artwork, due to the younger age of members of our group.

|| How would my club/group become an affiliate of DragonPokemonClub? ||
If you have a group simply click the "Affiliate" button on any of the group's pages.  If you have a club, please convert it to the groups platform, as we are no longer accepting club affiliates.

|| Do you accept submissions of "Fakemon"? ||
Yes, we now accept "fakemon" as in original unofficial Pokemon species related submissions.

|| Do you accept submissions of "hybrid" or "fusion" dragon Pokemon? ||
As long as they are based off of official Pokemon and are recognizable as their basis', then yes.  As Eevachu, reigning lord of hybrid Pokemon, graciously encourages the hybridization of Pokemon, it would be silly if she didn't allow it in her own group. :noes:

|| Do you accept submissions of game art, sprites or screenshots? ||
Screenshots: no, this is breaking dA policies and should not be on the site in the first place.  Game art: you are allowed to submit original mock "game art" you created from scratch, or art based on the art itself, but you must have created it. Same goes with pixel/sprite art; you may submit scratch made sprites or ones based on existing sprites or use premade bases, but DO NOT submit images from in game. Submitting images from the game is a breach of copyright and not allowed on dA.  

Please stop submitting these "so-and-so's team" with official game art and sprites to DragonPokemonClub and dA, they belong on other sites.

|| If I have a series of comics or fanfiction chapters, can I submit the pages/chapters that do not include dragon Pokemon? ||
No.  You may only submit the specific pages or chapters that include dragon Pokemon.  It is unlikely that people will read the chapters from our archives or just use this group to follow it.  If new readers are interested, they will be sure to check out the rest of it and follow you! (So long as you make the first parts easily accessible.)

|| [Insert another question here] ||
Send a note to the group with your question, and it'll be answered.
We do not accept non-dragon Pokemon. Since there has been a recent increase in the number of non-dragon Pokemon and also non-Pokemon submissions, I am implementing a rule that repeated offenders (more than 5 in a row) will be given a single warning then blocked from the group if they persist. Blocks cannot be appealed, do not contact admins directly, you will be ignored.

Dragon Pokemon are any listed as acceptable here: dragonpokemonclub.deviantart.c…


Rule abiding citizens, please accept this Good Boi:
yamper by mizartz
Hey y’all!

Quick reminder that we DO NOT accept new Pokémon until their game is released. Specifically, this time we will not be accepting Sword and Shield Pokémon until the game is released and we can confirm all type and egg types as canon in-game. (And also vote on non-dragon type inclusions.)

Also, reminder that this is not a general Pokémon group OR non-Pokémon dragons group. Dragon Pokémon only.
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