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TLoS - Title Font

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I decided to make the font featured in the titles of LoS and it's individual game titles, as it isn't available anywhere. Actually, the TLoS title font is pretty much identical to the LotR font xD The closest you can find is a font called Ringbearer. It's the one I've been using, but it's got all these dents and holes in it and whatnot, so it doesn't look that good - so here's a more... less damaged version.

Originally I wanted to make a font for the runes you see in Spyro's Prophecy Picture (see Jared's acc), Hunter's Message and the Chronicler's books, BUT I am positively sure that those runes are not letters but word based, or sound based. Like Japanese? Or whatever I don't know :'D SO I'm still debating whether to make a font like that, because replacing letters is less than 30 symbols, imagine filling a dictionary... 

Click download to get it, then install it with whatever program you have. The font should be available in any program that supports custom fonts. If you plan to use it frequently, crediting me once or every now and then is fine~
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I have Cyberlink PowerDirector, and it supports custom fonts! So, give me the website link for that font!
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Are you ever going to update this font set with numbers and symbols?
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Probably not. Just use the Ringbearer font - it's the same.
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That looks so awesome! I downloaded and installed it successfully! Thank you so much for making this font!:) (Smile) 
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If I had money, I would have put that to good use. But no... I'm internetly broke. :(
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Money? The font is free.
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Really? Now that's something... But I only wonder, where can I get this font, 'coz there's no link in the description. (Also, I'm working on my upcoming Legend of Spyro comics)
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click the download button on the right
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Looks like LOTR, but lacks the three dots over the a and u
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I always wondered what font they used for the logo design of Spyro's name.
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"BUT I am positively sure that those runes are not letters but word based, or sound based. Like Japanese? Or whatever I don't know"

What you're describing is a phonetic language versus a non-phonetic language. The difference as I can tell is if there are symbols that make specific sounds such as our individual letters like F, M and D vs. say, Chinese symbols that are entire words in a single "letter" and can even have different meaning based on pronunciation. A "modern" example would be things like emojis, where you can express something but have no way to "spell" it.
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Didn't someone already make a font for the runes though? I thought you've used it before?
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Yes, but it was warrioratheart who made it.
It's not that I don't want to use it out of spite, but I doubt they'll mind me using it still now that I've opposed them. :L
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Thank you for bestowing this font upon the many Spyro fans Thank You Hearts Sign  
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Nice font ! o_o I might use it instead of the basic font of my graphical library  I'll just have to get each letter's position and lenght... yup that would be cool !
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Another thing to consider is that the elemental sigils are a good place to start; they're clearly part of the draconic alphabet, as the symbols for Earth and Fire are both seen in the prophecy image above - perhaps suggesting that the dragon will master these two elements, or be discovered by a Fire Dragon in an earthy place. Now, the designs are certainly abstract already, but you can recognise what they represent to a certain degree (I tried to speculate on it here;  Spyro Elemental Analysis DraftIn the Legend Of Spyro series, we are told that there are only four types of Dragons, plus the occasional rare Purple Dragon. Each of these types is attuned to a specific "Element" which is reflected throughout their body structure. In addition to this, these Elements are represented through a series of symbols; some abstract, some simple.
Over time, it becomes clear that many more "Elements" exist than the ones commanded by the four dragon types and the Purple Dragons; some people have attempted to design different Dragon types based off various unusual Elements encountered in the series, and some even from outside the series.
While the lack of information towards it in-game suggests that there are no more types of Dragon than those actively identified in the game series, it cannot hurt to imagine potential other Elements and types, and hypothetical designs for these can be easily imagined by examining the information that already is available to us, such as how the Elements express t
). Ice, for instance, is fairly recognisable as simply being three shards from their attack, whereas something like Earth is more complicated; a jagged spiral. As noted in the above link...what constitutes the Earth Element varies from game to game; in the first game, the element mostly summons Wind storms, in the second, it consists of a Green Energy attack, plus physical attacks that affect the ground surrounding the user, in the third, it involves manipulating rock with Green Energy.
This suggests that an Earth Dragon does not summon its Elemental "breath" from within itself to use as an attack, as the other Elemental Dragons do, but instead uses a Green Energy that can be used as an attack on its own, or to influence Earth - and possibly also plants - around it; either channelling it through the ground, or using it to bind bits of Earth together into a boulder. In other words, the symbol for Earth was chosen because the rocky spiral represents many things; the Earth that is manipulated, the Energy that is used to do so, and the fact that it can also affect the Wind. Alternatively, since the Earth Element was largely used for Wind based attacks in the first game, it could just be that Spyro was being taught a specific area of the Earth Element. 

So this makes sense, really; the early dragons would have made symbols derived from abstract ways of representing the world around them and their own elements, and these would have become more simplified with time to make it easier to draw - for instance, the fire symbol could have originally looked more like a fireball or a campfire, but been reduced to the crescent like shape so that it could be drawn with one claw movement. At the same time, early tribal dragons would have marked random trees around their territory with symbols to identify themselves, and over time, some of these shapes could have made their way into the modern draconic alphabet. 

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I don't have anything clever to add; it's just cool.
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Heh, just wait until you've seen my journal...imagine how Ddraig's name would look in that! And written from top-to-bottom, too!
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