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The Legend of Spyro - Malefor Post-Corruption

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Character  Malefor
Uh. Hi there. I'm not dead.

Don't mind me, I have very occasional bursts of energy for my childhood obsession, I'm just letting it out. Here's my design of Malefor pre- and post-corruption. The 'post-corruption' part is a concept from an idea I first posted about last year. Wait, that was from 2018? Oh, no. Oh no.

Before I have existential dread about the rapid passing of time, I'll move on.

Every now and then I start thinking about that story idea, what it would be like to make it into my very own Spyro comic. Those comics were such a major part of my childhood and I love that some of them are still ongoing, while sadly many of them are not.

I wrote a long script for this would-be comic's very first scenes earlier today.

I don't think I'll ever get to make it, as I'm unfortunately an adult and I need to channel my limited creative energy into this capitalist hellscape and actually earn a living.

That said, I have mused the idea of setting up a Patreon, or similar, and making the comic as a side-gig with donations to keep it going. That would depend on interest, and I don't know how much there is for Spyro comics anymore. Let me know if you're on board with that, I might seriously consider it!

But for now, I hope you enjoy the bit of art. I'll post a sketch of Spyro and Cynder too.

If you want to follow me elsewhere, I have a twitter where I post original content. I'm also in the process of writing a novel for publishing, check it out if you're interested!:
I have a website too:…

Thanks for reading, and happy new years : )
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x0007's avatar

Super happy to see you post again. I would totally love to see this come to life, and would try to support it if I could.

KrisDissection's avatar

I missed your spyro art you re a huge inspiration

victorialampini's avatar

I still remember this idea of yours.

Have you lost interest in it and moved on to this one.

ReaperKitty0666's avatar

I'm glad you are back and I'd love to see a Spyro comic from you.

MrGheesfellow's avatar

This sure takes me back to those crazy days. You really knew how to swing with that setting.

That does sound like a challenging story concept, tho.

ScarletKnightReterns's avatar

I really wanna draw this bad boi someday. ;-;

Dra-Zednamun's avatar

This design is so gorgeous! I love your Spyro fanart and the stories you have behind your ideas :happybounce:

About the question, I would be really interested in reading a comic from you :) I hope to get a job next year so I hope to be able to donate too n.n I know there's still a lot of Spyro fans that would come back if they saw the fandom is still producing new stuff ^^ Of course it's understandable things would be harder with less time due to work, but at least speaking for me, I'm very patient and I would wait with no problem for the new pages of the comic and support it no matter what n.n

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HSeeker16's avatar
Heck yeah, I'd love to see this kind of concept explored in comic-form! ^^
JadeRavenwing's avatar

I'd definitely be interested in supporting a patreon for a spyro comic by you. :)

PediKrueger's avatar

Glad to see you've managed to survive so far.

And I understand how difficult it is to focus on your passions and your work at the same time. If you want my advice, it's all about managing the tiny bits of free time here and there.

"That would depend on interest, and I don't know how much there is for Spyro comics anymore."

For a mediocre game series without much support from the developers, the TLOS fandom is surprisingly strong even now. I'm sure they will be more than interested to read your comics, especially considering how talented an artist you are.

ItBeSkorn's avatar

Yes!!!! Hell yeah im down w/ that!!! Literaly, i came onto Deviant art to, well, look at your art, and HOLY SHIT YOU POSTED SOMETHING

victorialampini's avatar

Glad to see you back!

dekare3828's avatar

Firstly: Oh my gosh, hello! Glad to hear from you after the disaster that was 2020. Hope you're doing well!

Trust me, there are plenty of Spyro Comics still going strong, so you're not treading upon dead ground. And knowing your immense talent, I am 1000% certain people would paypal this project up and running!

Not to mention... Well. Hey, great goshdang concept right there!

Thanks for even informing us, and happy new years! :)

DragonGamer0713's avatar

I am such a sucker for purple and silver together! Malefor is gorgeous here! And I'd love the see a Spyro comic from you, as I too miss the old Spyro comics of my youth. I get it, we grow up, but there's still always a spark of our previous fandoms to stay alive~

hetoothless's avatar
Oh I miss your spyro art! I would definitely be interested if you did a comic, or anything involving the dragon universe!
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