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TLoS Screenshots - Temple

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If you're following me on Tumblr, you'd know I've been running through aNB purely for the purpose of taking screenshots... I wound up with almost 3000 screenshots at the end of it. Too much to put in dropbox so instead I'll compile them into 'categories' (levels, characters) and post them here instead. Click the download button to get full size. 

Other complications upcoming:
Corrupted Cynder
Volteer, Cyril and Terrador
Spyro and Sparx
Other (Kane, Mole-Yair, Ice King, Steam etc)

I'm currently going through tEN. Anything specific you'd really want screenshots of? 
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I would like to see the Concurrent Skies Screen Shot as one of my dragons live there!!! but hey i like the screen shot you done here... keep it up 
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I want to play this game again.
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And more screenshots... 
The temple is pretty neat. 
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The thing I mainly look for is never in screen shots, I just love oogling the beautiful sepia art they use for flashbacks and cut scenes and stuff. I wish I had some super hi-res of it, but I don't think there is any.
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Check my journals for a link to my Dropbox. I have them.
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You are a blessed angel! :hug:
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I see it's already been suggested once, but I agree as well-- if you're still playing through TEN, screenshots of the Mountain of Malefor's interior and exterior would definitely be helpful. Your images are so clear and crisp, and there aren't many of those on any search engine, if at all.
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Yarp, that's why I'm doin' it 
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Oh, this game. :D
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I love how Cyril and Volteer both mumble and snore in their sleepMiku Laughing 
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So fabulous like seriously!!!
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It keeps crashing for me.
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Oh my gosh they're so pretty! I've never seen screenshots from this game in such high quality,a nd it's one of my favorite games I own. ;-; It's blurry on our bigscreen, but still totally worth playing it.

Also Volteer sleeps with his eyes open? XD Somehow that makes perfect sense....
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>taking high quality screenshots
>not using a wii emulator…
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Meh, Wii doesn't have jack shit on my PS3 of over 6 years!
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you dare say wii is superior to the lord and savior playstation
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Yeah no kidding. Especially if the games I had most fun on DIDN'T use motion controls. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Monster Hunter 3)

Have to agree the PS2 is superior overall, even if I didn't play very much of it.
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The numbers don't lie

Clock Speed
PS2: 0.3GHz
Wii: 0.7GHz

PS2: 0.0312 GB
Wii: 0.0625 GB

Backwards Compatibility
PS2: Playstation 1
Wii: NES, SNES, N64, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx-CD, Neo Geo, Commodore64, MAME, Gamecube

Disc Capacity
PS2: 4.7GB
Wii: 8.5 GB

PS2: Memory Card
Wii: Hard Drive, SD Card, Memory Card

Sorry dude spyro what ever icon 
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    Still, is the quality any different?
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    The PS2 can only support resolutions up to 480p. The Wii can support up to 576i, at the cost of 60FPS games dropping to 50FPS. Even if both consoles are set to 480p, the Wii still comes out on top with sharper textures, better Anti-Aliasing, more colors, and greater shading capabilities.

    Sonic Unleashed (PS2: Left, Wii: Right)

    Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition

    But raising the internal resolution on a PS2 emulator makes it look better than the Wii!

    That may be true, but whenever a game is made, A certain max quality texture is put on the disc. The PS2 disc can only hold half of what the Wii disc can hold, allowing the Wii version to be loaded with the 720p textures that the PS3/360 uses. The PS2 Version uses the same textures, except they were downgraded to 480p to allow all of them to be stored on the disc. The reason why the Wii version has 720p textures even though it can only render 576i is because downgrading graphics takes a long time and causes textures to become blurry.

    Dawn of the Dragon emulated, raising both games resolution to 720p (PS2: Left, Wii: Right)

    See, even though both games are rendered at 720p, the Wii looks better due to it fully utilizing it's 720p textures.


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    An Nvidia GTX 750 TI SC card can't seem to easily handle a Wii's graphics on the Dolphin Emulator from what I remember. That's the card I have and it's a 2 GB gaming card that's able to run GTA V no problem. Only a mid range card, granted, but eh. I don't know what kind of card Dragon has though.
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    Also I can only run Dawn of the Dragon as well as Dragon can here, I've at least tested that on the pcsx2 emulator which is the same thing.
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    This really looks high quality, what game station are you running the game on? I never experienced it this beautiful...
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    Just a PS2 emulator ayy
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