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TLoS Style Tutorial

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Edit: Okay, just because someone draws TLoS art DOESN'T mean they are or have to be drawing in this style. For the love of god, do not tell people they're 'drawing it wrong'. Everybody has their own style, this is just a pointer for features in the actual games. 

My observations. Things can still be interpreted differently and it's okay if you think otherwise on some points here. Just don't try to make it an argument. 

I compiled a folder of all aNB-TEB dragon art I found plus model images here

Opening, saving and doing anything in this document takes literally forever so if there are any errors in writing I'm not gonna go back and change it because I can't wait an hour for the right spelling of a word
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CyndertheshedragonX's avatar
Wow this is incredibly helpful

it gives me more insight on how the tlos dragons work 
thank you so much 
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Gee! This is amazing!

TLoS really does have its own style!

And I really enjoy using it for my new 3D model Spyro OCs.
hen357's avatar
Thank you ,I was feeling that if I can't draw then maybe I can wing it! I do notice people who can draw all the movements of the muscles and the bones and where they bend ,do wonderful work
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Where was this when i started up 6 years ago XD, i mean i think i did alright myself but damn XD  damn good references!!
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Thanks for sharing your analysis! Definitely going to try this out on my written OC's soon when I finally draw them! :D I like how you threw in some humor at the beginning with the dragonglyphs.
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Just so you know: I started using some of the tips on this, and it's so much easier to draw. Thanks a lot
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This is awesome my friend! I can practice how to draw dragon now, thank you my friend for making this! Keep up the awesome work! Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
daughterofspyro's avatar
yes now i can make my dragons thank you :happybounce: 
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Wow, this is definitely going to help when I draw dragons! ^^ 

Also, one question: Are there any differences between female and male paws/claws? I mean, I'd imagine there aren't but I thought I'd ask anyway out of curiosity.
DragonOfIceAndFire's avatar
Females have larger claws, but their paws overall are still quite petite
derpywolfmuffins's avatar
Oh, okay cool ^^ Thanks
StephDragonness's avatar
alot great effort and alot infomation put into it.. one awesome ref.
Dewspyrit's avatar
wow this is there any chance you could also create a TLoS expression tutorial and different body stances as well as different angles and view points on body positions..just a thought, because your art is absolutely amazing and it would be good practice for deviants like myself as we have no idea where to start in order to develop our own style. thank you
Nefixion's avatar
Thanks for making this tutorial ( I know lots of people already thanked you but I wanted to say it too XD )

I think I nailed the style
RubyDragonCat's avatar
Huge file! Downloading and faving.
holkok's avatar
It's making me really jelous when I see something like that. I always have the feelig that evryone can draw awesome stuff except for me. But hey, you can't have everything.
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This one here is a real treat and I thank you for it! I'm trying to get into that whole "trying to draw anatomically correct dragons"-dealio but looking at your drawings and seeing this tutorial makes me want to go back to the TLoS style (that actually helped me a lot to draw when I was 12 years old, haha! C: ). I don't care if the dragons wouldn't be able to fly in our world - this style is amazing and I love how you do it justice. All the research and thought put into these (not only this tutorial but your artwork and TLoS lore in general) shows clearly and I can't express how much respect I got for you. Your art and devotion makes me fall in love with the whole TLoS franchise all over again and, to be honest, your art inspires me to re-draw some of my old OCs and other Legend of Spyro related drawings!

And why haven't I watched you yet???
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:iconpapcryplz: You're too kind
Thank you, really, it means a lot :iconlazycryplz:
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You're welcome, bub ; )
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Anatomically correct? Scientifically correct? Bah! We're talking about dragons here, Anatomy and Science don't apply! You can get away with calling an amorphous blob a dragon!
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When he says it's probably okay are personal opinions and a lot of scientific think if dragons could exist. The best would be to have to steal the anatomy of feline and not of saurians. It's like the greater part of his dragons are all represented so be it here or in the tutorials in video games, books, movies.
But since they did not I think physically and psychologically exist people can imagine them in the way they want.
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